5x5 maiden voyage ft. Living soil

I have finally set up my 5x5 tent with the medic smart 8 that I won from one of our YouTube comps. It’s been a process from building soil from scratch properly for the first time to setting up blumats. As some of you may know I work a week away from home and spend a week at home. The design of this set up was for it to be as hands off as possible with as few fail points as I could have along the way. This will be my first soil grow and my first grow under the smart 8.


  • 5 x 5 mars hydro tent
  • 6inch mars hydro exhaust fan with temperature controller (through carbon filter)
  • 4inch infinity cloud line Supply fan (through carbon filter)
  • Medic grow smart 8 light
  • blumats with 4mm diy drip ring
  • 20 gallons living soil (coots mix+)


Base mix per pot

  • 25L peat moss
  • 20L 10mm volcanic rock
  • 5L pearlite
  • 20L worm castings
  • 5L compost

Amendments per cubic foot of base mix

  • 1cup kelp meal
  • 1cup Neem cake
  • 1cup Limestone
  • 1/2cup Gypsum
  • 3 cups palagonite
  • 1/2 cup alfalfa meal
  • 1cup crushed malted barley
  • 1/2cup used coffee grounds I had spare.


So I am still to mix my fourth pots worth of soil but in the meantime I decided to run an auto in one of the three I have in the tent currently. I will be running some photoperiods In the other three when the next pot is mixed and ready to plant in. The flexibility of the auto will allow me to veg the photos as long as I need while it finishes. I have a mephisto genetics fantasmo express that I have just popped which will be interesting in a tent…

Update: So the fantismo express (auto) was a dud and didn’t pop a root. I had to wait till next week home to pop new beans which were ethos genetics - purple sunrise (photos). I wet three seeds of which two popped a tap root and it looked like one ran out of energy before shedding its shell. I waited a few days without movement but had no luck. I peeled the seed shell and membrane off  and planted it out of sheer hope… to return a week later. 🤞

Cannabis Grow 727BE1E7 1CCF 473A 9C3D D215FAE99816
Cannabis Grow 2FAB7721 5651 475C 9DDC 532370BC709D
Cannabis Grow 6B56A976 3521 4874 9CC1 01D7155FCBF3

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Returned home and found both purple sunset beans now seedlings 🙏 . The one that ran out of steam is obviously behind for a couple reasons I think. Firstly the obvious reason was it’s failure to launch and secondly was the pope it was in was slightly dryer than ideal moisture level. Adjusted the blumat 1/2 a “notch”

Also gave all three pots cover crop a trim (chop and drop) and watered in some aloe boost and fulvic acid from Organic Gardening Solutions (OGS) as well as some Home made LABs.

Cannabis Grow 2270A673 2A14 409E 9BBB B29FBA75EDD2
Cannabis Grow 3B7BA45C 9450 4719 9494 3EBFF2F692FD
Cannabis Grow 6A8D0330 38D9 4A6F 89F4 8AAE29E420C9
Cannabis Grow CB57BAFD 9AF2 46BE B950 867E70F4ADBE

Also wet two more seeds. Again Ethos genetics photoperiods. Lilac diesel x grape diamonds 

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Okay so we have had quite a few failures as far as seeds go so far. The last two did not make it again so popped two more this week which have both popped and been planted in the big pots. Fingers crossed we finally have four planted pots. I haven’t been very attentive to them so can’t blame the seeds really. The very first seed that was planted was at 8 or 9 nodes so is quite a way ahead of the seedlings. However I have now topped it twice on the way to a manifold. And topped the 2nd plant once. The plan for training will be manifold the first two plants then mainline the second two in an attempt to catch them up.

Plant 1- before topping 

Cannabis Grow 60166229 C0F1 4E58 BDF3 0D4D1FE2F8E4

Plant 2- before topping 

Cannabis Grow 7B091F58 16BD 4411 94A0 ED591BBD6005

Plant 3
Cannabis Grow BA78271E D1BD 4B12 B236 C3CBF7A9ED60

Plant 4
Cannabis Grow CFCBE8BE AC65 4987 8716 D80725CA45F5

Plant 1- after first two tops
Cannabis Grow F507F0BE B69C 4BA8 8543 41BBE24F068B

Plant 2- after first top

Cannabis Grow 5B67C8DC E83E 4500 A125 53E610297AF6

I have been giving them their weekly treat of fulvic acid with LABs and aloe boost. Have also started with OHN added to the mix this week as a bit of a ipm.

Posted : 12/14/2022 4:54 pm

So I noticed that some of the new growth in plant #1 appears to have what looks like a magnesium deficiency.

Cannabis Grow E1025D3E 3DC2 488E 9B91 4544B114853F

I top dressed with 4 tablespoons of langbinite as well as “a handful” of oyster shell flower and the same amount of a pre mixed nutrient kit from Organic Gardening solutions. (This is essentially designed to be added to base mix when making fresh soil to make a complete “coots mix”) 

Still giving the soil its weekly treat of humates, aloe, LABs and OHN. As well as continuing to chop and drop the cover crop. Although it’s more like fortnightly if I’m honest.

I also completed the mainline training on plant #1 with plant #2 still a few days behind. 

plant #3 and #4 are at 4 nodes and moving along okay.


Posted : 12/26/2022 12:48 am

A bit has happened since last update… bit of a photo dump of the weeks since…

Cannabis Grow C89065E0 AF3E 4424 8530 39107509702A
Cannabis Grow BB2F8564 D162 4A8A 9375 305A2D3F8863
Cannabis Grow 82039411 5CED 4B81 A770 1C08BAA71E9C
Cannabis Grow 83622C74 D17D 4985 A4D6 E42F8327E460

flipped to flower on the 25/1 because I was rapidly running out of room… below pic was taken in the 25/1

Cannabis Grow 145F0022 C60D 4522 B9D3 F42D6DF75CB6

and this was a week later when I returned from work…

Cannabis Grow 487757B5 1C44 40CF B22B F34E5219EBA6

the girl up the back being a few weeks ahead of the other three is an issue. Hopefully one last super crop will sort her out or I’m going to have to zip tie the light to the roof of the tent… I need a bigger tent 😂

This is post her 2nd super cropping

Cannabis Grow 35904268 3B33 49E1 B66B E52833A5EF10
Cannabis Grow D9612B00 72A0 4078 8B8A 05C76678BA12

and a pic of her legs after a bit of a defoliation with trimming scissors for reference 

Cannabis Grow 5AADF482 5F33 4A22 81D0 C1A39EFAA2F9


I have ordered some californicus, lacewing larvae and rice beetles to stay on top of IPM during flower. And have given them a boost of bacillus (consortium) brewed for 10hrs with a teaspoon molasses as a soil drench along with my regular Aloe/fulvic/amino/LABs blend.

Dear stretch gods please stop the girls stretching too much lol.

Posted : 02/05/2023 3:57 am