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common pest hemp russet mite

Hemp Russet Mite

Posted in Integrated Pest Management

Coevolving with Cannabis for millions of years, the Hemp Russet Mite (Aculops cannabicola) is a baneful pest, the name of which strikes dread in the…

Broad Mites on Cannabis Plants

Broad Mites

Posted in Integrated Pest Management

The Broad Mite (Polyphagotarsonemus latus) is a harrowing destroyer of hundreds of plants, and Cannabis is one of them! Causing severe and lethal damage that…

spider mites common pest

Two-Spotted Spider Mite

Posted in Integrated Pest Management

The Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae) is perhaps the most infamous pest mite in cannabis cultivation and home plant cultivation in general. Often referred to…

Grow Light Calculator

Grow Light Calculator

Posted in Climate & Light Light

We developed the grow light calculator to provide a scientific way to analyze and compare grow lights. Our calculator uses Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) along…

Calculating Grow Light Efficiency, Coverage & Harvest Potential

Posted in Climate & Light Light

Learn how to use PPF data to calculate grow light efficiency, coverage and harvest potential. We explain the science behind our grow light formulas.

Grow Light Testing Protocol Cover

Grow Light Testing Protocol

Posted in Climate & Light Light

We developed our grow light testing project to provide reliable third-party data about grow light fixtures. We developed this grow light testing protocol based on…

Total PPF Usable PPF and PPFD

Grow Light Metrics Primer

Posted in Climate & Light Light

Grow Light Guide Grow Light Tests and Reviews LED Fixtures Small: Up to 6sq. ft ViparSpectra XS1500 ProAtreum Lighting Hydra 1000ViparSpectra XS 1000Maxsisun MF-1000Mars Hydro…

How much light do you need for cannabis

How Much Light (PPF) Do You Need for Indoor Cannabis?

Posted in Grow Set-Up Guide Light

To set up an efficient home cannabis grow, it is important to determine the optimal size of your grow light. In this article, we discuss…

Grow Tents and Harvest Sizes

Posted in Grow Set-Up Guide

When you are setting up your indoor cannabis grow, one of the first questions is, “where will you grow your plants”. To effectively grow cannabis…

Germinating Cannabis seeds step by step guide

Germinating Cannabis Seeds – A Step by Step Guide

Posted in Growing Practices

Germinating cannabis seeds is one of the most exciting parts of the whole grow. It is almost magical to summon new life from a dormant…