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Welcome to the Coco for Cannabis Chat Room! The best place to ask any cannabis growing questions and get quick answers! We welcome cannabis growers and everyone who wants to share, learn, and grow together in the spirit of collaboration. To participate in the live chat you must Register and Login.

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The Grower Love GIVEAWAY!

Help us spread the grower love for your chance to win a great new grow light in our Grower Love Giveaway! Entering this giveaway is as simple and easy as entering your email address. Make sure to register for the Grower Love Giveaway today!

Join the PTGC!

Our Plant Training Grow Challenge starts anytime, so long as you plan to Flip on October 1st. You can sign up for the challenge now! Sign-up is free and open to all growers who want to learn, share, and grow together! Grow your own, but don't grow alone! Join us in this year's PTGC!

Get Support from Our Community!

We have a wonderful community of growers, and you are invited to join! If you are looking for advice and support throughout your grow, we encourage you to start a Grow Journal in our Grower’s Forum. It is a great way to share your experience and ask questions along the way!

Growing Equipment

At Coco for Cannabis, our mission is to help you maximize the success of your cannabis crops by providing scientifically accurate information and sharing proven growing practices. Our Product and Equipment Guide serves as a resource for all growers! We do not accept advertising and will not recommend any product that we would not buy for ourselves.

The Grow Light Guide

The Coco for Cannabis Grow Light Guide is an independent and unsponsored resource for growers. Our goals are to demystify grow light metrics, share reliable grow light data and empower home growers with the best information about grow lights. We conduct independent grow light field testing and have developed articles and resources to help growers understand the science of horticultural lighting.

Featured Video

In this video, Dr. Coco tests one and two of the new Mars-Hydro SP-3000s in different coverage areas. He uses 5 different PAR tests to explain and explore some of the key aspects of Grow Light Physics. Dr. Coco explains all the key metrics and shows how we use them to test and evaluate grow lights. We hope that all growers will find the video interesting, regardless of how much experience you have with grow light physics!

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