Turtle's 2nd grow - NL#5 X Haze

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Turtle's 2nd grow - NL#5 X Haze

Here we go again then, not finished my 1st grow yet but want to veg these for when the 1st grow is chopped early December. I bought a 4x4 tent to put next to my 4x8 flower tent. This one will be used to veg 8 plants for flower going forwards. I'll probably get a hlg 550 4000k eventually.

Decided to go with same strain again northern lights  x haze from Sensiseeds, i want to get to grips with it before trying others. I made a few mistakes with my 1st grow by pushing ec too high in veg. Also i had calmag probs early on, so want to get these bits right.

My original light is a HLG 550 v2 Rspec 3000k. I've bought my second light and assembled it today, HLG 550 v4 ir + uv 3000k. i did a quick lux test at 18" v2 was 36000 and the v4 46000. I'm sure these figures should be higher but the v2 has done well, so can't wait to see the v4 in action.

ok, put 10 seeds in a glass of water. 8 sank by the morning, the other 2 a day later. Placed all in a saucer and paper towel. so far 8 have tap root, which is the number i need for my 4x8 tent. waiting on the other 2 so i can pick the best phenos.

I have double buffered the coco. I then rinsed the coco with plain tap water and calmag. 3ml ish per 5L. ec 400 ph 6.4. 

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Ok, woke up this morning and tap root number 9 has poked out. Now because Turtle is a total nob sometimes i have a problem. The original 8 with tap roots, i have already put into coco. So i have 10 solo cups on my tray.... guess which ones have the seeds in..... lol yeah me neither. So i'll have to wait to see which cups sprout before putting number 9 in a cup. It is either that or make another cup of coco, but that needs double buffering.

hope number 9 will last.

Made 2L of calmag water today. ec 400 ph 6.4. used a syringe to feed the 8 cups. Placed a large plastic bag over the tray and put near the radiator in darkness.

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Well 9/10 seeds have popped out of the coco, so happy with that.

New 4x4 veg tent and light set up too.

Rh 90, need to put the humidifier on a timer to lower it to 80. I'm going to make my seedling mix tonight as cotyledons have been open 24hrs.

Had to pull the shells off 2.


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Here are my tents. Flower tent has 3 finishing under a hlg 550 v2.

Once they are out, these 8 are going in and the light below hlg 550 v4 ir + uv is going in the 4x8 too.

I'll buy a 3rd light then for the 4x4 which will be a hlg 550 4000k.

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ok made a seedling mix for last couple of days.

This is for a 2Litre mix

CalMag 1ml

Canna A + B 5ml

Rhizotonic 8ml

Fulvic acid 4ml


EC 1.1

PH 6.0   (this will increase when diluted) Actual feed 6.5


Temps: crept up a bit today to 28C, turned thrmeostst down. generaly been around 26C

Humindity: ~80 RH


I found that the seedlings were stretching like mad even though i used my lux metter to set he light to 20000 lux.

In the end i have lowered the light to 30 or 36" (i'll have to check) and raised lux to ~100000.

Also i've been spraying full strength calmag mix 2X day.

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Cannabis Grow 20191117 212920

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Cannabis Grow 20191117 212923

Cannabis Grow 20191117 212920

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Not sure where my day 5 pic went so ill post them here.


Cannabis Grow 20191117 212920

Cannabis Grow 20191117 212923

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Ok on to today, day 7.

Been increasing ec every event from 400 to 800 today.

Also sprayed calmag foliar 2x day too.

Second node shooting now. When 3rd appears,  I'll transplant up to half gallon pots.

Here are some pics from today, day 7.

Rh is 75 to 80

Temps are 27C, maybe a little high, would prefer 25/26C

Cannabis Grow 20191119 123449

Cannabis Grow 20191119 123504

Posted : 11/19/2019 5:19 am FarmerBrown liked

transplanted the babies up to half gallon last night as i won't have enough time at the weekend. A little early i know but nothing i could do. The root system is not as established as the last grow but hopefully they will be fine.

I have double buffered the coco. (took 25ml calmag per 5L to reach ec1400).

Flushed buffered coco with calmag 3ml,  A + B 11ml mix ec 1100, ph'd 6.4 before transplanting.


After the transplant, i watered the plants with below.

fert mix per 5L is:

silicon 1ml

calmag 1ml

Canna A + B 11ml

fulvic acid 3ml

Rhizotonic 10ml

CannaZym 13ml

EC 1100 PH 6.4

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Cannabis Grow 20191122 073950

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I've kept the same mix as about these last few days.

After much ridicule for having my lights on at 100000 lux and creating a stirfry lmao, i turned it down to 40000 5 days ago. Yesterday i turned it up slightly as they seem to be doing well. Now set at 50000.


Temps yesterday were about 23 to 24 and rh was around 80

Pics this morning.

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Cannabis Grow 20191127 081118

Posted : 11/27/2019 1:17 am Rusty liked
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ok same nutes and all. feeding 2 x day atm. might increase to 3 soon, what you guys think. eventually want to get to the usual 4x day in veg.

some pics to follow.

Posted : 11/29/2019 12:09 am

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Cannabis Grow 20191129 080636

Cannabis Grow 20191129 080559

Posted : 11/29/2019 12:15 am Rusty, CrossFaded, FraggleRock and 1 people liked


I started preparing the 5G pots last night. Double buffered 2 of them but with time constraints and not having the correct sized container to put the air pots in, i decided not to double buffer the other 6 pots. I'm using evothrive coco which has charge tm. Not sure what charge is, but hopefully doesn't upset the Canna npk NER.

I've started the flush on my first grow, so after the 48hr darkness, i should be able to chop down on the 29th dec. These 8 can move into the flower tent.

Whilst I'm waiting to buffer the 8 air pots, i decided to start the mainlining on these 8. They are still in their 2nd half G pots but they are shooting their 7th or 8th node. The branches i need at the 3rd node seem to be growing slowly, so i thought it is best to top asap, so that the apical dominance is broken and the auxins will be stopped and so stop the restricted growth at node 3.

Nutes have been same although i upped A+ B to 12ml. This gave an ec of 1200, ph 6.4.

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Cannabis Grow 20191210 204258

Cannabis Grow 20191210 204312

Cannabis Grow 20191210 233806

Cannabis Grow 20191210 233814

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