Coco for Cannabis founder, author, and professor, Dr. MJ Coco, has appeared as a guest on numerous well-known cannabis podcasts to talk about his horticultural expertise and experience growing cannabis. Dr. Coco is a regular guest on Growcast: The Official Cannabis Podcast. Additionally, Dr. Coco is a panel member on the live show, "Growing with my Fellow Growers", which airs every Sunday on the Cheap Homegrow YouTube channel. Here, you can find the complete list of podcast and live show appearances made by Dr. Coco.

Latest Appearances by Dr. Coco

Growcast: Cannabis Labor, Large Scale Cultivation Challenges & More with Dr. Coco

In his latest Growcast appearance, Dr. Coco sits down with host, Jordan River, to discuss the challenges faced when scaling up a cannabis grow. Dr. Coco dives deep into the biggest difference between a small home tent grow and a large scale facility: labor. This leads to a huge conversation about agricultural labor and how the cannabis industry tends to operate when it comes to setting up grows and implementing folks to run them. Listen to the full episode below!

Just One Thing – Consistency

Just One Thing is a new video series where cannabis enthusiast and host, Chad Westport, asks experienced growers to share their "Just One Thing" that they think all new growers should know. On this episode, Dr. MJ Coco talks about his Just One Thing: consistency. This is an excellent practice that can be applied to many areas of the garden. Watering, feeding, pest management, temperatures, humidity, you name it; they all should be consistent for optimal plant health.

All Appearances by Dr. Coco

Autoflower Podcast

The Autoflower Podcast is one of the only cannabis podcasts that focuses specifically on autoflowers. Autoflower Podcast host, Chad Dulaney, started the show several years ago with the goal of educating and informing home growers on all things autoflower. Dr. Coco had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on the show a few times to discuss his experiences with growing autos. You can listen to his episodes below!

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Episode 19: Growing Autoflower Cannabis in Coco Coir w/ Dr. MJ Coco

For more information and to see the complete list of episodes, visit autoflowerpodcast.com.

Cannter Cannabis Podcast

Cannter Cannabis podcast is an Australian-based podcast hosted by Scott Hillier. The show aims to explore all things cannabis through discussions on cultivation, agronomy, business, legal frameworks, patient stories, genetics and many other hot cannabis topics. Dr. Coco has appeared on the podcast twice to discuss LED lighting and growing in coco. Listen to his episodes below!

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Fore more information and episodes, visit Cannter Cannabis Podcast on Buzzsprout, or check them out on Instagram.

Chad Westport Shows

Chad Westport is a long-time cannabis enthusiast and educator. He has been involved with several podcasts and YouTube live shows. Dr. Coco has had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on an episode of Chad’s “Future Cannabis Project 2” (FCP2) show as well as his “Just One Thing” segment, which is featured in the section above.

Watch the FCP2 Episode

You can visit Chad Westport’s YouTube channel for more “Just One Thing” episodes!

Grow Bud Yourself

Grow Bud Yourself is a show focused on providing listeners with cannabis cultivation information, interviews, cannabis news, cannabis activism, reviews and more! Podcast hosts Danny Danko and Mike G. sat down with Dr. Coco to discuss proper lighting for grow rooms as well as the benefits and unique properties of coco coir as a grow medium. You can listen to Dr. Coco's full episode below!

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For more information, visit GrowBudYourself.com, or check them out on Instagram.

GrowCast: The Official Cannabis Podcast

Join GrowCast host Jordan River as he sits down in the studio to discuss growing techniques, cannabis in pop culture, the history of cannabis, and much more. GrowCast features a wide range of fascinating guests, including world famous ganjapreneurs, long time cannabis growers, chemists, filmmakers, musicians and more! Dr. Coco has been honored to come on the GrowCast Podcast several times and talk with Jordan River about Growing Cannabis! You can listen to Dr. Coco’s latest Growcast episodes below.

Listen to the Latest Episodes

Check out GrowCast on Instagram and visit Growcastpodcast.com for more information and episodes.

Growing with my Fellow Growers – Live Show Every Sunday!

Every week, Dr. Coco joins Jack Greenstalk, Spartan Grown, Matthew Gates, and others, as a panelist on “Growing with my Fellow Growers”, a Live Show hosted Sundays at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET on the CheapHomeGrow YouTube channel.

Like the names imply, the show is aimed at providing home growers with scientifically accurate information and affordable cultivation practices. The show also features a live chat window, where several CocoforCannabis community members are known to frequent and participate in the discussion. It is a lot of fun, and we would love to see you there! Join us Sundays on the CheapHomeGrow YouTube channel!

The Green Table Podcast

The Green Table Podcast offers an exclusive look inside the Cannabis Culture of America. Hosts, Frosty McNosty and Beast Coast Grower, provide listeners with detailed information on how to grow their gardens successfully while also offering their insights into the future of the worldwide cannabis culture. Dr. Coco has appeared twice on the show to discuss all things LED lighting. Listen to his episodes below!

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For more information and episodes, visit The Green Table Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Meet the Grower with Photosyntech

Meet the Grower is a show focused on home growers who also create content and/or work in the cannabis industry. Host Matt, AKA Photosyntech, gives viewers a chance to learn more about some of most well-known growers in the community and provides his audience with a glimpse of the people behind the plants. In his Meet the Grower episode, Dr. Coco goes deep on lighting, coco, and a little grower love!

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