SAFC Mephisto: SAFC multi strain

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SAFC Mephisto: SAFC multi strain

Gonna be a tricky grow to manage, at least early on. Have 2 seedlings started in the tent now. My plan is to start 3-4 more and shuffle them outside if the weather permits soon enough. Once I can migrate plants I’ll be starting some more. SAFC will consist of 4 meph strains in soil. I will also be doing a “soil shootout” in search of and ideal medium for outdoor autoflowers.

all together I intend to have 9 autos outside this spring, some will be organic, some will get bottled nutes, really just an experiment/comparison. 

Posted : 04/12/2020 4:56 am Kung fu Kush and Cannavore liked
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Getting down to the wire here. With everything going on right now I’m a bit unprepared. Tomorrow I’ll be taking a trip out of town to a hydro shop that seems to be well stocked with soils and amendments. As of now I have some ocean forest, happy frog, and some locally sourced organic topsoil to blend. Grabbed a big 4 cu/ft bag of perlite and some lobster compost from coast of Maine to experiment with. Not as much as I’d like but should get me started.

Posted : 04/17/2020 9:25 am

Took a quick trip today to stock up on whatever I could get my hands on...I think it payed off. Got a bag of roots original, and roots lush which I’m told feeds for 8 weeks! Very curious about this, I’m told it’s a hot soil and not to put a seedling in so I’ll start in the original then a transplant around week 2. Was also given some freebies. Roots terp tea and hpk and aurora big swell and bloom. 

With the unsteady weather here I will only be starting 2 plants on the 20th as I’ll have to wait to shuffle them outside and start more. There are 2 plants currently growing in the tent in coco and I’m expecting them to neglect social distancing rules. 

the 2 strains I start will be an on the fly decision of the above mention Mephisto a beans.

Posted : 04/18/2020 12:07 pm

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Late start for me as I had to get up early for work. 6 am start for the ladies. Forum stomper and avt x 3bog. Once germinated they will go into rapid rooters...Happy 420 everyone!

Posted : 04/20/2020 3:31 am Ausbucket461 liked

Brief update. About 35 hours in paper towels and seeing some progress. I expect these to go on rapid rooters early tomorrow morning

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Posted : 04/21/2020 1:44 pm Cannavore liked

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seeds are germinated and placed on rapid rooters. They are now in the tents where it’s warm and covered by an extra black fabric pot.

Posted : 04/22/2020 3:40 am

Went in the tent today, hoping they will lose the helmets by tomorrow night but we’ll see.

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Posted : 04/23/2020 5:06 pm

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So I had a small issue...long day at work and the rapid rooter housing the avt x 3bog dried up completely. Looks to be a fried seedling so I put another seed in paper towels today. As a precaution I went ahead and out the forum stomper in a seedling bag with roots organic original soil to keep it wet longer. 

Posted : 04/24/2020 6:12 pm Cannavore liked
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So some stuff is happening, forum stomper having a little trouble so I moved her away from the light a bit. Popped another avt x 3bog (top solo cup) and it’s moving along. Also the avt that looked fried and dried out looks like it might recover. It’s still standing and the taproot/stalk looks like it’s taking up water and trying to shed the membrane...may have to perform surgery. Also in the tent  samsquanch og and 4 assed monkey growing in coco.

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Posted : 04/27/2020 2:23 pm Cannavore liked

Also forgot I popped another avt x 3bog seed as another backup, has about 1/4” taproot showing and will probably go in a pod tomorrow morning. If the weather doesn’t start getting better I may have to donate a seedling to a friend. Simply don’t have the space atm

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Haven’t posted much because as you can see, there’s not much to see. Precisely why I prefer coco. There moving slowly, should have given them more time before going in soils but they’ll get over it. I still plan to move them outside but even in the next 2 weeks temps will still struggle to reach the 60s with night temps around 40. Been a really strange year here for weather hopefully we get some warmer days.

Also a joint of the Pineapple Express from the NYGC along with a little bubble has from the trim 

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