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The Coco for Cannabis grow challenges are not competitions! Our goal is to bring new and experienced growers together in the spirit of collaboration. We welcome all growers! There is always a ton to learn when dozens of friendly growers grow along together. We love to compare different media, lights, nutrients, and strategies. Whether you are a new grower looking for guidance, or an experienced grower looking to share knowledge, we would love to grow together with you in our Cannabis Grow Challenges!

The Annual Coco for Cannabis Grow Challenge Calendar

Announcing the 2020

Spring Auto Flower Challenge!

Starts April 20th

Let's Grow Together!

The SAFC is open to everyone! All growers are welcome to join with any kind of media and grow style. We welcome growers of all skill levels to germinate on the same day and to collaborate and share throughout the grow in our forum. There are no requirements to participate.

For new growers, there will be many opportunities to get advice and follow the lead of proven growers. For experienced growers, it is a wonderful opportunity to pass along what you have learned and to show off your skills. For all growers, the community is here to support your success.

The SAFC is about growing Autoflowers, however we will have a group for photo period strains as well. Read more about the SAFC groups below!

SAFC Groups

We are organizing the SAFC into groups based on Breeders. We are still putting this together and will update soon. We plan to have about 4 different breeder groups, a misfit Autos group, and a Photo-period group. Stay tuned for details!


Buying Seeds or Supplies for the SAFC?

If you plan to buy seeds or supplies for the SAFC (or any other grow), you can help support Coco for Cannabis and the SAFC by clicking through our links.  There are no ads on Coco for Cannabis, this is really our only stream of revenue to support the site. We appreciate your collaboration!

Check out our Product and Equipment Guide for our Recommended Grow Lights, Grow Set-up Equipment, Germination Supplies and everything else you will need during the grow!


Sign-up for the Spring Auto Flower Challenge is an inclusive and supportive community. We work to cultivate the spirit of collaboration along with our plants! We welcome all growers who want to learn, share and grow together!

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