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  • Congratulations to @Jarwin16 for winning the photo of the week!

  • This week's photo of the week comes from the garden of @Jarwin16! The strain is Rainbow Gushers bred by Mosca Seeds. Jarwin16 harvested this plant at day 65 and slow dried for 16 days after that. This photo was taken just after Jarwin16 finished trimming. At that time, the grower reports that the buds had a super loud smell of burnt rubber and that the nugs were all very frosty. Jarwin16 attributes their successful harvest to the great genetics provided by Mosca Seeds. Nicely done, and thank you for sharing your photo with us! Grower Love!

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Current photo of the Week: Announced October 03,2022
Coco For Cannabis photo of the week - 179


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