GrowCast: The Official Cannabis Podcast

I have been honored to come on the GrowCast Podcast several times and talk with Jordan River about Growing Cannabis!

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FAQ 2: Seeds vs Clones, CO2 Supplementation & More

Jordan invited me to back on the Growcast Podcast to answer some Frequently Asked Questions. In this episode we get into a good discussion of Seeds vs Clones and CO2 Supplementation. I also got to talk about the challenge grows and the community here at Coco for Cannabis. It is a fun episode, I hope you enjoy!

FAQ 1: Autos vs Photos, Light Cycles & More

In this episode Jordan and I get into a good discussion of Autos vs Photos and Light Cycles among other topics. I got to talk about the New Year's Grow Challenge and why I love to Grow Together. I hope you enjoy the episode!

VPD: Understanding Vapor Pressure Deficit

In this episode, Jordan and I discuss the science of Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD). VPD is a measure for the way that your plants experience heat and humidity. It affects transpiration and it is helpful to understand VPD in order to dial in your grow climate. However, as I explain in the episode, climate is more than just VPD. Hear my thoughts about managing VPD and the best ways to deal with sub-optimal VPD.

Harvest Science, Trichomes & More

In this episode I discuss the science of Cannabinoid Biosynthesis and how you can use it to know when to harvest your cannabis. Learn how cannabinoid synthesis and degradation changes as the plant matures and what to look for in trichomes. We also discuss end of grow practices like the final flush and darkness before harvest.

Drying and Curing Cannabis

In this episode I pick up with where I left off in the Harvest science episode and I discuss the trim, the dry, and the cure. It is all about Cannabinoid and terpene preservation - and you have to be aware of issues like mold. We discuss wet trimming, the best temp and RH to Dry, and how I cure my cannabis to ensure the best quality buds.

Grow Science, Coco, Nutrients & More

This episode was my first time on the GrowCast podcast! We spent some time discussing my background and our plans for Coco for Cannabis. We also got into a number of fun cannabis growing topics. We discussed watering in soil and coco, why I love coco, and I offered my thoughts and advice about fertilizers and choosing the best nutrient line. It was a lot of fun and I hope that you enjoy the episode!