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You are invited to grow with us! Our grow challenges are open to all growers!

There is always a ton to learn when dozens of friendly growers grow together. We love to compare different media, lights, nutrients, and strategies. Whether you are a new grower looking for guidance, or an experienced grower looking to share knowledge, we would love to grow together with you in our Cannabis Grow Challenges!

The Annual Coco for Cannabis Grow Challenge Calendar

  • The New Year's Grow Challenge: January 1 (Read NYGC Journals NOW!)
  • The Spring Auto Flower Challenge: April 20
  • The Plant Training Grow Challenge: August 15
The 3rd Annual Coco for Cannabis

New Year’s Grow Challenge is happening now!

The New Year’s Grow Challenge Menu

This year we organized the NYGC into groups based around strains. Berkshire Bud came up with the theme of a New Year’s Feast! Our groups are organized around our NYGC Menu!

Check out The NYGC Forum to see some awesome NYGC Journals!


This will be a popular one for those with a sweet tooth! This can be your group if you are growing something that suggests sweetness, candy or dessert. Examples include: Girl Scout Cookies, Zkittlez, Wedding Cake, Cherry Pie.

Read A Dessert Journal

Fruit Salad

So many delicious terpene-rich fruity strains! If you are groing something fruity, join the Fruit Salad! Examples include: Grapefruit, Blueberry, Pineapple Express, Super Lemon Haze, Tangerine Dream.

Read A Fruit Salad Journal

Color Diet

Healthy eaters know how important the phytochemicals that produce color are, so the Color Diet will appeal to these growers. If you are growing something colorful, it may be time for you to join the Color Diet! Examples include: Purple Urkle, Orange Velvet Underground, Green Lantern, Rainbow Kush, White Widow.

Read a Color Diet Journal

Global Cuisine

Some of the best flavors come from distant lands! Maybe it is time to broaden your horizons and explore some strain geography? If your strain has a country or place name, join team Global Cuisine! Examples include: Thai Haze, Jamaican Dream, Afghan OG, Paris XXX, NY Diesel, Power Africa, Acapulco Gold, as well as landrace strains.

Read a Global Cuisine Journal


Do you have a favorite food related strain that doesn’t seem to fit in any of the categories above? Well, we encourage you to bring that to the Potluck Group! Examples include: Cheese, Anything Sour, Bread & Butter, Kush & Coffee.

Read a Potluck Journal


Nothing food-related about your strain name? That’s what the always-popular Misfits group is for!

Read a Misfits Journal


The One Cola Challenge

We need a beverage to go along with our NYGC feast! As a side challenge, we are going to run a “One-Cola Challenge"! This is an optional event for all growers in the NYGC. The idea is to grow a plant with only one cola. No topping, and you must trim all the lateral branches. The One-Cola Challenge will feature special prizes and is sure to be a fun side challenge. More details coming soon.


NYGC Prizes and Giveaways

To help keep everyone motivated and having fun we will have prizes! We will have monthly prize drawings that all NYGC growers can be eligible for. We will also have special recognition for Best Journals each month. At the end of the grow we will save some of our best prizes for Best Journal, Best Recovery, and Best Growmie.

We have some amazing prizes lined up already! Check out our Prize Sponsors below.

PhotonTek Lighting

PhotonTek is a top end grow light manufacturer. They produce some of the most efficient LED grow lights on the market. I had the privilege to test the Photontek X 600w Pro, Check out the Test Report and the YouTube Video. I gave the one I tested to OC Grower who is running a grow test with it: Check out his Grow Journal and YouTube Channel!

In the Plant Training Grow Challenge, Photontek sponsored a X 465w PRO, which @Knah won! For the NYGC, Photontek has promised us another X series PRO fixture! Don’t miss your chance to win it!

Check out the Photontek LED fixtures at

Use Discount code: CocoPTK5


Every time I test a new Mars-Hydro fixture, I am impressed! I recently tested the new FC-3000 – See the Test Report and YouTube Video! I gave the one I tested to Berkshire Bud who is running a grow test with it: Check out his Grow Journal and YouTube Channel!

We will be giving away a New Mars Hydro FC-3000 in the New Year’s Grow Challenge! This is my top pick for 3x3 grow lights! It could be yours if you sign up to grow together in the NYGC!

Check out all the Mars-Hydro Grow LIGHTS and Grow TENTS. Use Discount Code: CCFC

AC Infinity

I am excited to welcome AC Infinity as our newest Prize Sponsor! They make the best horticultural exhaust fans on the market. We have been recommending the Cloudline T series Fans for years. The T series feature the awesome intelligent controller that allows you to program the fan for both temperature and humidity control. I use the AC Infinity Cloudline T4 in my small 4x2 tent.

In the New Year’s Grow Challenge, we will be giving away THREE (3) AC Infinity Cloudline T6 fans! Yes, three! Yes, the T6! These are going to be really popular prizes.

If you need a fan, we also have a great discount code from AC Infinity.

Check out and get 15% off with code: Coco15


What is a Grow Challenge?

The Coco for Cannabis grow challenges are not competitions! Our goal is to bring new and experienced growers together in the spirit of collaboration. We coordinate timing to grow along together and learn from each other.

We create a special forum for each challenge where growers keep grow journals to document their grows. We organize the journals into groups for each challenge. For the NYGC, the groups will be based on strain (see the “Menu” above). The groups, the forum, and the whole idea behind growing together is about creating community and supporting fellow growers. We cultivate the Spirit of Collaboration along with our plants.

To be a full part of the grow challenge, all you need to do is sign up and keep an updated journal. How you manage your journal is up to you. You can document every step every day, or you can post a few pictures and a quick blurb once a week.


Sign-Up for the Spring Auto Flower Challenge 2021 Coming Soon!

As the NYGC enters bloom, we are pleased to announce our next grow challenge: The Spring Auto Flower Challenge! More information on this challenge is coming soon, so make sure to keep checking this page for news and updates. is an inclusive and supportive community. We work to cultivate the spirit of collaboration along with our plants! We welcome all growers who want to learn, share and grow together!

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