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Dr. Coco and Dr. Photon collaborate to write scientifically accurate articles and guides on all topics related to growing cannabis. Our articles are grounded in plant science and our extensive backgrounds in horticulture and lighting. We are growers, so our tutorials are informed by our actual practices. You can be confident in our resources. Everything we publish goes through a rigorous peer review process. We take pride in publishing clear and accurate information that helps home growers maximize the success of their cannabis grows.


Fertilizers, Supplements & pH

Automatic Watering

  • Guide to Automatic Watering for Indoor Cannabis

    Everything you need to know to set up & run automatic watering systems. Top-feed Vs. Bottom-feed, Recirculation Vs. Drain to Waste, Preventing Bacteria, Topping-off & Cleaning Out.

  • DIY Automatic Watering System for Indoor Cannabis

    Automatic watering makes growing in coco a breeze! Full plans, shopping list, and installation instructions for a simple and easy DIY Automatic watering systems for your grow tent or grow room.

  • DIY Self-Draining Saucers

    Self-Draining saucers make any grow much easier! They are needed for a fully automatic watering system. Anyone can make them with our complete DIY plans, shopping list, and assembly instructions!

  • DIY Auto-Pumping Drain Bucket

    How do you remove the waste water from the tent? The self-draining saucers need to drain to somewhere! If you need a solution, Check out our “Auto-Pumping Drain Bucket”!

Growing Practices

  • How to Grow Cannabis Seedlings in Coco Coir

    Getting little plants through the seedling stage can be tough in coco. To help you minimize the problems and maximize your success, we offer this step-by-step guide to raising seedlings in coco coir.

  • Transplanting Cannabis Plants: Why, When & How

    Transplanting cannabis plants is the best way to develop a healthy root mass and ensure vigorous early growth. Learn the theory behind the practice and when & how to transplant cannabis for the best growth.

  • How to Clone Cannabis Plants

    Dr. Photon explains the science and practice of cloning cannabis and offers his fast cloning method for rooted clones in about a week!

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  • How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Plant Training

  • Why You Should Train Cannabis Plants

    We explain the science behind plant training to help you understand the practices. Learn about apical dominance, the efficient use of light, and why training cannabis plants leads to bigger better harvests.

  • Topping Cannabis Plants: Why, When & How

    Topping is a central plant training practice. Learn the science about why topping works, when you should top, and how to actually go about it.

  • Mainlines & Manifolds: The Best Ways to Train Cannabis Plants

    Explore the plant science behind mainline and manifold training. We define each method, explain the benefits and compare them with other methods. Learn why we think they are the best ways to train cannabis plants!

  • How to Mainline Cannabis Plants

    Dr. Coco's cannabis mainline training tutorial. I answer the questions about cannabis mainline training and provide step-by-step instructions how to mainline cannabis plants.

  • How to Manifold Cannabis Plants

    Dr. Coco's cannabis manifold training tutorial. Q&A about manifolds and step-by-step instructions for how to manifold cannabis plants. I include tips and advice about manifolding clones and auto-flowers.

  • When & How to Supercrop Cannabis Plants

    Supercropping is a high stress technique of pinching and folding stalks. It is a key training practice to manage the canopy of your indoor cannabis grow. Learn how to supercrop to increase yield without risking plant injury.

  • How to do a Sea of Green for Cannabis

    A sea of green (SOG) is a high density grow technique using a lot of plants and growing them for a short period of time. Learn why this is such an efficient strategy and how you could set up a SOG.

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  • How to Train Mainlines & Manifolds in Late Vegetation & Flowering

Set-up & Grow System

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  • How to Set Up Your Indoor Grow Space
  • Growing Cannabis: Indoors vs Outdoors vs Greenhouses


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  • Grow Light Technologies for Indoor Cannabis Horticulture
  • The Cannabis Light Cycle Debate
  • The Best Light Fixture Height for Cannabis

Environment: Air & Climate

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  • Understanding Air Replacement & Airflow in Cannabis Horticulture
  • How to Manage Temperature & Humidity in Grow Rooms
  • When & How to Introduce CO2 When Growing Cannabis
  • How to Set Up an Exhaust/Ventilation System for Grow Tents

Media & Containers

  • How to Prepare & Buffer Coco Coir

    Before you start growing in coco there are steps you should take to make it into the best medium for cannabis. Learn how to buffer and prepare your coco and avoid the dreaded “CalMag problems”.

  • How to Reuse/Recycle Coco Coir

    Coco is good for more than one grow! Learn how to recycle your used coco back into a superior medium for your next cannabis crop.

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  • Why Grow Cannabis in Coco Coir?
  • Pot Size: The Best Containers For Growing Cannabis in Coco

The Cannabis Plant

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  • The Difference Between Cannabis Seeds and Clones
  • Cannabis Sex: Female vs Male Plants
  • Photo-Period and Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

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