Gifts For Growers

Is there a grower in your life that needs a gift? Maybe that grower is you! If you need a gift for a grower, then we are sure they would love a new product or upgrade for their grow. We compiled products at different price points, which we think will make great gifts for any grower. We would love your ideas for great growing gifts! If there is something that would make a great gift for you or other growers let us know: Suggestions!

Inhaclo Smoking Accessories

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Inhalco is a unique and innovative company that offers a wide variety of high-quality, artistically inspired smoking accessories at affordable prices. From grinders to nectar collectors, vapes, bongs, and electric dab pens, Inhalco has something for every cannabis enthusiast!

Remote Camera

This is a really cool gift for the grower in your life!

Cell Phone Security Camera
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For every grower who is obsessed with their plants, this is a must have. You can look in on your plants while you are away!This is so cool! And really not that expensive of a gift. It is a small security camera that links to your cell phone. You can open the app on your phone and look in on your plants anytime and anywhere! It pans, tilts, and zooms. With two-way audio you can even talk to the plants! It compensates well for the bright grow room lights, and it even offers night vision to see the plants during the dark cycle. Dr. Photon assures us that the infrared night vision will not affect the plants' flowering cycle.


Every grower wants a good scale to measure their harvest, but not every grower has the budget to invest in one! A nice scale will make a great gift!

Ohaus CL201 Compact Scale
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I wanted a good way to accurately measure and split up my harvest. There are many options in the hundreds of dollars, and then there are cheap kitchen scales. I wanted something in the middle! Our community member, @Rosettastoned, recommended this Ohaus Scale, and I purchased it for myself. It has a capacity of 200g, is accurate to the tenth of a gram, and easy to use. I really like and recommend it!

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