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Entries are now closed.

Thanks to all who entered 🙂 Awesome pics and stories!- this is going to be tough to judge.

Let's Grow Together
Posted : 04/29/2020 12:03 am smotpoker, Bigbug1983, medskis and 3 people liked

The selection committee has become hopelessly deadlocked! These are great submissions and it is just impossible to choose only one. We tried to narrow it down to a list of finalists – but even that seemed not possible… SO, we are assigning all entrants a range of numbers and we’ll determine the winner by lottery.

Lottery tonight = California Daily Three Evening Draw April 29, 2020

Link to results page Results are usually posted by 7pm PDT (EVENING DRAW, not midday)

000-070: @farmerjerm

071-141: @galaxyfallout

142-212: @gordoskins

213-283: @thekiddpalatt

284-354: @bigbug1983

355-425: @potgoku

426-496: @renessance

497-567: @latitude_62

568-638: @discoboy

639-709: @mooseknkl

710-780: @belmont

781-851: @drew

852-922: @medskis

923-993: @ausbucket461

994-999: Unassigned (we’ll play again)

Let's Grow Together
Posted : 04/29/2020 2:08 pm smotpoker, Renessance, Thekiddpalatt and 3 people liked
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