Cannabis Strain Review Giveaway

Cannabis Strain Review Giveaway

Write a Strain Review, Help Fellow Growers, and Enter to Win Prizes!

Writing a cannabis strain review creates an excellent resource for the cannabis cultivation community! In order to help motivate growers to add to our library of strain reviews, we host special Strain Review Giveaways for eligible strain review contributors. Do you have a favorite cannabis strain you'd like to recommend or tips for cultivating a tricky strain you'd like to share with fellow growers? Write about it in your review, and you could win a fabulous prize!

The date of our next Strain Review Giveaway has yet to be determined. Keep checking this page regularly for the latest Strain Review Giveaway news and updates!

How You Can Enter

To become eligible for our Strain Review Giveaways, simply write a strain review on our Strain Review Forum. To qualify for the Giveaway, reviews should contain answers to each prompt that are between two to five sentences long, include at least four images, and be largely free from grammatical errors.

Once you have completed your strain review and are satisfied with it, you must "request CfC approval" by clicking the button located at the bottom of your completed review. You will receive an email once your review is approved.

The Giveaway is open to all growers! However, the prizes are different for domestic and international growers. One lottery number will be assigned per qualifying review. There is no limit on the number of reviews you can submit during the giveaway period! Current eligible growers and their assigned lottery numbers can be viewed in the table below.

See the Official Rules and Terms for the Strain Review Giveaways.

Eligible US Growers: Drawing TBD

Not on the list? Write a Strain Review to get your lucky number for the next Strain Review Giveaway!

Selecting the Winners

Strain Review Giveaway winners will be chosen using the California State Lottery. The winning numbers for the Strain Review Giveaways will be the winning numbers chosen during the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawings on the designated draw dates. The next Strain Review Giveaway draw date has yet to be determined. The prize will go to the eligible grower who has the assigned lottery numbers that are closest to the winning numbers.


  1. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the eligible grower with the larger number.
  2. Draw numbers are all three digits. The numbers in the tables above do not include leading zeros. For example, if the number shown is "6", the actual draw number is "006".
  3. Giveaway prizes and eligibility vary depending on the contestant's geographic location.
  4. See the Official Rules and Terms for the Strain Review Giveaways.

Previous Winners

Congratulations, Down to Earth, Winner of the Strain Review Giveaway in July!!

Congratulations to July’s Strain Review Giveaway winner, @Down-to-Earth! The prize they won is a Mars-Hydro SP-6500! Down to Earth wrote an informative and honest review of the strain Blueberry Muffin bred by Humboldt Seeds.

The Mars Hydro SP-6500 is an impressive fixture that is designed for commercial scale spaces or grows with supplemental carbon dioxide. It delivers an incredible amount of light for such a small fixture. The SP-6500 gets great efficiency and distributes the light well.

Find out more about the Mars-Hydro SP-6500!

To find out more about this unique fixture, check out Dr. Coco's full test report as well as his video review of the Mars-Hydro SP-6500.

Interested in purchasing an SP-6500 or a different Mars fixture for yourself? You can support CocoforCannabis and the Strain Review Giveaways by shopping on Mars Hydro's official website and using discount code: CCFC.

Congratulations, Prof-Knows-It-All, Winner of the US Strain Review Giveaway in June!!

Congratulations, @Prof-Knows-It-All, on winning June's US Strain Review Giveaway drawing for the Spider Farmer SF7000! Prof wrote an excellent strain review of the Northern Lights strain!

The Spider Farmer SF 7000 is Spider Farmer’s new flagship fixture. It is a large, foldable Quantum board style LED grow light that can provide coverage to a 5' x 5' area. The SF series Quantum boards are reliable, highly efficient, easy to use, and produce an excellent light for growing indoor cannabis!

Find out more about the Spider Farmer SF7000!

For more information about the SF 7000, check out Dr. Coco's video review and read the full test report.

Want to buy a Spider Farmer fixture for yourself? Shop Spider Farmer's website and be sure to use discount code: CCFC. You receive a discount and help to support CocoforCannabis and our Giveaways!

Congratulations, Djdeachaton, Winner of the International Strain Review Giveaway in June!!

Congratulations, @Djdeachaton, for winning the International Strain Review Giveaway drawing for the Spider Farmer SF4000! Djdeachaton wrote a great strain review for the strain Green Crack.

The prize that Djdeachaton won is a Sipder Farmer SF4000! The SF4000 is a great fixture for a 4' x 4' grow space. It features a quality build and top-end components. The SF Series is one of the most popular grow light lines, and they produce great harvests.

Congratulations, SSHZ, Winner of the Strain Review Giveaway in May!!

Congratulations, @SSHZ, on winning May’s Strain Review Giveaway for the Medic Grow Fold-8! SSHZ wrote an awesome cannabis strain review on the strain Candy Store bred by Ethos Genetics.

SSHZ won a Medic Grow Fold-8 as their prize! The Medic Grow Fold-8 is a foldable, LED Bar Array style fixture. I think it might be the best deal in horticultural lighting! It has excellent distribution and superior efficiency. It is perfect for a 5' x 5’ grow space! It can also fit in a 4' x 4' grow space, provided that you run it at 80% of the maximum power.

Find out more about the Medic Grow Fold-8!

The Fold-8 is a great light and several community members are now using it! To find out more about this fixture, see the Video review and read the complete Test report.

Want to buy a Medic Grow Fold-8 for yourself? The most attractive thing about this fixture is its price point! You can purchase the Fold-8 on Medic Grow’s website. When you use discount code CCFC, the total price of the fixture is only $589!

Congratulations, Lonestar, Winner of the Strain Review Giveaway in April!!

Congratulations, @Lonestar, on winning April’s Strain Review Giveaway for the GeekBeast Plus! Lonestar wrote their winning strain review on a strain they bred themselves, which they are calling Wine and Cheese.

Lonestar won a Geek Light GeekBeast Plus! The GeekBeast Plus is a distinctive and innovative fixture. It features top-quality LED diodes and a top end Mean Well driver. The GeekBeast Plus offers superior Photon Efficiency and even distribution that is great for a 5' x 5' grow space!

Find out more about the GeekBeast Plus!

To find out more about this unique and innovative fixture, check out my Video Review as well as the full Test Report of the GeekBeast Plus!

If you are interested in buying a GeekBeast fixture, the best deals are through (use discount code: CocoGeek). The model that I tested is the GeekBeast Plus with LM301b 3500k + 660nm.

Congratulations, PeacePipe, Winner of the Strain Review Giveaway in March!!

Congratulations, @Peacepipe, on winning March’s Strain Review Giveaway for the Grower’s Choice ROI-E720! Peacepipe wrote an outstanding cannabis strain review for the strain Chem Cookies bred by Divine Genetics!

Peacepipe won a Grower’s Choice ROI-E720 as their prize! The ROI-E720 is an array fixture with 8 LED bars. The LED bars have a gold finish, which look great inside any grow space! The ROI-E720 also has superior efficiency, excellent distribution, and top-quality components. It offers excellent coverage in a 5’ x 5’ grow space.

Find out more about the Grower's Choice ROI-E720!

To find out more about the Grower's Choice ROI-E720, check out the Video review and read the complete Test Report.

Interested in purchasing an ROI-E720 for yourself? The Grower’s Choice ROI series fixtures are available at many local grow shops. We also have a special online deal through the TSL Horti Tech website. They offer free shipping in the continental United States and you get a 10% Discount with code: CCFC

Testimonials from Past Winners

“I was very excited to hear about the Coco for Cannabis strain review as I had just finished running a cross I had bred and wanted to be able to share it with the community. With no real expectations of winning what was at the time my dream light, I received a message out of the blue one-day stating that I was the winner of the giveaway! This light is nothing short of amazing and I am beyond thankful for everyone behind the scenes at Coco for Cannabis for this opportunity and for being such a staple in the ”community” aspect of our community!”

-@Lonestar, Winner of April's Strain Review Giveaway

Testimonials from Past Winners

“Cocoforcannabis is the best place for scientific information on Coir and Cannabis. I love everything about the site, from the awesome staff and members of the community to the accuracy of the information, and now the strain giveaway just made it even better. It’s good to have non biased strain reviews and I freely decided to participate and was really surprised to receive a winning confirmation letter, considering I don’t usually win anything. The truth is that surely the light I won is a blessing, but the blessings are abundant here and everyone shares the goal of helping others succeed. To me this is what makes a grow site stand out, people working together for a common goal. Thank you Cocoforcannabis, your team is awesome and kind, and it really makes a difference in many ways”

-@PeacePipe, Winner of March's Strain Review Giveaway

If you are interested in writing a strain review and entering into our next Strain Review Giveaway, head over to the Strain Review Forum, and start writing and submitting your strain reviews today!