SAFC Small Tent Giveaway!

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Hey SAFCers!

Hope your sprouts are happily becoming vigorous seedlings!

It is time for our first SAFC Giveaway! I have a NEW 28"x 28"x 64" Mars Hydro Tent to give away in the SAFC.

Check out the Mars Hydro Tents:

It is the type of prize that some of you may need much more than others. Therefore I discussed it with a few of you in chat and we decided to do a Photo Contest for it. 

If you want to win the Small Mars Hydro tent, post a picture here that in some way demonstrates your need for a small tent. Feel free to be creative and you may offer an explanation in the post. Please post here in this thread and limit to one "photo entry post" per participant.

Deadline to submit entries = Tuesday April 28 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time

We will select a winner on Wednesday and announce here. Winner will be contacted by private message and shipment will be arranged direct from Mars Hydro. You must have an active SAFC journal to enter.

I can't wait to see the pics! I hope you enter - and good luck! 

Posted : 04/26/2020 10:58 pm Drew and Latitude_62 liked

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200426 005300 995

Posted : 04/26/2020 11:02 pm Dr Coco liked

Cannabis Grow 81282800 EC78 43CE A53B 94DECE8C0436

this little girl would love a tent she’s going to be hard to contain...after all she a gorilla and it’s going to be hard to glue her down, a nice little tent would keep her contained 

Posted : 04/26/2020 11:40 pm Dr Coco liked

I have two strains started at the same time! Both Dinafem feminized, Strawberry Amnesia and Blue Kush.

First time grower here so just wanted to join the fun, and am having a great time caring for these sweet little ladies! Two strains and four plants is a handful though! Can't wait to see how I manage it in one 2x4!!

However, I came down tonight to check on them, and the eldest (3 days older than SAFC, Ms. Raw St.), sitting outside with a note and tape measure.

Don't ask me how she got out AND found my tape, most of the time, I can't even find it, hence the rust (was outside all winter).

Such a sweet note. In no way could I afford anything else right now! Hopefully I can make some good and happy plants regardless!

Cannabis Grow 20200427 024557

Posted : 04/26/2020 11:57 pm H8Plow, PsiloRob6, Grotholomew and 1 people liked

My veggie garden has taken a back seat to the medical garden. Since i start all my tomatoes and peppers indoors, its been hard to mantain ideal environment without tent. I have been growing my own seed for over ten years. These tomatoes are one of a kind on my property as over the years the cross pollination has altered them drastically. Very fun to see what a plant is going to produce.

Cannabis Grow 20200421 070749

Posted : 04/27/2020 4:00 am Dr Coco liked
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Cannabis Grow 20200427 104637

All of my grow equipment  is homemade. I kind of enjoy making what I need but it takes up a lot of time. My light hood is homemade, DWC tub, exhaust fan is for a bathroom and I used plastic sheeting to make my tent/grow room. A real grow tent would get my foot in the door of the grow world.

Posted : 04/27/2020 7:48 am Dr Coco liked
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As you can see I'm using a poor selfbuilt setup with banana-boxes. Altough the ladies look happy at the moment, I love them too much to keep it this way. This Small Tent Giveaway maybe comes at the right time! 😍 😷

Cannabis Grow growsetup

Posted : 04/27/2020 8:02 am Grotholomew and Dr Coco liked

Quite tired of housing males in quarantine with the girls while I assess them - I think they are tired of it as well.

That and I could cut their reproductive tension with a knife.

Cannabis Grow 19068 20200125142648

Posted : 04/27/2020 10:34 am Dr Coco liked

I would like to win the this little tent because my living space is 9’x9’ cute Alaska cabin, and the tent would be a great size for my little space. Much love everyone. 

Cannabis Grow 8BB6C8B4 BBC7 4DD8 A83B 4BEAD90B389E

Posted : 04/27/2020 10:46 am GizmoDGAF, Ausbucket461 and Dr Coco liked

I could really use another tent to help with situations like this. Got a straggler that still has some weeks left in her. 4 of 5 seeds sprouted and needed to go into solos while I’ve been trying to give my last holdout some time to pull out of her Jiffy! So now I have 3 separate areas in 1 tent!! Trying to balance environment for them all is fun. And trying to keep the intense light from my flowering girl from blasting the babies. 🤪

Cannabis Grow 9C5E1B16 E664 4197 9E4E D25611BAFEC9

Posted : 04/27/2020 1:45 pm Dr Coco liked

Could definitely use a small veg/dry tent. Limited to room corners so I have nowhere to put a big tent. Also have a pretty rough dry room setup, basically have to sacrifice bathroom sealed off with plastic. Pita to keep conditions adequate but hey whatever works

Cannabis Grow ECC9ED6F 13AA 4329 B460 47E6D359E839
Cannabis Grow 48CC0F8A 5BEA 44B6 9970 B2584945A4C2

Posted : 04/27/2020 2:15 pm Dr Coco liked

Cannabis Grow IMG 5515.JPG
Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20200427 202258
Cannabis Grow IMG 2215

Posted : 04/27/2020 9:43 pm Dr Coco liked

Hello Fellow growers

  • Im growing in an attic and I have space that I’ve lost that I could use right by my window it’s just the roof slants down😪 I’ve never had a Mars Hydro tent I would love to try one I have everything here ready to go with my Mars Hydro TS 1000 And I think it would be really cool to be able to grow one plant in one tent I also bought an atlas plant trainer it’s in the mail and it would be a great tent for me to use it in! Growers love everybody
    Cannabis Grow 920AB103 9992 4F72 89B0 17681200FB50
    Cannabis Grow 1EF14396 B70B 4673 9B92 AD8E473863C4

Posted : 04/28/2020 6:29 am Dr Coco liked

Pictured below is a black filing cabinet and a floor mat as a curtain... Which currently serves as a veg/drying tent. If I win the tent I will recreate the scene from Office Space where I take this thing out to an empty field  and release all the bent of rage I have for this piece of shit. Thanks for reading!


Cannabis Grow E07F916E 7D47 4088 B1BF F5A836AA9895
Cannabis Grow 151BA4D5 131E 4F05 B33E B6F17EB20246
Cannabis Grow CA9CFE02 6CDA 42AB B3A9 AE2DC7AD0300


Posted : 04/28/2020 10:37 am Dr Coco liked
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Between a barrel, a cupboard, a cardboard box and a plastic tote I guess I could use a tent 😅

Cannabis Grow 20200428 085024
Cannabis Grow 20200428 084615
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200429 084321
Cannabis Grow received 952331125224813
Cannabis Grow received 160623968693133

Posted : 04/28/2020 3:51 pm Dr Coco liked
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