Neat & Handy Stuff

There are several handy little things to have during a grow. We pull many of the neat and handy things from elsewhere in this guide. We are interested in your suggestions for other Neat and Handy tools for growing cannabis! Let us know the neat and handy things that you use in your grow: Suggestions!

Clamp Light

If you are growing in a tent or a closet you need a light so you can work.

Clamp Light with Reflector
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I see a lot of "Blurple" pictures, which means growers are working and taking pictures under the horticultural grow lights. Grow lights provide harsh light to work under, and "Blurple" is terrible light for pictures. Rather than working or taking pictures under the grow lights, get a simple clamp light to use when you are working in the tent.

Zip Ties

For everything from hanging lights to training plants! You need to have some zip ties!

Zip Ties Assorted Sizes (600 count)
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These zip ties are perfect for almost everything around the grow tent. The white color helps keep everything reflective, the 8" length provides flexibility, and they are heavy duty to support your grow equipment.

Measuring Nutrients

10ml Oral Syringes
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I honestly believe that there is no better way to measure and mix nutrients than with using small oral syringes. I assign one syringe to each nutrient product, and I Velcro the syringes directly to the bottles. These syringes measure in milliliters and teaspoons, and it is easy to measure fractions of a milliliter. The US and UK sets comes with 10 syringes. The Canadian options are a little odd, but the best deal is an 8-pack of curved tip syringes, which is what we linked. For any grower who is mixing nutes, these are a must buy!

Velcro Strips
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I use velcro to attach a syringe to each nutrient bottle. It keeps things organized and prevents cross-contamination of nutrients. You can find a dozen other uses for this around the grow tent. Everything from mounting thermometers to holding the grow tent windows or doors.

Repairing Plant Injuries

When you are training or working around your plants, you may accidentally injure them. Stem splits and tears often occur during low stress training (LST) or supercropping. Many growers use a sticky tape, such as electrical tape, to wrap around these injuries. While it is important to wrap up the injury, you should never put sticky tape on a plant, because it will lead to further injury!

Grafting Tape
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Grafting Tape is the professional horticultural solution for this problem. Grafting Tape is more like kitchen plastic wrap, in that it sticks to itself and creates an air tight seal, but it does not stick to the plant. It also expands to accommodate plant growth. Every grower should buy a roll! It is the correct product to help heal injure plants, and it is quite inexpensive.

Water Leak Alarm

Water Alarm for Leak and Flood Alert
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If you are running automatic watering, these may be a wise investment. If the system leaks or the catchment overflows, you will be alerted with an audible alarm. This is much better than being alerted by the sights and smells of mold. This set is a three pack, and you can place battery powered units where ever you worry there might be a leak.

Grow Tent Repair

Aluminum Foil Tape
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Whether you are using a grow tent or creating your own space, aluminum foil tape is incredibly useful stuff.  You can use it to seal up light leaks or cover any light absorbing items in your tent. I used it to cover the bench inside my tent.

Shipping Clones

Have you ever wanted to ship a clone or cutting to a gromie? Here's the solution!

ATG Acres Plant Packer
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The Plant Packer is a durable, lightweight, plastic plant transporter that contains designated space for established roots and 3 small LED lights to prevent photosensitive varieties from flowering. It is made of durable PP plastic and comes equipped with removable dividers to accommodate a variety of rooting mediums and foliage space.

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