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The Coco for Cannabis grow challenges are not competitions! Our goal is to bring new and experienced growers together in the spirit of collaboration. We welcome all growers! There is always a ton to learn when dozens of friendly growers grow along together. We love to compare different media, lights, nutrients, and strategies. Whether you are a new grower looking for guidance, or an experienced grower looking to share knowledge, we would love to grow together with you in our Cannabis Grow Challenges!

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Announcing the 2019,

Beat "The Best" Challenge!

The Beat "The Best" Challenge (BTBC) is a collaborative grow event. We have Photoperiod and Autoflower divisions and as a community we vote for one strain to be selected as “The Best”. The plan is for everyone to grow "The Best" strain along with other strains that they think might Beat the Best! Each grower will be in charge of calling their own winners and we will keep track of how "The Best" stacks up with the rest. We plan to germinate on the same day and grow together using the forum and chatroom. It will be a lot of fun - All the grows will have something in common and something unique! We hope that you grow with us in the BTBC!

Germination Date: August 15, 2019
The Official 2019 BTBC "THE BEST" Strain

White Widow by Dutch Passion!

The Best Cannabis Strain 2019

Seed Deals

We are currently working with the London Seed Center to put together a discount package for the BTBC. I expect to be able to announce the details by June 20, 2019. Stay Tuned!

Let's Grow Together!

The BTBC is not a competition, it is a collaboration! We welcome growers of all skill levels to germinate on the same day and to collaborate and share throughout the grow in our forum. There are no requirements to participate. All growers are welcome to join.

For new growers, there will be many opportunities to get advice and follow the lead of proven growers. For experienced growers, it is a wonderful opportunity to pass along what you have learned and to show off your skills. For all growers, the community is here to support your success.

We hope that you will keep a journal of your grow in our forum and we hope you will enjoy being part of our community of growers. That’s it! There is no catch!

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If you already have a user account at, please use the “existing user sign-up” process. If you are a new user, please select “new user sign-up” and you will register your account and sign-up for the challenge in one simple process. is an inclusive and supportive community. We work to cultivate the spirit of collaboration along with our plants! We welcome all growers who want to learn, share and grow together!

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