PTGC Toppers: Capillary Solo Cup, Coco-Peat Soil

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PTGC Toppers: Capillary Solo Cup, Coco-Peat Soil

Solo cup challenge accepted.

Medium - living soil:

  • Peat (80%) from ProMix HP and coco (fibre and chunk) buffered with homemade calcium citrate 
  • Gaia Green 'All Purpose,' Big Ass Tomatoes, ActiSol Mother Hen, saturated rabbit bedding, feather/bone meal, basalt, Soil Activator, Gro4 worm castings, home compost, calcium bentonite (citric acid conditioned), leaf mold, and traces  of sandy loam. The NPK ratio should be about 3:1:1.5-ish
  • The top half of the cup is flled with 50/50 worm casting and Promix HP so to avoid burning the seedlings from the start.

To try a hand at solo:

  • 21 solo cups with holes licated mostly mid cup (tried different sizes, patterns, numbers etc. for post mortum root assessment).
  • Flipped with thin, non-woven shop towels held with elastics (50/50 polyester and viscose) to contain, air prune the base, and provide respectable surface area for  capillary mat wicking. 
  • Cup bottoms cut out for the top, hopfully maximizing soil availiable to roots.
  • Currently resting on silicone dish mats to raise off thr surface. Once the warering demands increase I will rest them on top of polyester felt for my capillary mats (more to follow at that time.

Seeds (regular)

  • Saved seees from an auto grow, namly a second generation of bubblegum x GG x Dark Devil. I expect an admix of expressions. Thats cool, I like variety - this grow is for fun and smoke.
  • Scarified seeds with citric acid and peroxide bath for 1h+ (hope I didn't cook them!), then soaked for 18h in light peroxide water (sterility) prior to planting yesterday.
Posted : 09/11/2020 5:01 am

Cannabis Grow 15998257944681489193275476567389

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Cannabis Grow 20200913 094254
Cannabis Grow 35ccf17ba76caa68310a8ce05397e4bb

Posted : 09/13/2020 6:44 am Deek80421 liked

In the previous entry I forgot to note that, as they popped, I removed them from a heat mat.

As for current, 5 of the 21 seeds failed to germ, but this is not suprising given the number of immature seeds in the bunch.

Cannabis Grow 20200920 115037

The capillary mat is now in place, but presently without a reservoir (to follow as needed).

The entire set up rests in a tray, on top of which is a ribbed dish mat for elevation from the water. In turn, the polyester felt then atop a non-absorptive plastic mesh. I hope that in this way the water will make consistent contact for wicking without oversaturating the media.

Cannabis Grow 20200920 115055

So far they seem to be loving life 😉

Posted : 09/20/2020 9:34 am Deek80421 liked
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Watering 3 cups every other day - allowing top and bottom to dry to 40% or so.

Starting to show preflower and pushing node 4:

Cannabis Grow 20200925 203016
Cannabis Grow 20200925 203010
Cannabis Grow 20200925 203006
Cannabis Grow 20200925 202953

Topping now to restrict overall size. 

Cannabis Grow 20200925 203647

Posted : 09/25/2020 6:19 pm Deek80421 liked

The girls have been doing some lovely growth since their early topping. As a result I had to space them out, which came as a problem. I had feared the roots would grow beyond the shopcloth, and they did, gripping to the woven barrier above the wicking mat. I correted my laziness (had meant to do thes much earlier in the grow) by ripping each out of the mesh and placing non-woven felt swatches under each cup.

Cannabis Grow 20200928 065619
Cannabis Grow 20200928 065604
Cannabis Grow 20200928 065548
Cannabis Grow 20200928 065526

Posted : 09/28/2020 4:06 am Deek80421 liked
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Recovering well and branching out following topping:

Cannabis Grow 20200929 064236
Cannabis Grow 20200929 064011

Aggressive roots finding their way into the felt pad. Should ensure each cup is mobile (and in keeping with challenge rules) once they grow into their swatches fully.

Cannabis Grow 20200929 064842

Posted : 09/29/2020 3:49 am Deek80421 liked

Balls -> 4 of 21 showing pollen sacks thus far.

Gnats - BTI applied by hand water. A fan has been placed at low pitch to to dry soil and obstruct adults.

Light will be off overnight for about 10 hours due to some household factors.

Posted : 09/30/2020 6:14 pm Deek80421 liked
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Flower update: 16 girls and 5 boys as far as I can tell.

Gnats: it looks like that the gnat problem has subsided.

  • Two treatments with BTI from crushed mosquito dunks. 
  • Soil permitted to dry to 30% or less with light placed within 18" with full fan blowing cups and under canopy. Lights off 10 hours a day to minimize light burn.
  • Added a small pinch of Gaia Green 4-4-4 and Big Ass Tomatoes given biostimulants etc to support plants.
  • Added a small amount of Soil Activator,  Soil Rescue (expired x1 year but half price, hahaha), and a dribble of kefir to support biology after a hard dry. Precautionary.

The CMH now rests at about 20" with fan on low, oscillating at a distance up through the canopy and towards the light.

Leaf temp about 25.2 C (about 77F), ambient 24C (about 75F) 

Some leaf burn noted. Being an outdoor and greenhouse gardener, lamp height and focal leaf burn are not always intuitive notions. Learning. 

That said, I love indoor too. I just love growing shit!

Cannabis Grow 20201004 085357


Posted : 10/04/2020 6:18 am Rusty and Deek80421 liked
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While it may be pushing the limits, I topped for a second time yesterday. 

Cannabis Grow 20201004 085357


Moreover, I found an old humidifier reservoir and found that the opening fits over top the circular outdents on the bottom tray. This seems to press in the felt just so, allowing air to bubble in while also wicking without any pooling of water. Easy Street.

Cannabis Grow 20201006 144411
Cannabis Grow 20201006 144421

Posted : 10/06/2020 1:04 pm Rusty and Deek80421 liked


Posted : 10/06/2020 1:08 pm

Update for October 9th:

Found two herms in the pack after a two day  dry out period. This hard dry cycle was for the purpose of allowing for ammendment without over watering. 

So, I took the liberty of a post-mortum root discection:

Cannabis Grow 20201009 101126
Cannabis Grow 20201009 101115
Cannabis Grow 20201009 100919
Cannabis Grow 20201009 101113
Cannabis Grow 20201009 101252
Cannabis Grow 20201009 101318

As far as ammendment, I had 3 tablespoons of Jobs Organic Tomato, which I blended with 1 tbsp of General Purpose 4-4-4 Gaia Green. I blended this as fine as possible, then allowed it to dissolve in tap water with a pinch of citric acid to help convert a bit more mineral elements to more soluable forms. A cap of kefir added for  microbials. Root Rescue and Soil Activator was added once I was ready to water. 

Watering was graduated, with first a slow pouring of small dollops of solution to wet the soil. After 15 min I returned once the soil had rehydrated, then poured small, but increasing amounts to each cup in sequence.

Oh, I also popped a mosquito dunk in the reservoir for good measure.


As you will see, these ladies are sun bathing in my basement on top of the dryer. My CMH is as close to the ceiling as I can go. I removed the bubble foil  panel and opened the reflector wings, mainly for fear of light burn (some signs on leaves).

Cannabis Grow 16027832544415434532311022112784

Posted : 10/15/2020 10:39 am

It has been a considerable period since the last update, so a quick one to follow.

Light burn from CMH - too close for to long, as confirmed by significantly less accumulated damage to the plants I had moved outside in the rain and cold for a week (suspected a herm, but then found otherwise). They also potentially vectored the gnats back in as well...

Cannabis Grow 20201029 000317
Cannabis Grow 20201029 000547

Given the light damage I'm hesitant to waste mosquito dunks and I will just ride this one out.

That noted, I have opted to cut the cup off the soil, going for a 18oz Solo soil block. Perhaps this will help with managing moisture levels now that I have less heat . This is due to having switched to some basic LED bulbs, specifically one of the Sansi 45 w bulbs on Amazon and two standard 2700k bulbs with the diffusers popped off.

Cannabis Grow 20201029 000522
Cannabis Grow 20201029 000530
Cannabis Grow 20201029 000534
Cannabis Grow 20201029 000337
Cannabis Grow 20201029 000452


Posted : 10/28/2020 9:30 pm

So, it looks like I am either killing them, or they are finishing up due to restricted root space. Significant yellowing on lower foliage. I will need to scope them soon having past the 60 day mark.

I may use a UVB reptile bulb treatment, but I will wait to see if they are hardy enough.

Cannabis Grow 20201110 111605
Cannabis Grow 20201110 111458
Cannabis Grow 20201110 111610

I have been using a Sustee watering stick for gauging watering, with every other day proving about right. Tap water was used with a small amount of VitC to neutralize the chlorine and enough acetic acid (with dissolved eggshells) added to bring water to 6.5pH +/-0.2 or so. 

Fungus gnats are gone - powdered soil with cinnamon as repellant/irritant along with better watering practices.

While I found a profound number of herms in this batch, there is one plant that has a nice creamy chem bubblegum smell that I am looking forward to. I'm going to guess about 2-5 g on each. 

Cannabis Grow 20201110 112235
Cannabis Grow 20201110 112455
Cannabis Grow 20201110 112151

Posted : 11/11/2020 5:26 am Rusty liked
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Weights to follow.

Posted : 11/23/2020 7:21 pm
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