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It is good to be Growing again!

My PTGC started on 8/30 when I dropped 6 seeds into water. Four seeds have turned to spouts – Two are still very much seeds – and the final plant count could still be anywhere from 2-6 plants!

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My Strains:

Stankanilla – From Jordan River, this is a cross of Stankasaurus and Vanilla Frosting. I only have the one seed – but it is fem. Jordan seemed very excited about the seed – so I am too! It germinated well and is the biggest sprout so far.

Berry Blast F3 – Blueberry Muffin x Shockwave. I got these seeds at the Growcast seed exchange. Apparently, they are regular seeds, so I am growing 2 and hoping at least one is Female! They both popped and seem to be doing well.

Black Cherries – Also got at the seed exchange. I do not know if they are fem or reg, so I am popping two seeds – but they have not opened yet. I will give them a little more time (less than 48 hours since getting wet), but I am not sure they are going to pop.

Girl Scout Crack – Fem from Seedsman – This is like my back-up safety strain for the PTGC. I have grown her before and really like the smoke. With three new strains on the menu, I wanted to include one old favorite!

My Plan:

I plan to mainline these girls, but I am right on the limit for time, so we’ll see. I expect that third topping will be on Sept 29 or 30th if I am able to squeeze it in. I will try to encourage them to grow quickly and make the deadline. If there will not be time for the third topping, I will manifold them instead. It’ll be a game time decision.

The grow should be fun. I am excited about the new strains and it has been a while since I have grown regular seeds and had to sex them. I hope I get a female Berry Blast – and I hope the Black Cherries seeds pop at all! Without a firm handle on how many plants I will end up with, I may end up in my 4x2 instead of the 4x4, but I hope for 4 mainlines in the 4x4. We’ll see how these plans survive reality!

I look forward to growing with all of you in the PTGC! Thanks for Growing Together!!!

Much Grower Love!

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So four made it to this point… The two Black Cherries seeds have not popped, and I have given up hope. The four that I have are all doing well. I potted them into my little Air-pot germination cells yesterday. I had them under an old CFL that I use for sprouts because it is convenient. They weren’t getting quite enough light and started to stretch. So, I should have done this yesterday, but I just set them up in the 4x2 tent today. I put a Mars TS1000 over them at about 8”.

Cannabis Grow image0 (1)
Cannabis Grow image1 (1)

This is one of the very few times that I actually use a quantum sensor during my grow. It allows me to only use as much light as I need. I used the ePAR data to set an initial ePPFD at 200 µmol/m2. It is about 20% on the dimmer knob.

Cannabis Grow Picture2

I’ll let them adjust to that for a few hours but will bump it up to 250 soon and then 300 as long as they stay happy. I will raise the lamp and adjust the dimmer as appropriate to hit the targets as they grow. By the end of the seedling stage (3 nodes) they will be about 600 µmol/m2 (ePAR).

I am kind of in a bit of a hurry to complete my plans as an architect by the construction deadline. I think I always feel they are a bit behind at this stage. But I will try to stay on top of things for the next few weeks and train them into mainlines 😊. I am fertigating by hand a few times per day – still ad hoc, I’ll tighten that up. It has been very hot here lately, so the AC is running pretty much full time. Climate in the tent seems good with just the door propped open a bit (77F, 55%). No fans yet, kind of want to keep the RH up without running a humidifier. I got fans and humidifiers standing by and will deploy as needed. I guess I should turn on the humidifier for a minute… I’m going to go bump the ePPDF up a few µmol too!

ION: I am the guest on the Latest episode of GrowCast with Jordan River – dropped today –

We discuss climate and growing efficiently. I talk about these plants I am growing in the PTGC! Hope you enjoy!

Grower Love!

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