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Started my journal in the wrong place, but not much has happened.  ListenIng to growcast and dr. Coco I kept hearing about The challenge and I thought  it’d be cool to grow along. I germinate seeds a little late, august 15th. They’ve  all been up potted today into promix organic with shrimp compost and about 20 percent perlite. I had a container of mykes mycorrhizae flower so i had used that as well. I hadn't really notice anything first time i had tried it but thought i couldn’t hurt.

Posted : 08/29/2020 9:49 pm Deek80421 and gardenwitch liked
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so this is where we’re at. Looking happy and healthy been given nothing but water, maybe a litre or two every couple days. I think ill have a bit before i need to start adding nutes, the pro mix and shrimp compost should be providing a lot. The promix organic says feeds for three months which will likely be less with a high demand plant. The shrimp compost is something I just found at my local canadian tire and was to replace the worm castings I wasn't able to find. I guess my thinking was it was it harboured a lot of microbes and other beneficials, much like fox farms ocean mix. And I guess I was curious if it was a cheaper replacement for the worm castings($1.59 on sale for a larger bag) 

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Alright update time! Not to much to report on but my soils been holding out well. I Have yet to add nutes and I’m impressed with how they’re growing and healthy colour. I’ve topped today, three smaller plants I had fim‘ed and the larger ones I true topped. One northern lights is yellowed a little maybe from a bit of over watering but also had a “marbled” texture from the get go, ill probably remove it since I only have room for four plants in 5 gallon  fabric pots in the 4x2 tent. Also first time using the 5g pots as i had only used 3g pots in a 2x2. This is kinda exciting knowing ill be adding a good amount of fresh medium when I up pot and may only need to supplement nutes during flowering. Slowly but surely working towards a synganic system leaning more on the organic side. The northern lights I am planing on keeping had three leaves when sprouted and I thought it would grow out of it but doesn’t seem to be happening, I included a picture, looking forward to seeing its bud formation. I should be posting a little more often now that things are getting on now. Cheers and happy growing. 

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Posted : 09/10/2020 9:18 am

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Quick check in... alls well a few yellowing leaves but nothin im to worried about Im chalking it up to being a little root bound. That being said I’ve up potted three of the four and removed one of the northern lights ill try and find it another home. I have watered a couple times with water and once with optimum grow a+b at half strength 250 ppm and 6.4 ph going in. The last couple days I've had the air off And the tent been a little warm at times i wasn’t paying attention 30c but never to long and night have been quite cool 21c. Hopefully i can get a decent amount of growth before having to flip, two weeks isn’t to long haha. 

Posted : 09/15/2020 9:35 pm Deek80421 and CrackBabies liked

Getting excited to flip! Been doing a bit of training just tying down the tops, then the branches a few days later. Been watering with plain water thats been ph’d between 6-6.5.  They’re  all in their 5 gallon Fabric pots now. Im thinking the few brown patches on some of the larger leaves are some sort of toxicity, but not to sure. Hope They get a bit more height I’d like to fill the tent. The northern lights from expert seeds is really impressing me vigorous growth and thick/ firm stem and branches. The strawberry glue is a slow grower for sure maybe thats on me or maybe a bad rep of the cultivar. The big buddah cheese is what im most excited for smells so good already i cant wait, one of my favs for sure.

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Posted : 09/24/2020 2:35 pm Deek80421 liked

Totally realized a couple thing i should have started training way earlier the growth in the last week have been amazing. I did a bit more tying down and watered to day. I completely back off nutrients and will probably resume in a bit when we’re in flower. Todays watering was only zenzyme and ph’d to 6.8 little higher then it has been in the past. As for backing off Im definitely starting to see signs of burning, very minor but enough to notice at a close look. And Im chalking the brown patches as such, the promix organic defs seems pretty hot now that I've been running it for about six weeks. Although the plants seem to be doing well.

Cannabis Grow 193EA8E0 E762 49BA 95DA E14A52DFF277

Posted : 09/28/2020 11:32 am Deek80421 liked
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Flip, flip, flipedalphia! Yesterday i flipped to a twelve/twelve light schedule. They’re all looking pretty healthy green and lush. There’s a few burnt spots but again I’ve back off with any nutrient. I’ll resume any feeding when I start to see noticeable needs. Been watering 3-4L each watering and thats been done every three or four days. Been pretty careful to not over water as I’m in 5 gallons now and feel like water till the pot cant hold anymore will suffocate the roots for to long of a period. Maybe someone can correct me if they think im wrong in anyway. The strawberry glue is starting to catch up the growth in the last few days has been pretty shocking.

Cannabis Grow AE9EB911 C042 44DA 8E56 CB3A1B9FFF01

Posted : 10/03/2020 10:07 am Deek80421 liked
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I did that thing were you look in the tent so much that you don't notice How much they’ve grown. There all holding out nicely, but I don’t think id go back to promix organic. It made things much more complicated, instead of feeding on a schedule I find myself on the side line wondering whats happening and when I'm going to need to supplement. Not an overall bad thing but trying to keep everything at optimum levels becomes a challenge as I'm reacting and then having to wait to see if i made the right call. I should also mention different cultivars and nutrient needs. Negatives aside there is lovely smells coming off all four plants and I'm seeing lots of bud sites. I've removed a few branches from the strawberry glue that wasn’t getting enough light/ was looking too dainty. Will probably go in and remove a bit of the undergrowth  and lower hidden bud sites but nothing to crazy. Leave the leaves haha. Hope everyones doin well. This has been pretty cool lurking around on ccfc and seeing the community and the subsequent grows. Please chime in if you think there is something that I could do better I always appreciate feed back, don’t hesitate. Growers love everyone.

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Posted : 10/15/2020 10:05 am Ripple and Deek80421 liked

Alright quick update i had found a few thrip worms crawling around on one plant. Did the basics pulled it out trimmed off the leaves that seemed to be harbouring them and washed the plant off in the shower. Should say I did other plants first, same process, so I wasn’t working backwards and potentially moving the lava onto my other plants. Placed the infected plant tight in the corner which gave me a few inches from any other plant. Added an few yellow stickies around the tent and the the infected plant. I saw one adult and killed it on site but I haven’t seen any others. So far after two days I  haven’t seen anymore but ill be watching closely. Went laby bug hunting in my area and had found a couple and set them loose on the infected plant.

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Cannabis Grow 9B685087 EA57 426A A023 D9C36E20E1CE

Posted : 10/20/2020 9:40 am Deek80421 and Ripple liked
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I think  I acted fast enough and I’ve eliminated the thrips. Washed the plants, killed any I saw the next couple days, and added some yellow stickies for any flying around. And I think the couple lady bugs was icing on the cake. Ill still be keeping an eye out! I’ve been interested in implementing an ipm something like allperplus or doctor zymes, but unfortunately not available in canada. On the up side I’ve recently order fish shit, heard it on growcast and followed on instagram, and excited to give it a try. Ive only heard good things. The plants themselves are doing good Some better then others haha. It makes me wonder lots about The causes and how it seems to be strain dependent. Ive been ph’d around 6.5 and watered a couple times with basic bloom nutes and left the ec low at about 260ppm. Ill see if they react well and maybe add a bloom boost in the next week. Im just a little confused as what this northern lights is doing, lots of yellowing(pic 2). Overall I feel like ill make it to the finish line with some decent results and yield.

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Cannabis Grow 08C335EE E5FE 4166 8392 29BA6F6D871B

Posted : 10/26/2020 11:31 am Ripple liked

Well I’m  still confused about the northern lights I have a new suspicion that it maybe nitrogen toxicity. I watered with a bloom booster yesterday and it hasn’t changed much. However my base bloom nutes have a high ratio of nitrogen, I figured by using the booster that contains no N I’d maybe able to balance it out we’ll see i guess. The other plants are doin good if not great. The strawberry glue (Pic 1,2)looking so frosty and the white widow and big buddah cheese are packing on now.

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Cannabis Grow ED75B6F7 401D 4BD2 BA8B 99AC50EF2A58
Cannabis Grow 5A0733CD D25E 4020 AF46 10D92B230A8C

Posted : 10/31/2020 5:40 am

Well things have changed a lot it the last week! My wife started labour before the scheduled c-section for a breached baby. I’m a father to a beautiful new baby girl, healthy and happy! 

As for my grow it got a little neglected the few days being at the hospital. And with my luck, my mother-in-law cleaned our house and informed us “It smelt a little so she closed spare room door.” I knew the carbon filter was getting to the end of its life, thought I'd make it this grow. When we walked in the house it stank!!! I can’t believe it, and she was so kind to down play it lol. Ordered a filter, installed today, and my bottle of fish shit 🐠 arrived well we were gone. So they all got a good watering of nutes And fish shit. I can’t wait to see the results, I’ve only heard good things. 
Other then that not much has changed gonna up my nutes for a couple weeks and see how close harvest looks. I’m still amazed at the t.h.seeds strawberry glue, and the other side of the coin, the NL from expert seeds seems to be struggling and maybe not so hardy. Anyways ill update soon with some more details in the next couple days.

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Cannabis Grow D5715447 6108 4EF9 8303 D756D5751824


Posted : 11/08/2020 4:31 pm CrackBabies and Ripple liked
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We’re in the home stretch now. Everything is coming along nicely and any problems seem to be turning around. The fish shit 🐠 seems to be working well I’ve added it in twice now and I believe I can see, and smell, a difference for the better. On top of that I’ve taken my first steps into KNF, I made myself some wca, water soluble calcium. Added once so far and will Adding a couple more doses before lettering off the nutes to finish. I had a feeling it could be needing a bit more.  cal mag was out of reach and online was to expensive with shipping was able to make the wca with egg shells and cider vinegar couldn’t have cost me more then fifty cents to make a half litre. That and adding Epsom salt for mag makes for a cheap water soluble formula. Ill be trying more recipes in the future, such a fpj, and ill try and make that with what plant material I collect at harvest (stems, fan leaves, etc.) Other then that excited to finish and try the cultivars I have going. The big buddah cheese smells so good!

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Cannabis Grow BFD3A0F5 92D9 4189 8135 52CC74C2A315
Cannabis Grow 9D5BA353 CD5D 41BC B0C5 6126C7CC6358

Posted : 11/19/2020 8:53 am

I think I’m holding off a few more days, it’s getting close! This strawberry glue is covered and I want it to get to its full potential. The others are coming along for sure, although I hate to say it I have a favourite plant. Been laying off nutes and only watering with fish shit. The Aponuo light I'm running seems to be to close to the northern lights, nothing negative just feels a little larfy despite being the closest. I’ll be working on creating a fuller even canopy for next grow and getting the lights at a good height. Ill   Update sooner then later on this grow and I’ve been planning next!

Cannabis Grow 07A8B97F 2917 4498 A3E1 537D92DB978B
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Cannabis Grow F01B50BD 0921 4072 81BE 6B96E7FB7FE5

Posted : 11/23/2020 11:04 am CrackBabies liked

I’ve been stuck in limbo the last 5 days haha. Had a hard time deciding But i chopped them down today and got them hanging. In my fourth grow since starting again a year or so ago, the hardest part wasn’t waiting but the opposite, not wanting to chop too early. The trichomes, bud structure, pistils and growth rate told me it was time. So I chopped and couldn’t be happier. I see were i could have done better but not going to beat myself up. The next grow can only be better!! Things I’m taking from this grow is: 1) I need to fertilize a little more, and stay away from organic medium(pro mix organic) doesn’t  have the right ratio for cannabis          2) more training I don’t know if ill get to a scrog style but I need to try, I do like taking them out to water but with 5gallon pots I probably shouldn’t.                                                   3) Ipm needs to be higher on my list with thrips early and then spider mites in my last few day( came in on a flower pot i bought for my wife) id like to get a product like doctor zymes, lost coast or allper plus something organic and can be used throughout. Unfortunately there not available in canada but ill figure something out.

Other then that just need some drying and curing time on this Crop.  Looking forward to the new years grow challenge, now that I've done a full run in my 2x4 I’m really going to try and fill it out. Here are some pics  to finish it off and ill try and up date on finished weights.

Cannabis Grow 4B4B9E08 DD1E 4CC5 BB52 C21787F824D4
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Cannabis Grow 61251224 F50D 4862 855A 99DDD84DB893

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