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You are invited to grow with us! Our grow challenges are open to all growers!

Our current grow challenge, the Spring Auto Flower Challenge (SAFC), began on April 20, 2023. There is still time to sign up and start your grow! All of our grow challenges are free to join and open to all growers.

There is always a ton to learn when dozens of friendly growers grow together! We love to compare different media, lights, nutrients, and strategies. Whether you are a new grower looking for guidance, or an experienced grower looking to share knowledge, we would love to grow together with you in our Cannabis Grow Challenges!

The Annual Coco for Cannabis Grow Challenge Calendar

The 5th Annual Coco for Cannabis

Spring Auto Flower Challenge

About the Challenge

The Spring Auto Flower Challenge (SAFC) began on April 20, 2023. There is still time left to sign up for the challenge! The idea behind this challenge is for growers to try their hand at growing auto flowers and share their experiences with the community. Growing an auto flower is not required, though. Those growing photoperiods are still welcome!

Growing is always more fun when you’re part of a community, and we want you to join ours! Sign up to participate in the SAFC today! It is free to join and open to all growers, regardless of skill level. The SAFC is an ideal grow challenge for beginners!

SAFC Theme: Size Matters!

For this year’s SAFC, we thought it would be fun to compare different grow space sizes to see how size impacts the way growers grow. With that in mind, we came up with this year’s theme: “Size Matters”. The challenge groups will be organized based on the size of your grow space. There is a group for each of the most common tent sizes, as well as our signature Misfits group.

Challenge Groups

There are five challenge groups in all. Read more about each group below. You can choose to join whichever group best matches the space that you plan to grow in during the SAFC!

To join your desired SAFC group, you will start a grow journal in that group’s section of the SAFC 2023 Forum. In order to be a full participant in the grow challenge and to be eligible for the giveaways, it is essential that you create and keep updated your SAFC journal.

Small Grow Tents (up to 3x3)

This group is for those of you growing in a 2x2, 2x4, or 3x3 grow tent. Join this group if you are growing in a tent that is smaller than 9 square feet!

4x4 Grow Tents

This group is for growers who grow inside of a 4x4 grow tent. This is one of the most common tent sizes for indoor home growers.

5x5 Grow Tents

This group is for those growing in a 5x5 grow tent, another common tent size for indoor home growers.

Grow Rooms & Large Tents

This group is for those growing in a space that is larger than a 5’x5’ area. This could be either a grow room or a large tent. If you are growing inside of a big space, then this is the group for you!


Are you growing a plant in a closet under your stairs? What about inside of a boot or underneath your desk? If so, then the Misfits is the perfect group for you! This group is for growers growing in a uniquely-sized space, or for those who simply identify as a “Misfit”!


SAFC “Size Matters” Side Challenge!

What is a side challenge?

Every Coco for Cannabis grow challenge has one or two side challenges that are open to all growers participating in the grow challenge. The side challenges are optional contests that are aimed at adding an extra bit of fun and competition to the grow challenge for those who are interested; participation in the side challenges is not required. The winner of each side challenge receives a special prize!

In the spirit of this year’s SAFC theme, our side challenge will be a Size Matters Side Challenge! There are two ways that you can win: grow the Largest or the Smallest Auto Flower! Whether you want to grow for it, or just watch, this side challenge is going to be BIG (and small) and has great prizes from Mars Hydro both ways! For more information on how to enter the challenge, the prizes, and the official rules, please visit the Size Matters Side Challenge page.


SAFC Prizes & Giveaways!

We are happy to welcome Mars Hydro as the official Sponsor of this year’s SAFC! We will be giving away three incredible Mars Hydro grow lights over the course of the challenge! We kicked off the SAFC with an Opening Giveaway on April 30th for a brand-new Mars Hydro TSW2000. Visit the SAFC Giveaways page to find out who won!

At the end of the grow, we will award a new Mars Hydro FC-4800 and a new Mars Hydro FC-E3000 to the winners of the Size Matters Side Challenge, for the biggest auto flower plant and the smallest auto flower plant, respectively. Visit the Size Matters Side Challenge page for more information on these fabulous prizes!


What is a Grow Challenge?

The Coco for Cannabis grow challenges are not competitions! Our goal is to bring new and experienced growers together in the spirit of collaboration. We coordinate timing to grow along together and learn from each other.

We create a special forum for each challenge where growers keep grow journals to document their grows. We organize the journals into groups for each challenge. The groups, the forum, and the whole idea behind growing together is about creating community and supporting fellow growers. We cultivate the Spirit of Collaboration along with our plants.

To be a full part of the grow challenge, all you need to do is sign up and keep an updated journal. How you manage your journal is up to you. You can document every step every day, or you can post a few pictures and a quick blurb once a week.


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You can sign up for the SAFC by clicking one of the Registration buttons below. Sign-up is free and open to all growers. We can’t wait to grow with you! 🙂 is an inclusive and supportive community. We work to cultivate the spirit of collaboration along with our plants! We welcome all growers who want to learn, share and grow together!

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