Cannabis Seeds

There are several options for purchasing cannabis seeds online. Several breeders sell seeds directly and there are several retailers that carry seeds from multiple breeders. The best place to buy cannabis seeds depends on what you are looking for and whether you are willing to pay through alternative means. Many seed vendors are located in Europe and may have difficulty accepting US credit cards. All seed vendors accept cash, wire transfers and bit coin.

We have experience dealing with several seed breeders and retail seed vendors. We have purchased seeds from several of them and I have spoken to representatives at many of the seedbanks as we worked to set up partnerships for our Grow Challenges. We are confident that the seed banks that we recommend are reliable, honest, and offer excellent seeds at competitive prices.

Our Recommended Cannabis Seed Retailers


Seedsman is the number one cannabis seed retailer online. They offer a huge selection from the best breeders. They also offer great deals and excellent freebies. Many of us in the community are strong advocates of the Seedsman branded seeds that they sell and offer as freebies. The Seedsman brand “Blueberry” is one of my all-time favorites. Their "Jack Herer" and “Mama Mia” also get rave reviews.

Seedsman takes a variety of payment methods. If you are willing to use bitcoin they offer a great bonus package with more of their seeds. Seedsman has set up a delivery system that avoids having to ship internationally and go through customs individually. Their system is among the best at ensuring that your seeds are delivered without incident. However, as with all seed retailers, we recommend that you purchase their discreet/stealth shipping option.

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MSNL is one of the oldest and most trusted seed vendors. They are Dr. Photon’s preferred source for seeds. They are a breeder and carry only their own strains. However, they have a large selection of excellent strains. MSNL is a well-respected breeder. They understand the genetics that they are working with and you can be confident in the quality of their seeds.

MSNL takes many forms of payment including credit and debit cards. They offer some of the best stealth shipping packages and will ship to countries that other seed banks avoid. If you are concerned about being super stealthy, MSNL may be the best seedbank for you.

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About Our Product Recommendations

At Coco for Cannabis, our mission is to help growers maximize the success of their cannabis crops by providing scientifically accurate information and sharing proven growing practices.

The products that we recommend are the actual products that we chose to purchase and use ourselves. In a few cases, we recommend products that we would buy if we needed them. We do not accept advertising and will not recommend any product that we would not buy for ourselves. We offer this guide as a resource to growers.

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