SAFC Photoperiods: 2 x Strawberry Amnesia - 1st time grow

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SAFC Photoperiods: 2 x Strawberry Amnesia - 1st time grow

Hi all!

First time grow here, trying my best to sort through the info and do my best.

Going to start 2 Strawberry Amnesia tonight, on top of the 2 I already have tried to start as of Friday night.

Hopefully growing together will get me on a better start than the past week starting myself!

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Awesome Gordo. Please feel free to ask questions and let me know how we can help you have a successful grow. I encourage you to hang out in the chat room and ask questions as they come up. 


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Okay, so I finally get the chance to post on here.

After 4 days.. only 1 Strawberry Amnesia germinated and rooted.

I actually ended up germinating 2 Blue Kush as well at the same time, yet don't know how to change the details on my journal info. Both Kush sprouted and rooted out of jiffy within 4 days!!

Anyway, been sifting through articles, having GrowingUpNorth guide me through a bit (abeit, sometimes probably a little frustratingly)! A little bit of too much attention, a little bit of too much nutrients yesterday and almost locking the strawberry out!

Now they are all growing, the Blue kush seem to be stretching, but the light is about 4" from these little girls and they just... want ...MORE.

One strawberry you see in the pictures is 3 days older than the rest.

The red solo cups are Strawberry, the White are Blue Kush. Just the way it worked out.

I am currently waiting on charcoal filter, some ducting meters, testers, pots and new led to come in, a kingbright HLG clone, same as GUN's.


  • 2 × 4 x 5 Mammoth P120L
  • 3 × T5 36" @ 6500k
  • Advanced Nutrients line (Sensi Grow, Sensi Coco Bloom, B52, Voodoo)
  • Distilled water, as I do have an In-home softener/RO, I am working on running a PEX line from RO to my "nutestation"
  • Have the setup for autowater, but I am handwatering for now to get a feel. Have setup a mixture bucket (or series of different sized buckets based on volume of mixture remaining). Had a stirring pump already, so that just keeps eednutrients mixed and oxygenated until fertigation.
  • Checking my EC using TDS meter (its what I have available) and converting using ppm/.67=EC, as I'm using distilled water and I found that as a general conversion formula.
  • Monitoring rH and temp with AC Infinity Inline fan with controller. Seemed easiest way to control climate.
  • I DO have an outside intake setup, only using it occasionally to bring in fresh air from outside. Have SEVERAL layered up cheesecloths as prefilters.

I think that is it that I can think of.

So much fun! Yet my wife is starting to think I live in the basement now, maybe I do! Comeon, what else do I need?!

I hope these are enough pictures for everyone! The Strawberry that looks mature is the April 17th Germination.

Cannabis Grow 20200424 211618
Cannabis Grow 20200424 211621
Cannabis Grow 20200424 211615
Cannabis Grow 20200424 130651
Cannabis Grow 20200424 130647
Cannabis Grow 20200424 130642
Cannabis Grow 20200424 130640
Cannabis Grow 20200424 130635
Cannabis Grow 20200423 184745
Cannabis Grow 20200423 184718
Cannabis Grow 20200423 174909
Cannabis Grow 20200423 174844
Cannabis Grow 20200423 085628
Cannabis Grow 20200423 085617
Cannabis Grow 20200423 085609
Cannabis Grow 20200423 085604
Cannabis Grow 20200423 085559
Cannabis Grow 20200423 060733
Cannabis Grow 20200423 060721
Cannabis Grow 20200423 060700
Cannabis Grow 20200422 223632
Cannabis Grow 20200422 223636
Cannabis Grow 20200422 223627
Cannabis Grow 20200422 223620
Cannabis Grow 20200422 163437
Cannabis Grow 20200422 163426
Cannabis Grow 20200422 163418
Cannabis Grow 20200422 163401
Cannabis Grow 20200422 092613
Cannabis Grow 20200422 092021
Cannabis Grow 20200422 092014
Cannabis Grow 20200422 092017
Cannabis Grow 20200422 092010
Cannabis Grow 20200422 092005
Cannabis Grow 20200424 222714

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Okay, update!

Have, of course, changed a few things around;

  • Put in a small cat water dispenser I had sitting around, and paper towel, now I dont have to fill the humidity bowl every few hours!!
  • Got my light meter, also, got a new light!!! Killer deal, I thought: Mars Hydro SP150 for $150+tax. Returned 1 T5 and put it towards it. Quantum board WAS to come tomorrow, may be held up at customs...boooooooourns. Anyway, have the T5s sitting against the dome. One 2700k, one 6500k. The strawberries don't like being directly under 6500k, and vise versa. I swapped them around and now they are happy where they stand! At about 10,500lux since lights-on.
  • Have also added some music. Cause, y'know, why not!? Had an old bookshelf, put the speakers inside, run to an old device and make a new account on spotify through family plan! Bam, grow music! Currently cycling through Bach, Mozart, Beethoven.
  • I think that's it. Still trying to setup RO so I dont have to keep buying distilled.

The Blues are getting stretchy, no matter how close i put them to the light, they just wanna grow tall, so, they are directly (3-4" from the T5s, and I have reduced Mars Hydro temporarily while they are seedlings).

Strawberries are almost caught up to each other despite one being SLIGHTLY older (3 days).

Still working my way through seedling nutes.. quite confusing when one is older. But as of last fertigation, runoff of all plants were nearly all the same around 519EC. +-~100EC.

As per AN, they suggest a seedling plan of 1/4 A&B week 1, 1/2 week 2, 3/4 week 3, then full for veg. So.. trying that!!

If anyone thinks I'm missing something or has comments, feel free! I welcome the opinions and advice!!!😃

Don't worry guys, only 22 pics this time😁🤣

Cannabis Grow 20200426 213809
Cannabis Grow 20200426 213756
Cannabis Grow 20200426 213758
Cannabis Grow 20200426 213751
Cannabis Grow 20200426 213745
Cannabis Grow 20200426 213742
Cannabis Grow 20200426 213740
Cannabis Grow 20200426 213733
Cannabis Grow 2020 04 26 11.19.56
Cannabis Grow 20200426 104044
Cannabis Grow 20200426 104038
Cannabis Grow 20200426 104036
Cannabis Grow 20200426 104032
Cannabis Grow 20200426 104025
Cannabis Grow 20200426 104030
Cannabis Grow 20200426 104016
Cannabis Grow 20200426 081815
Cannabis Grow 20200426 081820
Cannabis Grow 20200426 075258
Cannabis Grow 20200426 075311
Cannabis Grow 20200426 075303
Cannabis Grow 20200426 075245

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So, as of this morning, they seem to be enjoying themselves!

Oh so green. 😃

EC coming in ~522-597 currently, with 597EC being the Strawberry that I had germinated 3 days earlier (using TDS meter, distilled water, equation = ppm/.67).

Despite her being slightly older, they are all becoming within range, and have tried as of this morning, mixing ONE 1/2 strength A&B, and diluting it down to ~475-550EC (lower for younglings, 550EC for the older girl). I needed a new batch and wanted to see if I still need AN recommendation of 1/4 strength A&B for the sake of 2-3 days when they are all very close in EC and growth! (<~100 between them).

As Of 10:00am this morning, hour after fertigation with 1/2 A&B.

Cannabis Grow 20200427 100325
Cannabis Grow 20200427 100328
Cannabis Grow 20200427 100322
Cannabis Grow 20200427 100315
Cannabis Grow 20200427 100305
Cannabis Grow 20200427 100257

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