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At Coco for Cannabis, we keep an updated list of sales on cannabis grow lights, sales on cannabis growing equipment, and sales on cannabis seeds currently being offered by our trusted suppliers. Visit this page regularly to stay up to date on the latest cannabis equipment deals and cannabis supplies discounts for all of your cannabis growing needs!

Current Giveaways

We love giving back to our growers! We host several giveaways that everyone is welcome to enter. Help us spread the grower love in our Grower Love Giveaway, and you could win a great new grow light! Join one of our Grow Challenges, and enter to win prizes! Help contribute to our cannabis strain reviews, and you could enter into our Strain Review Giveaway! Check out the links below for more information on each of our awesome giveaways.

Current Sales

See the complete list of deals and sales being offered by our trusted suppliers below. Our Coco for Cannabis discount codes can be combined with these sales for even greater savings! You help support our work when you follow our links and use our discount codes.

You can also head over to our Equipment & Product Guide to see the complete list of products we recommend. Visit our Recommended Grow Lights page to see Dr Coco’s top grow light recommendations for each of the most common grow space sizes.

Memorial Day Sales!

ChilLED Memorial Day Sale! From May 24th to June 5th

ChilLED Tech is one of the top tiers of LED manufacturers. Dr. Coco tested and reviewed ChilLED Growcraft ULTRA X3-330 (Test Report) and considered it one of the most efficient grow light that has ever been produced. ChilLED Tech is always pushing the boundaries of efficacy with its products.

From May 24th until June 5th, ChilLED Tech is having a Memorial Day Sale, and you can combine our ChilLEDCoco discount code for an additional 10% OFF to get a double discount!

Mars-Hydro Super Sale! From May 15th to June 30th

Mars-Hydro Lights are one of the favorites among home growers. Dr. Coco has tested and reviewed several of their models, including Mars-Hydro TS 1000 (Test Report), Mars-Hydro FC-E3000 (Test Report), Mars Hydro FC-3000 (Test Report), Mars Hydro SP-3000 (Test Report), Mars Hydro TSL-2000 (Test Report), and Mars Hydro FC-6500 (Test Report), and he has given them excellent reviews! Mars-Hydro LEDs are sleek fixtures with exceptional performance at competitive prices.

From May 15th until June 30th, Mars-Hydro is having a Super Sale on some of their products, and you can combine our CCFC10 discount code for an additional 10% OFF to get a double discount!

Other Current Sales!

Homegrown Cannabis Co May Sales!

Right now, Homegrown Cannabis Co. is running a BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) sale on some of their most popular strains, including: Northern Sunset, Monkey OG, Smelly Orange, Cinderella Cake, Mendocino Purple and many more!

In addition to their BOGO sales, Homegrown Cannabis Co also offers limited-edition 12-packs of seeds for only $99. The available strains in this promotion change each month. For May, some of the strains include: Zkittles, Flying Princess, Loopy Juice, Fat Crack, Gangster Sourz and more!

Check out Homegrown Cannabis Co’s complete sales lists to find your next strains today! Use discount code: DRCOCO to receive 10% off your purchase on

ViparSpectra Sales!

ViparSpectra is an industry leader in LED grow lights for home growers. Dr. Coco has tested and reviewed several of their models, including: the P1500, XS1000XS2000, XS4000, KS3000, KS5000, and the XS 1500, and he has been impressed with his results! ViparSpectra's fixtures feature top-quality components and great efficiency at competitive prices, plus they often offer special sales and deals when buying through Amazon! You can find the most up-to-date ViparSpectra sales information in the table below.

ViparSpectra Sales on Amazon
Product Amazon Discount CfC Discount Code
XS1500 PRO $50 OFF Amazon coupon + 8% OFF with code: DrMJCoCoPRO
KS3000 $40 OFF Amazon coupon + 3% OFF with code: DrMJCoco
KS5000 $100 OFF Amazon coupon + 3% OFF with code: DrMJCoco
P1000 $30 OFF Amazon coupon + 3% OFF with code: DrMJCoco
P2000 $40 OFF Amazon coupon + 3% OFF with code: DrMJCoco
P2500 $20 OFF Amazon coupon + 3% OFF with code: DrMJCoco
XS1000 $40 OFF Amazon coupon + 3% OFF with code: DrMJCoco
XS1500 $50 OFF Amazon coupon + 3% OFF with code: DrMJCoco
XS2000 $60 OFF Amazon coupon + 3% OFF with code: DrMJCoco
XS4000 $60 OFF Amazon coupon + 3% OFF with code: DrMJCoco

Grow Light Discount Codes

Atreum Lighting


Use Code: CCFC

10% Discount on the Atreum Hydra 3200

ChilLED Tech Discount Code: ChilledCoco


Use Code: ChilledCoco

FGI Discount Code: CCFC


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10% Discount

FTG Discount Code: CCFC


Use Code: CCFC

10% Discount

Grower’s Choice Discount Code: CCFC

Shop the TSL Horti Tech Store:

Use Code: CCFC

10% Discount and Free Shipping in the Continental US

Mars-Hydro Discount Code: CCFC


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3% off on top of any other discounts

Note: You can use discount code CCFC10 for 10% OFF until June 30th, 2023

Medic Grow Discount Code: CCFC


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10% Discount and Free Shipping in the Continental US

Photontek Discount Code: CocoPTK


Use Code: CocoPTK

10% off on top of any other discounts

Spider Farmer Discount Code: CCFC


Use Code: CCFC

8% off on top of any other discounts

ViparSpectra Discount Codes

Shop Amazon: US AmazonCanada Amazon

Enter Discount code DrMJCoco at checkout on Amazon

3% off on top of any other discounts

Special Discount code for the New XS1500 PRO: DrMJCocoPRO

8% off the XS1500 PRO on top of any other discounts

Equipment & Seed Discount Codes

AC Infinity Discount Code: Coco15


Use Code: Coco15

15% off on top of any other discounts

Air-Pot Bros Discount Code: CCFC420


Use Code: CCFC420

Free Shipping

Inhalco Discount Code: CCFC15


Use Code: CCFC15

15% Discount

Homegrown Cannabis Co Discount Code: DRCOCO


Use Code: DRCOCO

10% Discount

TrimBag Discount Code: CCFC


Use Code: CCFC

15% Discount

June Grower Love Giveaway!

Prize: Seeds and Air-Pots Prize Package (3 Winners)
Drawing on Friday, June 30 at 6 PM ET / 3 PM PT

The Coco for Cannabis Grower Love Giveaway is live for the month of June! We are excited to announce the “Seeds and Air-Pots” Prize Package!!! THREE (3) Lucky winners this month will receive a prize package with two (2) 4-packs of Homegrown Cannabis Co seeds and one (1) transplant set (4 Air-pot propagation cells and 4 Hydro #3 Air-Pots) from Air-Pot Bros.

Prize: Homegrown Cannabis Co. Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co is a US-based online seed bank that is backed by cannabis industry leaders and pioneers Kyle Kushman and Steve DeAngelo. Homegrown Cannabis Co offers more than 400 types of fast-germinating seeds with proven, stabilized genetics. They ship from the USA and provide discreet, crush-proof shipping. If your seeds arrive damaged, or fail to germinate successfully, Homegrown Cannabis Co will replace them free of charge!

Read what Dr. Coco has to say about growing Homegrown Cannabis Co Seeds!

For the last several grow challenges I and the Coco for Cannabis Steering committee have been growing Homegrown Cannabis Co seeds and the reviews are incredible. I am just harvesting a grow I did with 4 of their photo period strains: Alaska Thunderfuck, Mimosa, Lava Cake, and Apple Fritter. In the Spring Autoflower Challenge many growers in the community are growing the popular “Sticky Dickie” in the Size Matters Side Challenge. Check out the SAFC journals to see them grow!

Shop for Homegrown Cannabis Co

Homegrown Cannabis Co seeds are sold at We have a special discount code! Use code DROCOCO during checkout to save 10% on your order.

Prize: Air-Pot Bros

Air-pots are wonderful containers to grow in. They provide excellent aeration, and the shape of the sidewalls prevents the roots from circling. You can grow giant plants in small Air-Pots, but Air-Pots also make the transplant process easy and stress free for growers and plants!

The Transplant Set from Air-Pot Bros comes with four propagation cells and four #3 (3-gallon) Air-Pots. The propagation cells serve as a great first step and make for a simple and very effective transplant strategy for your grow! The transplant set is a product that Dr. Coco himself recommended that Air-Pot Bros offer!

Air-Pot Bros is the largest certified distributor of Air-Pots in North America. You can review the full catalogue of Air-Pot products and purchase them on the Air-Pot Bros website.

Shop for Air-Pot Bros

Air-Pot Bros products are sold at We have a special discount code! Use code CCFC420 to receive FREE shipping on your order!

How to Enter

To enter the Grower Love Giveaway, simply enter your email address in the widget below. Participants can increase their odds of winning by completing optional bonus actions. These actions are not required, but completing them will definitely help give you an edge! We will add new bonus actions to the giveaway twice per week, giving participants more opportunities to increase their odds of winning! Make sure to keep checking this page regularly to see when new bonus actions are added!

The June Grower Love Giveaway Winners will be chosen and announced here on this page on June 30th at 6 PM Eastern – 3 PM Pacific.

Previous Grower Love Giveaway Winners:

See previous Grower Love Giveaway Winners!

Draw Date Winner Prize
May 31, 2023 @Randy TrimBag Original
May 31, 2023 @Roudy420 ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro
April 30, 2023 Nochmonster Photontek X 1000W PRO
March 31, 2023 The_DTs ViparSpectra KS5000
February 28, 2023 CollectiveMarijuana Medic Grow Fold-8
January 31, 2023 Geocentric Genetics Spider Farmer G4500
December 31, 2022 Terrence Mars Hydro FC6500
November 30, 2022 4x4closeddoor Spider Farmer G8600
October 31, 2022 TeeBeeDeeFarms Photontek X 600W PRO
September 30, 2022 @theinsidedope & Kokbyte Medic Grow Mini Sun-2 (1 for each winner)
August 31, 2022 @KAPT_SAVE_Da_HO Mars Hydro Smart Grow System FC-E6500
July 31, 2022 @Farmer-drew & Dreamit420 ViparSpectra KS3000 (1 for each winner)
June 30, 2022 Canuckcannagrower Medic Grow Smart-8
May 31, 2022 @Tickledtlady ViparSpectra KS50000
April 20, 2022 @Coaltrain666 Photontek XT 1000W CO2 PRO
March 20, 2022 @oimjr ChilLED Growcraft ULTRA X3-330W
February 14, 2022 @Coaltrain666 Mars-Hydro TS 3000
February 6, 2022 Mackenzie Maxsisun MF 1000
January 30, 2022 Gobi_McGeekin Maxsisun MF 1000
January 23, 2022 Hardcorezgarden Maxsisun MF 1000
January 16, 2022 JokerJJ Maxsisun MF 1000
January 9, 2022 @Smotpoker Maxsisun MF 1000
December 12, 2021 Slow.growin Maxsisun MF 1000
December 5, 2021 Tombstone Maxsisun MF 1000
November 29, 2021 Jamal J Maxsisun MF 1000
November 21, 2021 Topcheesehead Maxsisun MF 1000
November 14, 2021 Cocomogro Maxsisun MF 1000
October 31, 2021 Sniklefritzgrows Maxsisun MF 1000
October 24, 2021 @Bagseed-junky Maxsisun MF1000
October 17, 2021 George Maxsisun MF1000
October 10, 2021 mrbcbuddy Maxsisun MF1000
October 3, 2021 happygrassgrows Maxsisun MF1000
September 26, 2021 @ThirdPlanet Maxsisun MF1000
September 19, 2021 @Roudy420 Maxsisun MF1000
September 12, 2021 Goth Sosa Maxsisun MF1000
September 5, 2021 joe.spaceship Maxsisun MF1000
August 29, 2021 tomas9892021 Maxsisun MF1000
August 22, 2021 Ranti-Social Maxsisun MF1000
August 15, 2021 abel_e_a1212 Maxsisun MF1000
August 8, 2021 @Sray Maxsisun MF1000
August 1, 2021 TemuG Maxsisun MF1000
July 25, 2021 @Low_Grow Maxsisun MF2000
July 18, 2021 Sinsay Maxsisun MF2000
July 11, 2021 MrWolfeGrows Maxsisun MF2000
July 4, 2021 Snoogens Maxsisun MF2000
June 27, 2021 Z0laire Maxsisun MF2000