Cannabis Strain Review Giveaway

Cannabis Strain review giveaway

Write a Strain Review, Help Fellow Growers, and Enter to Win Prizes!

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our cannabis strain reviews! Writing a strain review creates an excellent resource for the community. Do you have a favorite strain you'd like to recommend or tips for cultivating a tricky strain that you'd like to share with fellow growers? Write about it in your review, and you could win one of our fabulous prizes! In order to help motivate growers to add to our library of strain reviews, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting giveaways for eligible cannabis strain review contributors, both domestic and international! See below for more details.

Congratulations to PeacePipe, Winner of the March Strain Review Giveaway!!

The results for March's Strain Review Giveaway are in! We all gathered in the chat room last Thursday evening, April 1st, for the live watch party to see the winning numbers chosen in real time. The numbers drawn during the California Daily 3 Lottery drawing that evening were "549", making @PeacePipe the winner with the closest number of 546. Congratulations on the win, PeacePipe!! They will receive a Grower's Choice ROI-E720!


March's Cannabis Strain Review Prize was a Grower's Choice ROI-E720!

The prize @PeacePipe won is a stunning Grower's Choice ROI-E720. This is a big, beautiful grow light! It is an array fixture with 8 LED bars. The ROI-E720 has superior efficiency, excellent distribution, and top-quality components. It offers the best coverage in a 5’ x 5’ grow space of any fixture that Dr. Coco has ever tested! Check out Dr. Coco's video review of the fixture as well as his official Test Report.

US Strain Review Prize:

Drawing May 1st

GeekBeast Plus by Geek Light

We are  excited to announce April's prize for the Strain Review Giveaway for US-based growers will be a GeekBeast Plus by Geek Light! The GeekBeast Plus is a distinctive and innovative fixture. It was designed using a unique spacing of diodes in order to distribute the PPFD evenly across the canopy. The GeekBeast Plus offers superior Photon Efficiency and even distribution that is perfect for a 5' x 5' grow space! Check out Dr. Coco's video review of the fixture below as well as his official Test Report.

Win this Light by Writing a Cannabis Strain Review!

The GeekBeast Plus has a superior efficiency, which is enabled by top-quality LED diodes and a top end Mean Well driver. The fixture also has a unique strategy for distributing the diodes and the light that they produce. It is designed in a way that moves light from the center toward the edges of the grow space. The unique spacing of the diodes in the GeekBeast Plus really is innovative! If you are interested in buying a GeekBeast fixture, the best deals are through (use discount code: CocoGeek). The model that Dr. Coco tested is the GeekBeast Plus with LM301b 3500k + 660nm.

International Strain Review Prize:

Drawing July 1st

Spider Farmer SF4000

We are very excited to announce that international growers are now eligible for entry into the Strain Review Giveaway! The prize for international growers will be a Spider Farmer SF4000! This is a great fixture that features excellent efficiency and top quality components. Check out Dr. Coco's Test Report of the smaller SF2000 as well as Dr. Coco's video review of the SF2000 below to see what Spider Farmer's equipment has to offer!

Win this Light by Writing a Cannabis Strain Review!

The Spider Farmer SF4000 is the ideal fixture for a 4' x 4' grow space! It features a sturdy build quality and the latest in Samsung diode technology. Because of this, the fixture is incredibly efficient! The design is also noiseless, waterproof, and includes a dimming knob to adjust light output. Want to buy one for yourself? You can purchase one on Spider Farmer's official website, and don't forget to use discount code: CCFC for an additional discount off of your entire purchase!

Eligible International Growers: Drawing July 1st

User Name Approved Strain Review Lottery Number
CrackBabies Green Crack by Bagseed from BC 268
Hondishond Quick One by Royal Queen Seeds 554
Tinkertent Dr. Grinspoon by Barneys 968
Ausbucket461 Northern Lights auto by 00 seeds 526

Not on the list? Write a Strain Review to get your lucky number for the next Strain Review Giveaway!

How You Can Enter

To become eligible, simply write a strain review on our Strain Review Forum. To qualify for the Giveaway, reviews should contain answers to each prompt that are between 2 to 5 sentences long, include at least 4 images, and be largely free from grammatical errors.

Once you have completed your strain review and are satisfied with it, you must "request CfC approval" by clicking the button at the bottom of your completed review. When your review is approved, you will receive an email and your name will be added to one of the eligible grower lists above.

The Giveaway is open to all growers! However, the prizes and draw dates are different for domestic and international growers. One lottery number will be assigned per qualifying review. There is no limit on the number of reviews you can submit during the giveaway period! Current eligible growers and their assigned lottery numbers can be viewed in the tables above.

See the Official Rules and Terms for the Strain Review Giveaways.

Selecting the Winners

Strain Review Giveaway Winners will be chosen using the California State Lottery. The winning number in the US Strain Review Giveaway will be the winning number chosen during the California State Lottery Daily 3 Evening drawing on May 1st. The winning number in the International Strain Review Giveaway will be the winning number chosen during the Evening drawing on July 1st.  The prize will go to the eligible grower who has the lottery number that is the closest to the winning number.


  1. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the eligible grower with the larger number.
  2. Draw numbers are all three digits. The numbers in the tables above do not include leading zeros. For example, if the number shown is "6", the actual draw number is "006".
  3. Giveaway prizes and draw dates vary depending on the author's geographic location.