Why Train Cannabis

Why You Should Train Cannabis Plants

Posted in Plant Training

Plant training refers to techniques that are used to manipulate the shape and growth of your plants. These range from Low-Stress training, which simply bends…

Osmosis EC and PPM for Cannabis

Understanding Osmosis and EC

Posted in Watering/Fertigation

Electrical Conductivity (EC) affects a plant’s ability to absorb water through osmosis. Plants will thrive when EC is kept consistent, but they suffer when it…

Watering cannabis in coco coir

How to Water Cannabis Plants in Coco Coir

Posted in Watering/Fertigation

How should you water cannabis in coco? This is one of the most frequent questions that we get. We argue that high-frequency fertigation is the…

Cannabis Nutrient Supplements

Nutrient Supplements That We Recommend

Posted in Fertilizers, Supplements, & pH

There are numerous cannabis nutrient supplements on the market and most make fantastical claims. Some growers seem to be convinced that they need it all…