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Hello and happy news years 🎉

My name's John also HempWithGG on YouTube, cocoforcannbies and Instagram 


I will be doing a 2x2 grow series using the medic grow mini sun 2 . My goal is to yield 8 oz from this space . To show medical patients and recreational smokers you do not have to give up a large amount of space to grow your own medication at home.. 

I will be documenting this on my YouTube channel HempWithGG along with here in the NYGC grow journal here .


                          ● I'll be using 

▪︎ Tent -  Mars Hydro 2x2

▪︎ Light - medic grow mini sun 2 - 150 watt version

▪︎ Peat - foxfarm ocean Forest - found at most garden store . $19 to $25 . 2.5ct bag

▪︎ Nutrients - general hydroponics 3 part & calmag

▪︎ Number of plants 9 - also drop more seeds then needed . Pre planing killing a few 😁

▪︎ 8 Apple Filters -

▪︎ 3 purple punch -

Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230110 174341 InCollage   Collage Maker



                   🤑(You will need )

Jiffy/ seed starter -

Seedling dome -

▪︎ Heatmat with temperature controller -

Distilled or RO water

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              ● 💧🟤Step 1 - preparing jiffy

▪︎ Using the plant dome or tray place jiffy pucks into the tray adding water around 70f° /  21c° ., amount of water will vary based on the number of jiffies you're rehydrating .

Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230112 212414 YouTube

● discard extra water after expansion of jiffy's have happened. This will take around 5 to 7 minutes you will know it's done when the jiffies are no longer expanding or getting bigger. Toss out any remaining water. Place jiffy into plant tray/ dome . 

Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230112 212428 YouTube


             ● 🕳️🕳️   Step 2 - placing seed 

▪︎ I'm going to be doing direct to seed so my seed will not be soaked in a paper towel or will it be pre-moistened in any way directly into the jiffy. .


▪︎ Make a half inch deep hole in top of the jiffy puck. Place seed and re cover . If you have pre-germinated and have a tap Root just ensure when placing the seed into the jiffy that you have tap Root down

Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230112 213901 YouTube
Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230112 213916 YouTube
Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230112 213944 YouTube
Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230112 214008 YouTube


            Step 3 - preparing the environment.

                          🔅 💡(Light settings)  

                  Medic grow mini sun 2 

First I will say I will be leaving my light on for 24 hours the first week of the plant's life. This is to mitigate any stress from the seedling having to adjust to lights on and lights off temperatures. using up vital energy and resources. 

My dimmer is at 40% and 30 inch hang hight . (Your light hang will vary based on your light model and tent size) .

I recommend checking out the Cocoforcannbies grow light calculator here on cocoforcannbies. 


                   🎛️ 🎛️  ( Plant dome ) 

plant dome vents should be completely closed until germination happens

 germination = Is when the seedling has broken the surface of the soil/medium showing green plant matter. ( I will cover this in the next update. But dome lid will stay on for humidity reasons along with Vents being closed ) will be harding off seedlings in next update . 


                 🌡️🌡️  (Humidity & Temp setting) 

Set heating mat controller to 78°f / 25c°

Tent temps should still around 70°f/ 21c°

( How ever the temperature inside the dome mater more ) heating mat will take care of this and we will touch more on tent environment after they are out of the dome .

Humidity will naturally occur do to heat and moisture being trapped in the dome . You will not need to worry so much about this while they are under the plant dome.  


         🥤💦 ( Watering  before germination)

You may need to slightly mist the top of the jiffies if the jiffy begins to dry out (will very based on how offen the heating mat needs to turns on to keep temperature ) At no point are you looking for your jiffy to be soaked or drenched in water this can and will cause seed rot..


          🤞🤫🙏   ( Growing takes patience ) 

DO NOT dig up or expose your seedling . If you're going direct to seed like me , it may be 3 or even 4 days before you see germination has completed. Be patient!

Happy new years and let's grow together. 

Place consider checking out my YouTube channel where I'll be video documenting and showing all this step via a YouTube video . 


HempWithGG out . Growers love 


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Cannabis Grow 20230104 152136
Cannabis Grow 20230104 152134


📌Maintaining previous environment as mentioned above. 

🦺This will be an update on a Apple fritter plant along with caring for a seeding one germination has started


                        🎲What to do now 

✔️One seeding has started to rise above the soil/peat . 

🖍️Edit 3 hours after making this post another apple fritter has also come above the Jiffy 

🖍️edit now 10 hours sense I made this post . 4 apples fritters are above jiffy 

Seeing it only one plant that has started we will continue to keep and eye on the rest and they should not be to far behide . So we want to continue normal environmental elements and continue to keep the Dome on and vents closed till more have completed germination


   🖲 What if the seed shell is still attached?

                🪖   (Helmet head) 🪖 =  The seed shell are membrane being attached to the plant once it has broken the medium

* ⚠️⚠️❗️DO NOT PULL OR force this off you will make damage to the plant tissue even if it is not a visible damage. Resulting in stunted growth

                ❓️*Reasons this happens*❓️

1 - the seed could be old and have a hardened shell 

2- more likely the seed was not planted deep enough to have the needed friction on the way up to the surface to pull this off naturally

             🛠*How to fix a helmet head*⚒️

Solution A - if your still in the Dome, mist/@spay the top of the helmet head seedling and continue to leave the dome on. After around 12 hours you should be abale to wipe the seed case off . - if not spay again and insure your vents are closed on the Dome to help rise Rh.

Solution B - if you are already out of the dome due to everything already germinating take the helmet head plants or plants and place them in dome repeating (solution A)

Solution C - if you don't now have a dome or don't have space for one . . You can cut a 2 leader bottles buttom off and put this over the jiffy , solo cup or small pots .  A zip lock bag over the top also works for smaller pots . Or mike jugs for biger pots . 

Solution D - very last option if all else failed .Is to use clean hands or a glove and try to manually remove this. Olny ones you have gave all other options a try. 

Leave your comments down below if you know of another method I may have missed . 

_______________________________________________ ❤️ 💙 💜 💖 

Growrs love and keep you posted when more come up . Please check out my youtude Channel hempWithGG

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Some what bad news out of the 11 seeds only was abale to 7 to rise above the soil. Not going to wait on the rest, tossing them out even if they came up I don't want them 😂 . 

  • Out of the 7 I'm going to keep 4 so alittle change of plans going forward we will cover this a bit more when getting to transplanting .. 
  • Today's topic is Hardin off a seedling 
  • Ones germination has taken place meaning that plant matter has broken the surface of the medium .
  • you now want to open the vents on your dome or crack your dome to introduce them to lower humidity over the next 12 to 24 hours some what the same as when you acclimate fish to new water when adding fish . After this time remove the dome . . 


Now what 


  • Things change now that we don't have a dome and we have seedlings .
  • -----------------------------------------------------
  • (Humidity & Temp setting) 

    You more want to look at the tent
    Temp's and Rh now .

    Temps 72°f to 79°f lights on and no
  • More the. 7°f drop at night 

    Humidity: 70 to 75%


    Long leg 🦵 seedings ..


    Reason one - the plant seed was not planted
    Deep enough.

    Reason two - not enough light

    Reason 3 can be over watering


    How to fix this

    If watering and light is not the issue

    Step one - add a slow amount of air
    Flow to help the seeding move and
    Strengthen stem

    Step two - if you can top dress around
    Around the base trying to cover the leg

  • Step 3 is if all else feel you can
    Put a support brace made , stick,paperclip
  • Last step would be 4 and that's transplantingAnd 
    burying the leg

    Watering seedling

    Insure your allowing the Jeffy
    To dry back some the top of the
    Jeffy will change color to lite
    Soil look . Your see this in my
    Pic one plant I didn't water
    yet so you can see the differences
  • Less is more when in soil pots 
    and small plant . I put around.
    15 to 20 drops . Based on plant
    size and environment this may vary

    Cocoforcannbies has put my post in
  • A funny formate so I'm going end here . 
    Scroll over many pictures

    Cannabis Grow IMG 20230108 214403495 HDR
    Cannabis Grow IMG 20230108 214400767 HDR
    Cannabis Grow IMG 20230106 234820947 HDR
    Cannabis Grow IMG 20230106 234809648
    Cannabis Grow IMG 20230106 234805570

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READ ABOVE ^^^^^^^^

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12 days after dropping directly into a jiffy puck I will now be transplanting into a standard red solo cup 16oz ._____________________________________________

       ( When to transplant seeding puck )

When using something like a jiffy or rapid Rooter these are solely meant to germinate and establish the Seedling phase .

the seedling phase =  is when your seedling starts to show heathly good development of first serrated leaves (shown in picture down below 

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20230116 213552 Gallery

then we move up to are next transplanting size  . We will discuss other ways of determining when to transplant further in the plant's life


              (What we need to transplant)

16oz party cup 

Soil/ foxfarm ocean Forest in my case 

Water / Ro water in my case 

A tool to poke holes . - cover this soon 

And of a seedling 


      (  Preparing the jiffy for transplanting) 

Try to time your transplanting around your watering I find ideally transplanting two days after watering your able to maintain a root structure without it crumbling apart and being to dry while also making sure it's not so wet and heavy it pulls itself apart . This is not a concern when using rapid rooters but my method of using jiffy's I need to ensure proper moisture ratio will cover further into this post. 

If you find your jiffy is quit dry on transplanting  . Go ahead and wet the jiffy

Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230115 142646 Gallery


                   Pairing Solo Cup

We need accurate draining in these cups me personally I like to use a dab tool heated slightly to poke holes in the plastic recommended to do outside due to the fumes that can come off while melting plastic holes you can also just simply force a sharp object through it under supervision 😉  . 

Cannabis Grow 20230115 140252


                    Preparing the soil

When buying commercially built soil like Fox Farm soil .For us a lot of the distributors hold this product for long periods of time or in poor environments and most likely will arrive to you in a very dried out hydrophobic state

We want to wet and prepare this soil for transplanting a good technique is to use a tote or large holding vessel to pour your soil and water into. 

Cannabis Grow Rocket Earth open bag crop 091421  96276.1650556803

Cannabis Grow Launch Pad open bag crop 091421  24825.1650557634


                   When is it wet enough?

You looking to be able to pick up the soil and squeeze it in your hand and have no water drip or run out of it but at the same time the soil keeps the shape of your hand after opening not crumbling apart. Add water or more dry soil to equalize it either way

Cannabis Grow 20230115 140559
Cannabis Grow 20230115 140603


           Transplanting Jiffy to party cup

Full your part up about 80% full 

Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230115 143621 Gallery

Prepare a hole the diameter of the jiffy 

After placing your seeding fill your cup up to the top


When it comes to depth of the hole look at the seedling and try to cover/ bury any long leg seedlings

Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230115 143551 Gallery
Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230115 143759 Video Player
Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230115 143742 Video Player


I personally remove the outer layer mesh on the jiffies. 

However if you held your seedlings in the jiffy's too long you may find that your roots have grown out of the jiffies and I would advise not removing the outer fabric

you may also find if you kept your plamt trst bottom too wet that you may have encouraged the roots to grow out of the jiffy again I would advise not removing the outer mesh. 

Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230115 144848 Gallery
Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20230115 144917 Video Player


Place the cup and seedling back into the tent and water the party cup trying to aim for arpund 10 to 15 drops out of the buttom.

This is how you know your have fully saturated your soil. This will be a watering practice we will use throughout the entire grow. We Will be coving knowing when to know when to water party cup in my next update .

Along with how to tell the differences from real and fake runoff. . If you prepared your soil like mentioned above , your only going to see real runoff. 

We're ensuring you're watering well and not often is the key goal here. 

 Growers love hope your enjoying my updates . See u in the next post 

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Ok it's been 5 days since we transplanted and moved to solo cups . Check information above for step by step tips for transplanting and watering after transplanting.. 

But now 5 later   we ask our self how do we know when to water again.  Solo/ party cups can be hard to tell when to water . ONES THE PLANTS ARE BIGGER , I HAVE A SMAPLE WATERING TOOL. we're touch more on theses tool later when plants are bigger and in there next pot . Let's jump Into watering solo cups tho .

When it comes to watering in general we're looking to water well not often over-watering = simply means lack of air to the roots due to over frequency of watering. There will be clear signs of overwatering or underwatering ones the plant is oder in the form of sagging or clawing leaves cover this further in the future..along my watering charts and tools . 😉 


(How to know when a solo cup need water )

  I'm only in solo cups about a week after transplanting from seed starter , so I should only need to water ones after transplanting watering . 

(1) this is a feel test and can be really hard for new growers . . Take a empty solo cup and fill this cup with dry soil - left the dry cup and then left your plants . Feel the differences if they feel close good sign to water .

( this only works in young solo cups ) where root development is young enough not to add a lot of weight.

(2) the dry back i feel this can be easier for somw growers . In solo cups I also like to look for the sides of the soil to separate from the sides of the solo cups ( plants should still look heathly tho not falling over . If so u have died back to far . ) do not over dry back . 

I found this to happen 5 days after watering in transplanting day . ( time between watering is going to vary on environment and plant size) and of course of the pot size . 

                  How to water solo cup 

(1) after your soil has separated from the sidewalls your soil is most likely hydrophobic in some spots meaning it will not hold water well. 

Fake runoff =  when this happens you'll find as soon as you add water.  The water wants  to pour out the bottom immediately.. this is why I'm recommending slowly rehydrating the soil looking for the 10 to 20 drops we were looking for when we did our transplanting water to ensure full saturation.

Real runoff = will come out of the bottom of the pot at a slow rate we're not looking for a lot of runoff.  so it's better to go slow and monitor . Breaking up your watering to ensure we're taking it to the full saturation without oversaturating . so we can water well not often

(Step 1 ) take water at 68°f and just add enough water to wet juat the stop of the soil.  Walk away for 30 mins or so .

(Step 2) come back and water again.  This time add x2 the amout of water you used to wet the top ( go slow NO Runoff ) walk away for 30 Mims or so . Think your getting the idea here . 

(Step 3) come back . This time slow add watee wait 20 - 30 sec see if you get any water ( slowly ) to drip out the butom . Lookin for around 15 to 20 drops of real runoff  . If you find it's coming out immediately or large amounts when you only added water slowly. ( Repeat step 2 )

Now I was abale to get real runoff thr 3rd time going back in . 


I DO NOT RECOMMEND WHAT IAM ABOUT TO SHOW YOU .  - educational purposes only I removed the solo cup to show you , with this slow rehydration , we can ensure that we have our soil back at its Max Capacity as we did in the transplanting phase. 


Here are the lady's 16 days from dropping seed directly into Jiffy seed starter plug






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Cannabis Grow 20230117 153728
Cannabis Grow 20230117 153731

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Moved plants from solo to 2 Gallon pots will about 10 mins ago .  update more tomorrow just marking date in grow journal . Still not sure what one of the remainders will become a one Cola side challenge

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Cannabis Grow 20230124 205055
Cannabis Grow 20230124 205157



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