About Us

We are Coco for Cannabis

Coco for Cannabis is run by Dr. MJ Coco, in collaboration with content expert, Dr. Photon.

We are growers!

We believe that coco coir provides the best possible medium for growing cannabis. However, it can be hard to find good information about how to grow cannabis in coco. We created this site to serve as a source of scientifically accurate information for the cannabis growing community. We cover all topics related to growing cannabis, with a focus on growing cannabis in coco coir.

Our Mission

To help growers maximize the success of their cannabis crops by providing scientifically accurate information and sharing proven growing practices.

Our Promises

  • We share accurate reliable information: All of our articles are thoroughly researched, and peer reviewed.
  • We will not recommend something we would not do: All of our advice is guided by our personal practices.
  • We put growers first: Your interests are our interests. We do not accept advertising and only recommend products that we use, trust, and consider to be a good value.

Our Community

We are growers and we value being part of a community of growers. The resources here are offered as free community resources. We hope to help cultivate community here at Coco for Cannabis and we invite you to join The Coco for Cannabis Forum!

The Coco for Cannabis Forum is a place where growers can communicate anonymously with fellow growers. It is a collaborative and inclusive community. We are interested in learning and sharing and growing together. Hope to see you there!

Dr MJ Coco

I have a Ph.D. and am a university professor. I do academic research in peasant communities, where I have lived and worked with farmers for years. I have graduate level training and have taught university courses in horticulture.

I grow cannabis indoors in coco coir and perlite. When I started growing in coco I did extensive research and found the information available to be contradictory and misinformed. I expanded my research into scientific sources to understand the chemistry and biology of soil-less horticulture.

My experience and research led me to write “Coco for Cannabis: A Grower’s Guide”, which is published by Green Harvest Press and is available on Amazon. That experience, in turn, led us to create CocoForCannabis.com. This site is a free public resource for the cannabis growing community and it includes and expands the information in “A Grower’s Guide”.

Dr. Photon

During an apprenticeship to become an electrician, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Due to the diagnosis I was unable to continue to pursue a career as an electrician. To engage my interests in science and technology, I began reading books and exploring several fields of science. At first, I researched electronics, signal processing, computers, data communications and power. Then, I moved on to human anatomy and physiology to better understand medicine and my condition.

I discovered cannabis helped with my Crohn’s, especially with appetite, sleep and comfort. This prompted my research into cannabis, plant biology, and horticulture. I noticed early on that there were many misconceptions in the cannabis growing community. I started to write my own articles in order to provide a more technically accurate source of information, backed by science.



The information on cocoforcannabis.com should not be considered as financial, legal, or medical advice. You are responsible for knowing and following the local laws that pertain to cannabis cultivation, possession, and use. Decisions to grow cannabis should be made in consultation with a lawyer or qualified legal advisor. Decisions to use cannabis should be made in consultation with your doctor or medical professional.

Coco for Cannabis only recommends products that we use or would choose. Our goal is to provide recommendations based on value as a service to our readers. We may receive commissions for some recommendations. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.