Started again...

Hi guys,

it's time for my second run of the year.
I have something big and new this time, I switched from a 315watt CMH to a 480watt quantum boards from Al1baba.
It's equipped with lm301H diodes [H stands for horticultural and they're a little more specific for growing than the B model], IR and UV with separated switches. And it's dimmable.
I'm using IR since seedling stage to get the Emerson effect.
I don't know how much UV I'll use, I'm quite sure I won't use them before the last 2 weeks of flowering BUT I don't know how much time per day. Any suggestion is really appreciated.

This time I choosed this genetics:
3 Gorilla Zkittlez by Barney's Farm
1 Bubba's Gift by Humboldt's Seeds
1 Gorilla Sour Kush from a spanish seed bank I don't remember the name
[The original plan was to have 6 plants but 3 seeds of sweet tooth by barney's were too old and not viable anymore... I think my grow shop didn't store them properly...]

It's definitaly a " monkey tent ".

Seeds sprouted at the begin of september and the pic is how they look right now. I'm amazed by this light and how much I learned in this site.

Cannabis Grow 93DF734D 1C87 40A3 A0CE B68F8E0B44AF

Since it's a 3x3 tent I'm dimming the light down to 50% in veg and to 25% in seedling. I think I'not going over the 75/80% of its power even in flowering.

I keep using adv nuts,  now in veg I'm using this products:

* voodoo juice - I started using from the second week, I used for the first two weeks some remains of rhizotonic.  can't compare these two products but roots are really well developed and sprouted out the 11L pots quite soon

* coco A/B
* B52
*  Sensyzim
*  CalMag

Looks I learned from my previous mistakes and you can see the result.

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starting bloomg from tonight, we'll see how much those colas like quantum boards  ^_^

Posted : 10/18/2019 5:41 am

Flipped to flowering and changed nutes 'coz some plants are, after 4 days, showing lots of "hairs" and the bud site are quite well developed in such short time.
I'm little struggling with high RU [over 80%] but plants are really fine right now.
My fertigation is @1400EC right now, this light is really make them hungry all the time, and some foliar feeding with some cannaboost.
I'm starting some defolation to expose lower branches and shadowed bud spots.

I still have some doubts about UV light, if any of you have faced it please give me some advices.

Since my light is dimmable and I have a luxmeter I used this values:

- seedling 10K lux
- early veg 20K
- late veg 35/40K lux
- early flower 50K lux
- mid flower / late flower  ... we'll see...
I did all the measurement at 2 feet / 50 cm circa.

Posted : 10/23/2019 2:54 am
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Quick update @3rd week of flowering.
Thank @dr-coco and @drphoton about the discussion on defoliation, thanks @nakedgardener about uv suggestions.
I did defoliate these plants for 3 or 4 days everyday, never more than 5% of leaves, just to give more light between to branches and in shadow bud spots: as you can see it's a little... overpopulated but I stop removing leaves [excluding the lower ones that gets old      and yellow]

Cannabis Grow 2A474367 2413 44E7 B38D F106ADE8F8CA
Cannabis Grow 24C281A6 99AD 4AC2 8049 16D0841589D3

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quick update about my pruning/defoliation doubt... the situation is quite "jungly"...

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Cannabis Grow asd3
Cannabis Grow asd2
Cannabis Grow asd

pics taken 3 and half days ago. very  dense canopy that makes me doubt about defoliation or pruning....

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another quick update...

harsh times!

Temps collapsed and I'm  struggling.

I knew temps become a problem during this run....  quantum boards aren't good to help with cold, usually they get around 120°F top, nothing compared to the heat of a hid light. 
Actually I have 60/62°F during night and 68/70°F during the "day"... the plants looks fine but I "feel" like they slowed down...... AND, plus,  I f*ck*d up a little with my watering system and I missed a couple of days of frequent fertigations... 
BUT plants are super fine.
I'll post some new pics at the end of this 5th week of flowering.

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Cannabis Grow 123

5th week, weird top, never had anything like that.
I'm struggling with low temps atm, from 60/62F to 68/70F...

@MtnDan told me is light bleaching, probably he's right... but the n we read this article:
..and... what?!

@dr-coco and @nakedgardener?

oh.. colors aren't really close to reality, but better than the original... they pic was very yellowish... the "black" border of the leaves is just an effect of the pic...


quick update: well, this bud is getting fatter... looks it's "normal" and not spoiling growth in any way... we'll see...

Posted : 11/20/2019 3:41 am
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6th week of flowering.... it's "mass time" 🙂

Cannabis Grow IMG 3274
Cannabis Grow IMG 3272
Cannabis Grow IMG 3271

I'll take some closer shots to those "white crowns" that are keeping developing not just in that cola.

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quick update [followed by pics asap]:  one of the Gorilla Zkittlez became "blueish" ... that's awesome!
all the weird white "crowns" keeps growing and the smell is funky, fruity... very sweet!


Posted : 12/02/2019 2:16 am

....And after YEARS of growing I finally got some PURPLE! 😀
This Gorilla Zkittlez looks very funky, purple leaves, orange and white pistils... It's really similar to the original pic from Barney's Farm.

7th week:

Cannabis Grow 68606096 75E8 4035 8A59 8D110D4295E1
Cannabis Grow 85EA4F1E 954C 4C48 8398 A14C3AC02F08
Cannabis Grow 442E2B9A 0CAD 4F35 A0B2 7F9A6E0B13A0

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It's the end of the 8th week, trichomes are all cloudy and I can see few amber.
Half of the plants got this dark purple color and it's very likely due to a sudden drop of temperature in november.

The real outsider of this grow is the Bubba's Gift from Humboldt's seeds. Can't believe it's not a fancy new genetic, coz looks ... that way [colorfull, huge, frosty].

This grow went a little longer than the flowering time declared by those seed banks [ Gorilla Zkittlez 56 days, Bubba 45, dunno  about the gorilla sour kush from no border seeds] BUT I prefer a  "couch lock", so I wait always to see some amber trichomes, than an euphoric high.

Next photos will come before chopping and I want to take some shoots properly, these are the best looking plants with those colors I've ever had.

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...less than 24hr to chop!!!! 😀 

Sad and happy at the same time.
I'll upload the final pics soon.

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WELL... I have to be honest.... since the lack of feedbacks I lost some interest about posting my plants, harvest, toughts etc.  sorry.

I'm not here to brag about the harvest, but to confirm the quality of these "not strictly original" quantum boards.

My harvest was ready after 7/10 days of drying. I had high rh so my process took a little longer.
How much weed I got?  Just too much.
Too much to the point to be became paranoid and wonder if I should skip my first run of 2020.
The harvesting day was very, and I mean VERY, stressful [that's why I miss photos], I was totally  overwhelmed by the quantity... not a good feeling.

BTW These led quantum boards are just steroids for plants: training and giving plants more space it's mandatory.
I suggest to shut down any far red diodes during the switching [I didn't] and, considering that this part of the spectrum isn't blocked by the leaves, I think it's better to keep it off during the first phase of flowering.
Far red promotes stretching and I had LOTS of small undeveloped flowers under the canopy,  I'm quite sure they're related to this part of the light.

I used the UV diodes only for the last 2 weeks, increasing the time that I keep them on.

In a 3x3 tent I never used all the 480Watts, never went over the 75/80% of its power.

For any info or question about those quantum boards [LM301H diodes + far red + UV] feel free to ask.

Posted : 02/03/2020 8:15 am
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Harvested: 12/20/2019
Total Days: 111
Flip Days: 63

closed on 12/20/19 🙂

Posted : 02/17/2020 1:15 am