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The Coco for Cannabis grow challenges are not competitions! Our goal is to bring new and experienced growers together in the spirit of collaboration. We welcome all growers! There is always a ton to learn when dozens of friendly growers grow along together. We love to compare different media, lights, nutrients, and strategies. Whether you are a new grower looking for guidance, or an experienced grower looking to share knowledge, we would love to grow together with you in our Cannabis Grow Challenges!

The Annual Coco for Cannabis Grow Challenge Calendar


Announcing the 2nd Annual

New Year's Grow Challenge!

Starts January 1st 2020

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Let's Grow Together!

The New Year's Grow Challenge (NYGC) is not a competition, it is a collaboration! We welcome growers of all skill levels to germinate on the same day and to collaborate and share throughout the grow in our forum. There are no requirements to participate.

The NYGC is open to everyone! All growers are welcome to join with any kind of media and grow style. Whether you are a new grower or an old grower, growing seeds, clones, autos, or photos, we would love to grow together with you in the NYGC!

For new growers, there will be many opportunities to get advice and follow the lead of proven growers. For experienced growers, it is a wonderful opportunity to pass along what you have learned and to show off your skills. For all growers, the community is here to support your success.

We hope that you will keep a journal of your grow in our forum and we hope you will enjoy being part of our community of growers. That’s it! There is no catch!

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NYGC Groups

The NYGC is open to any and all cannabis plants. That said, we created some groups so that growers who want to can coordinate and grow the same or similar strains. When you create your NYGC journal, you will have the chance to select your group or groups. This will tag your journal and connect you to others who are growing the same or similar strains. Check out the groups and think about your strain selections!

Group 1: The PBreeding Testers

Kyle Breeder from Predicative Breeding is working with us to have 40 growers in the NYGC do a large-scale genetic test with his new strains. We sent out an invitation about a month ago and the growers that signed up will have an opportunity to confirm their participation next week. We are not taking new sign-ups for this deal right now, but there will be another opportunity to get in on it after we confirm the current participants. Stay tuned for an announcement.

Group 2: Jack Herer by Seedsman (Photoperiod)

Several growers will be growing one of my all-time favorite strains, Jack Herer. The Seedsman version is very well regarded (I have one in my tent right now) and pretty easy to get. Seedsman claims there are several distinct phenotypes but both the plants I have grown have been compact during veg growth and develop beautiful classic flowers. The contemplative high is one of my favorites. I think this is a great strain and it will be fun to see a bunch of growers possibly revealing those phenotypic differences.

Group 3: Pineapple Express by Fastbuds (Autoflower)

Looking to grow an autoflower along with others? Join @Nakedgardener and grow Pineapple Express by Fastbuds. NakedGardener chose the strain for this group because its fruity and has a great terpene profile. He says the high is very creative, buzzy and humorous. At the same time, it is really good for wellbeing and relaxation. It is a 9-week autoflowering strain.

Group 4: The Blues

This is a broad category for any strain crossed with Blueberry. You can grow Blueberry itself, which is one of my favorites or any of the dozens of crosses that have Blueberry in their lineage. A few growers have discussed growing Blueberry Headband (you could join the OG group below too) or the all-time classic, Blue Dream. This might help us find the best of the blueberries 😉.

Group 5: The OGs

This is another broad category for any strain crossed with OG Kush. The OGs are known for their strong earthy scent and powerful effect. The OG crosses are typically high THC and great tasting. Famous strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Headband have OG Kush in their lineage.

Group 6: The Bagseeds

Growing seeds of opportunity, chance and risk? Bagseeds are any seed that you find in your cannabis supply. They could be pure fire… the next GG4? But they could also be a real headache! The challenges are real but the potential glory is immense. This will be a fun group to watch 😉

Group 7: The Clones

For all the seedless growers! There will be many growers cutting clones on January 1st as the rest of us drop seeds. Clones present their own issues especially at first, so it will be fun to see how the whole group handles their clones and all the unique cloning processes.

Group 8: The Misfits

Have you gotten to this point and still don’t have a group? Well never fear, the “misfit” group is here! Any grower can grow any cannabis plant in the NYGC – if you don’t fit into one of the set groups above than wear the Misfit badge with pride 😊.

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Buying Seeds or Supplies for the NYGC?

If you plan to buy seeds or supplies for the NYGC (or any other grow), you can help support Coco for Cannabis and the NYGC by clicking through our links. You can bookmark these links for use later! There are no ads on Coco for Cannabis so this is really our only stream of revenue to support the site. We appreciate your collaboration!


Special NYGC Podcast!

Listen to Fellow NYGCers @chefomj @nakedgardener @daddydooby @moontower @FurrySparkle @growlow @cheaphomegrow and me talking about why we want to grow in the NYGC!


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