SAFC 4x4 Grow Tents: My Electric Blue Sticky Dickie

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SAFC 4x4 Grow Tents: My Electric Blue Sticky Dickie
SAFC 4x4 Grow Tents: My Electric Blue Sticky Dickie

I have been excited about this SAFC grow for months! Ever since @crispywannabe suggested “Size Matters” for the theme! We decided to do the Biggest and Smallest Auto flowers for a side challenge, and it is really the first time we have done something quite like this. I am very excited for the plants that I and everyone else will grow! I hope we nurture the spirit of collaboration along with them!

So, once we have decided on the theme and the side challenge, Homegrown cannabis company steps up to offer seeds to the grow leaders and for giveaways! They sent some strains that we could select from and I wrote back to ask which of the selected strains they would recommend for growers wanting to “grow the biggest auto”. Our guy at HGCC sends back a list of 4 strains and @jordanj posted them to for us to review. I see that “Sticky Dickie” is on the list… I decided to make a joke and wrote that “I don’t think I will grow Sticky Dickie. Like, trying to grow the biggest sticky dickie just doesn’t sound appropriate”. So of course, @n-grower says, “Just because you said it, i GOTTA grow the sticky dick now”. SO that is how most of the steering committee and the grow leaders ended up all trying to grow big sticky dickies! The jokes are sure to carry on throughout the grow!

And yes, right off the bat, my Sticky dickie did not grow! I had to grab a second sticky dickie on the 22nd. The second dickie is starting to grow!

Also on the list was Electric Blue. It seemed like a good strain to pair with Sticky Dickie. The electric Blue got out to an early start, but stalled a bit in her jiffy. I plan to pot her up and get her some better lighting today.

Day 1: Seeds Get Wet

Cannabis Grow image3

Day 2-3: Electric Blue Takes the Lead

Cannabis Grow image4
Cannabis Grow image2

Day 6: The Dickie is late!

Cannabis Grow image1

These two girls will go into a small 2x2 tent which has not arrived yet, but should be here soon. After my SOG grow comes down in about 5 weeks, I will break down that tent (2x4) and set up the 4x4 for these two. I am not sure if the timing is really going to work out for that, but hey, we don’t call these things “grow challenges” for nothing!

Hope you are all off to a wonderful SAFC! Happy to be growing with you! GROWER LOVE!!!


Posted : 04/26/2023 12:56 pm Soil Sheppard, CollectiveMarij, MAIDEN82 and 7 people liked
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I have a Sticky Dickie!!!

Cannabis Grow 76679F69 71E8 419B BC3C B98FCEE47F65

and it’s growing!!

horray 😎😂😁😳🤣

Posted : 04/27/2023 5:17 pm Big Mike ATX, CollectiveMarij, smotpoker and 5 people liked
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Size matters?

Cannabis Grow 0FD44349 3E13 4B8D 8942 1F1232760B0B

Grow little dickie, grow!

Posted : 04/28/2023 8:53 pm DEEBOOF, CollectiveMarij, smotpoker and 4 people liked

Girls got a new home yesterday!

Cannabis Grow E733E1E9 0380 4CD0 8A17 CE8C7F20DEC8

not a 4x4 yet. Please don’t kick me out of the group. Lol

Posted : 04/30/2023 2:46 pm Big Mike ATX, Soil Sheppard, CollectiveMarij and 6 people liked
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On Saturday May 6th I potted up into #1 air-pots

Cannabis Grow BBAA9D0D 6FAF 4BCF 91D3 C2755A2E492F
Cannabis Grow 2E4AE8E3 A242 482B 8CA4 B365D47EEEDF

both plants, but especially the electric blue on the left suffered calmag issues which were compounded by unintentional low pH. But they seemed immediately happy with the pot up. Here they are on Sunday

Cannabis Grow 4666BDA2 D3AC 4FA4 B8CF 3DFEB4D48E8A
Cannabis Grow 5BD19FF4 9CD6 47D8 BDFE 6BA1ABAFF156
Cannabis Grow E55F3231 47AC 449D 81C2 64E0B02B66BE

Today is Wednesday and I just gave the girls their first trim. Blue was on 6th node and has grown well despite looking acid burned. I went ahead and topped her!

Cannabis Grow D85ADEB1 0276 46FF A7A6 08F6D8CA74B5
Cannabis Grow 1CF95643 84A1 4905 A266 3FECCD32694A
Cannabis Grow 0B6E33D4 6E11 4761 A3FB 4FEA34A4CEEF
Cannabis Grow A2E278D1 848B 4031 B711 F51A6A5CB6D2

My Stickey Dickie is growing well too but she is a few days younger. I’m not going to think too much about that sentence. She'll get topped in a couple days.

Cannabis Grow AF9F4CE3 B561 4F0B B954 EECA13CFD6D5
Cannabis Grow F256F7E0 5B29 4C38 B3C3 D10D842D4834
Cannabis Grow C1DC3EC9 74C9 4A6B B639 B7741819894F

Grower Love!

Posted : 05/10/2023 3:18 pm Big Mike ATX, Soil Sheppard, PuffyD and 3 people liked
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I cut the top off my Sticky Dickie!

Cannabis Grow F0B1F116 C0BE 4D87 A7C4 0578C1D4A978
Cannabis Grow E6061329 3160 4A34 B1D8 3B4CB82D28A2
Cannabis Grow E2EF978E B1EF 403F AEDE 2A6DDE7C6C20
Cannabis Grow D3CFB807 129D 43DB A34D 7338BE024E95

She loved it! This is 6 hours later

Cannabis Grow 42CA5498 F546 40EE B2C0 7C93C63991EC

Keep growing Sticky Dickie and I’ll do it again!!!

Posted : 05/13/2023 4:30 pm Big Mike ATX, PuffyD, SensiSeeker and 2 people liked
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Yesterday was transplant day! Girls moved up to #3 air pots. The both have been growing well for the last week or so in the #1 airpots. 

Cannabis Grow 2B34F2C5 B8D4 4CA1 9F21 78DCF72C7EE0
Cannabis Grow 0E6AD722 14C6 48B3 A337 B5F4FBE0F637
Cannabis Grow 7229F334 6F7B 4BF6 B643 2B449EB2F4CF
Cannabis Grow 10ED0D25 F202 45FE 9ED4 9F0FE9C15F7D
Cannabis Grow AB029001 B742 48E8 ABA3 0FF4E0860DA6

I had to set up a second saucer in the small tent. Hopefully they will continue to fit in there for a couple more weeks while my other girls ripen. 

Cannabis Grow CD6B15AA 06C5 4715 9074 42183DD0762C
Cannabis Grow FF919B26 DCEA 411D 9C14 7BAB9F2BB36C

Next step is the second topping. Coming soon!

Grower Love

Posted : 05/17/2023 4:12 am Big Mike ATX, CoCoFoRcHrOnIc, Soil Sheppard and 4 people liked
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