Cannabis Grow Guide

Cannabis Grow Guide

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Growing Cannabis in Coco with High Frequency Fertigation

We argue that coco mixed with perlite is the best media for growing cannabis. This article explains why coco is a horticultural wonder and how you can unlock the magic with high frequency fertigation. Learn how to feed and water your plants for explosive growth and impressive yields.

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How Much Light (PPF) Do You Need for Indoor Cannabis?

We review the science of cannabis photosynthesis to give the best answer to the question “How much light do you need”. Includes our Grow Space Calculator which shows the optimal light and harvest estimates for any grow space.



Get the book that launched the Website! In August 2018, Green Harvest Press published Dr. MJ Coco’s book, Coco for Cannabis: A Grower’s Guide. On September 1st, 2018, we first launched this site.

We believe that knowledge should be shared freely, so we made the information in the book available in articles and tutorials on the site. The book is a consolidated guide, but it is not required. You can learn all the keys of growing cannabis in coco here on the website.

The Grow Light Guide

The Coco for Cannabis Grow Light Guide is an independent and unsponsored resource for growers. Our goals are to demystify grow light metrics, share reliable grow light data and empower home growers with the best information about grow lights. We conduct independent grow light field testing and have developed articles and resources to help growers understand the science of horticultural lighting.

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How to Prepare and Buffer Coco Coir

Coco is a miraculous growing medium capable of explosive growth. However, if it is not properly prepared for growing cannabis it can create problems. We provide a complete tutorial with simple instructions along with a video to show you how to buffer and prepare your coco and avoid the common “CalMag problems” that plague many coco grows.