Media & Containers

You can’t grow cannabis without media and containers! We think that coco is the best media for growing cannabis. We offer our recommendations for the best coco for your grow and everything you need to prepare it. We recommend different growing container options for transplanting and the best pots to use for final containers. We also recommend our favorite saucers and plant elevators.

Coco and Other Media

Brick Coco Coir

When you buy brick coco, you are responsible for turning it into a superior growing medium by rinsing, buffering, and mixing with perlite as we describe in our tutorial.

10 Pound Brick of Coco
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These bricks will convert to about 30 gallons of media once buffered and mixed with perlite. Different brands are available in different markets. The products linked are the options that I would choose in each marketplace. It is ultimately up to you to then buffer the coco and transform it into a superior growing media for cannabis. The product that you start with matters less than the process that you follow to prepare it.

11" Perforated Strainer
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If you choose to get a brick of coco and prepare it yourself, then you will need a strainer to rinse the coco. This is the best strainer that I have found to do the job. The holes are plentiful and just the right size. The strainer itself is as large as it can be and still fit in a 5 gallon bucket. Be sure to check out the video in my tutorial to understand what you are going to be doing with this! This strainer is much better than the one that I used in the video.

Prepared Coco Coir

If you want to take the easy route into your coco grow, you can select a product that has already been rinsed and buffered. These products are several times more expensive than a dehydrated brick, but you can skip the rinsing and buffering steps which are a laborious process. 

Royal Gold Coco Fiber
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I am currently growing in Royal Gold Coco. I met their senior product specialist at a conference and was impressed with his knowledge and their processes. He sent me a sample which I am using now and very happy with. This is one of the only coco grows in which I have completely avoided “CalMag problems”. The mix of fiber sizes also promotes better water distribution. Unfortunately, it is currently available only in the US. If you want to grow in this coco, I recommend looking for it locally, because shipping makes online prices expensive. If you are forced to order online, then there are more cost-effective options which you may want to consider.

Roots Organics Cocopalms
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This is a good pre-buffered coco product. In the US it is a good price, but it is too expensive to list in Canada and not available in the UK. It contains 42 liters of coco, which is about perfect for four 5-gallon pots once mixed with perlite.


Whether you use a prepared coco product or a dehydrate brick, you should mix your coco with perlite.

Hoffman Horticultural Perlite
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This perlite is lightweight and natural. It has a good mix of particle sizes, which help to improve drainage and aeration.

Germination Media

Germination media is very helpful to give plants an easier experience for the first few days. It provides a good buffered media for the plants to start their lives.

Jiffy Pellets
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Jiffy Pellets are my preferred germination media. I sprout seeds in paper towels and transfer them to pellets within 36 hours as the seeds start growing their tails. I have found that this provides a better experience for the seedling as I can ensure the root goes down and the seed doesn’t become logged in the hole. When the root emerges through the Jiffy pellet, I place them in their seedling pots with coco.The kits linked for US and Canada come with trays that are very useful as little humidty domes. The best option available in the UK is a bag of 100 jiffy pellets - you'll have some growing to do - but it is a great deal!

Pots: Growing Containers

Transplant Set

Air-Pot Hydro Transplant Set
This is a new product that I suggested to Air-Pot Bros myself! Air-Pot Bros is the largest distributor of Air-Pots in North America. This Air-Pot transplant set is exclusive to Air-Pot Bros. The set comes with four propagation cells and four #3 Air-Pots. It is the perfect set for anyone who implements a transplant strategy during their grow!We have a special deal with Air-Pot Bros! Use discount code: CCFC420 to receive free shipping on all purchases made through the Air-Pot Bros website.

Seedling Pots

Seedlings do best when they are started in small containers. This is true for both Autoflowers and Photo-period plants. To get the best growth you should always keep the plant in an appropriately sized container.

Fabric Nursery Bags
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The best option for seedlings is fabric nursery bags. They provide a great environment for root development, and once you learn the trick, they are very easy for transplanting. To transplant, I cut the bottom open and slide the media into its second fabric pot. Nursery Bags are one-time use but but they cost only pennies each.The alternative is to use plastic "solo" cups with lots of holes punched into the bottom for drainage. However, we highly recommend the fabric nursery pots for the best growth.

Second Containers

Once the little seedlings have three nodes and are working on their fourth, you should transplant them out of the seedling pots and into their second containers. I prefer keeping this second step small when growing in coco and I go up to only a half-gallon pot. In soil, the second step should be 2 or even 3-gallon.

1-Gallon Transplanter Pots
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These transplanter pots have a velcro seam up the edge, which allows easy removal of the pot for transplanting! This is a set of five 1-Gallon transplanter pots. They are also available in 2-Gallon.

Final Containers

When choosing final containers, the first concern is drainage. Smaller containers drain better, but require more frequent watering. In most coco grows, 3 or 5-gallon final containers are best. We recommend either Air-pots or fabric pots because they drain well and create the best environment for roots.

#3 Air-Pot
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I think these are the best container for growing in coco with an automatic watering system. They are a perfect final container for Autoflowers or Photo-period plants with less than a 6 week vegetation. You should be prepared to water up to 6 times per day with these.We have a special deal with Air-Pot Bros! Use discount code: CCFC420 to receive free shipping on all purchases made through the Air-Pot Bros website.

#5 Air-Pot
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These are the containers that I am currently using. They are the reason that I recommend Air-Pots. The roots that plants grow in these pots are healthy and impressive. Air-pots are a little expensive compared to fabric pots, but I really think they are worth it. If you want to grow giant plants, these #5 Air-Pots are what you want.We have a special deal with Air-Pot Bros! Use discount code: CCFC420 to receive free shipping on all purchases made through the Air-Pot Bros website.

3-Gallon Fabric Pot
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If you don't want to spring for the air-pots, these are a great option to use with Autoflowers and Photo-period plants grown with high frequency fertigation.

5-Gallon Fabric Pot
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If you are hand-watering, these are probably the best final container for your grow. They will allow you to get away with once daily watering when needed, but can easily be watered 2-3 times per day.

7-Gallon Fabric Pot
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If you are Hand-watering and limited to once per day watering, then it will be easier for you and the plants to grow in a larger container. 7-Gallon is suitable for once daily watering, and is the largest size that we recommend for indoor plants grown in coco/perlite.

Saucers etc.


You want a durable saucer that is thick and fairly rigid. Avoid the cheap flimsy saucers!

Hydrofarm 14" Saucer
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These Hydrofarm saucers are a must. They are light and rugged and deep and perfect! The 14” model will accommodate up to a 7 gallon fabric pot and is perfect for the plant elevators described below. These are the saucers that I used to build my self-draining saucers. They come in sets of 10. Don’t worry if you think you don’t need that many, you’d be surprised how handy extra saucers can be!

Hydrofarm 12" Saucer
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The 12” model will accommodate 5-gallon fabric pots and #5 Air-Pots. However, they will not accommodate the plant elevators that I recommend below.

Plant Elevator

In the style of growing that we recommend, you want to increase drainage and improve aeration whenever possible. This is why we add perlite to the coco, it is why we use fabric or Air-Pots, and it is why we recommend plant elevators.

Gro Pro 13" Plant Elevators
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Plant elevators sit inside the saucer and allow the water to drain freely out of the bottom of the pots. This is a huge improvement over allowing your fabric pots to sit directly in the saucers. You may look for substitutes or DIY options, but I use and recommend these elevators and I am really happy with them.

About Our Product Recommendations

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