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How much light do you need for cannabis

How Much Light (PPF) Do You Need for Indoor Cannabis?

Posted in Grow Set-Up Guide Light

To set up an efficient home cannabis grow, it is important to determine the optimal size of your grow light. With High Intensity Discharge (HID)…

How to Evaluate and Compare Grow Lights for Cannabis

Posted in Grow Set-Up Guide Light

A grow light is perhaps the most important piece of equipment for growing cannabis indoors. In this article, we explain what you need to know…

Grow Tents and Harvest Sizes

Posted in Grow Set-Up Guide

When you are setting up your indoor cannabis grow, one of the first questions is, “where will you grow your plants”. To effectively grow cannabis…

Germinating Cannabis seeds step by step guide

Germinating Cannabis Seeds – A Step by Step Guide

Posted in Growing Practices

Germinating cannabis seeds is one of the most exciting parts of the whole grow. It is almost magical to summon new life from a dormant…

Growing Cannabis in coco with high frequency fertigation

Growing Cannabis in Coco Coir with High Frequency Fertigation

Posted in Watering/Fertigation

Growing Cannabis in Coco We argue that coco mixed with perlite is the best medium for growing indoor cannabis. However, coco is only a superior…

Cannabis Mainline and Manifold

Mainlines & Manifolds: The Best Ways To Train Cannabis Plants

Posted in Plant Training

Mainline and manifold training are techniques to grow plants with eight main colas rather than one. Both techniques involve strategically topping the plant multiple times…

A Cannabis Mainline

How To Mainline Cannabis Plants

Posted in Plant Training

Mainline training is the best way to break apical dominance and produce cannabis plants with several colas rather than one. I explain the key benefits…

A Cannabis Manifold Plant

How To Manifold Cannabis Plants

Posted in Plant Training

A cannabis manifold is a very efficient way to train plants to produce large harvests of the most desirable bud. In our article, “Mainlines &…

Transplanting Cannabis Plants

Transplanting Cannabis Plants: Why, When & How

Posted in Growing Practices

Transplanting cannabis plants is the best way to develop a healthy root mass and ensure vigorous early growth. Whether you are starting from seeds or…

Guide to Run and maintain an automatic drip system

Guide to Automatic Watering for Indoor Cannabis

Posted in Automatic Watering

This article covers everything you need to know to run an automatic watering system for indoor cannabis. We explain the best type of automatic watering…