SAFC 4x4 Grow Tents: Fruit Kush run

Hello grow family and welcome to the 2023 Spring Auto Flower Challenge !!

Looking forward to this run as I finish up from the last challenge


This run in the 4x4 tent we will be running 3 strains:

2 Banana Kush 

2 Mango Kush

2 blackberry Kush


1 strain in the 2x2 closet:

2 Cookies and Cream auto flowers all by ILGM 

For soil we're going to be rocking Roots Organic Lush as usual.

Trying to plan out a live seed drop on YouTube and I'll of course leave some pictures here as well.

For now everything's going to be in the closet and then I'll move the kush plants to the tent once it's free.

Looking forward to growing with you all again.

Here's a pic from my current grow from the NYGC still in the tent Cheers and growers love

Cannabis Grow 20230420 162451





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