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Hello grow family and welcome to the 2023 New Years Grow Challenge

I dropped seeds live with Smot ,Crispy and friends on the first of January.


I dropped

2 Lava Cake 

2 Alaskan Thunder Fuck 

By HomeGrown Canabis co


5 Purple Kush by ILGM




Posted : 01/01/2023 5:47 pm Soil Sheppard, Gadgetman, DEEBOOF and 4 people liked
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As for the one cola ,I haven't decided my plan of attack yet. Clone or seed...

Posted : 01/01/2023 5:49 pm Soil Sheppard, DEEBOOF, Ayerhead27 and 2 people liked

Cannabis Grow 20221231 181047
Cannabis Grow 20230103 125425

Posted : 01/05/2023 4:44 pm Soil Sheppard, DEEBOOF, LSLarf and 2 people liked
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With germination completed we ended up with four purple kush , 2 atf and 2 lava cakes that popped up.

Cannabis Grow 20230112 141016

Posted : 01/12/2023 2:15 pm Soil Sheppard, Richiebcookin, DEEBOOF and 5 people liked
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Here are the gals that we are keeping for the 4by4

2 of each strain

First topping and up pot soon 💚💚

Cannabis Grow 20230124 125935

Posted : 01/24/2023 1:03 pm Soil Sheppard, Gadgetman, HempWithGg and 1 people liked
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We potted up to 1 gallon cloth pots with Roots Organic Lush

I waited a few more days then topped 4 and fimmed 2

Posted : 01/31/2023 3:08 pm

Feeling like I may have topped a wee bit early , but we will work with it.

The older plants shadow the babies.

Side note : Looking at the older sisters it's clear decisions need to be made real soon.

So i spoke to a good friend of mine and I was givin the opportunity to take a few of the older plants to a big med farm and release them into the wild to be with their own kind free to grow as big as they can 😁  I'll be taking 2 of them out there this week. One Sugar Baby and one Rancid Rainbow

Cannabis Grow 20230131 150935

Posted : 01/31/2023 3:18 pm Soil Sheppard, Theschoolofcrop, Gadgetman and 4 people liked
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To catch up a bit... The girls are in there new home under the MH 6500 (thank you and grower love Dr MjCoco)

They are about to get their second topping and a transplant to 5 gallon pots. It's been a bit of a struggle to dial in the light They seem to have not liked the intensity I had it on but seemed to be doing better now.

I still haven't fed any nutrients but will probably give some Cal Mag soon growers love and happy Valentine's Day all

Cannabis Grow 20230214 131224
Cannabis Grow 20230214 131206



Posted : 02/14/2023 1:17 pm Soil Sheppard and Dankasaurus liked

Here's the girls today... Lots has happened since last post . I potted up to 5 gallons and did a bunch lst to isolate the colas.

Thinking it's about time to flip and get this party started 😁

Cannabis Grow 20230302 140010
Cannabis Grow 20230302 140005
Cannabis Grow 20230302 135951

Posted : 03/02/2023 2:05 pm Soil Sheppard, Richiebcookin, Tropa and 1 people liked
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Flip mode!!

Flipped the tent on the 6th of march was able to isolate about 87 decently stacked colas.

Cheers and happy growing all

Cannabis Grow 20230309 131034
Cannabis Grow 20230309 131048
Cannabis Grow 20230309 131015



Posted : 03/09/2023 1:19 pm Soil Sheppard, Richiebcookin, Yeti and 2 people liked
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Just finished week one of flower

The girls have taken up the entire tent I've tried to separate them as much as possible but they are in their final place

So now we wait for stretch to finish before starting the next phase of our training.

Happy growing everyone 💚

Cannabis Grow 20230316 120443
Cannabis Grow 20230316 112046
Cannabis Grow 20230316 120608
Cannabis Grow 20230316 111933

Posted : 03/16/2023 12:41 pm Soil Sheppard, BitterEnvy and Tropa liked
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Grower Love all and for the folks in the One Cola Challenge 👇


Hello grow fam , I made a topic where participant's can leave their "One Cola Challenge" pictures. Here's the link and grower love 💚 💛

Cannabis Grow 20230321 141940
Cannabis Grow 20230321 141648

Posted : 03/21/2023 3:04 pm Soil Sheppard and BitterEnvy liked
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This picture got left out

Cannabis Grow 20230321 141744

Posted : 03/21/2023 3:13 pm Knut, Soil Sheppard and Mitch171 liked
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23 days in and we've finished our after stretch training, some lollipopping and repositioning of colas more

 updates on the way 💚


This has been an amazing challenge with amazing participants and as we wind this one down I want to give thanks to everybody that was involved and continue to be involved

. here's to many more amazing challenges down the road.

Cannabis Grow 20230330 111324

Posted : 03/30/2023 12:38 pm Yeti, MaskedFarmer, BitterEnvy and 1 people liked
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Here we go growfams, 6 weeks into flower two to three weeks to go and we are harvesting.

Below are several pictures of the tent. I'm very grateful for this challenge and it's been much fun and I'll continue to post through harvest Happy growing everybody and growers love

Cannabis Grow 20230420 162507
Cannabis Grow 20230420 162457
Cannabis Grow 20230420 162451
Cannabis Grow 20230420 162445

Posted : 04/20/2023 4:29 pm Yeti, Richiebcookin, Tropa and 1 people liked
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