Principles of Fertigation: Feed and Water Cannabis in Coco

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Fertigation is adding fertilizers to the irrigation water. It is the way that we deliver both water and nutrients to the plants. A tremendous amount…

Drip system automatic watering for indoor cannabis

DIY Automatic Watering System for Indoor Cannabis

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An indoor automatic watering system makes managing your cannabis grow easier and more efficient. Setting up an automatic watering system for your grow tent or grow…

Cannabis Fertilizers, Supplements, and pH

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This article is an introduction to cannabis fertilizers, supplements and pH. It is important to understand the role that fertilizers play in plant growth. I…

Understanding Osmosis and EC

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Electrical Conductivity (EC) affects a plant’s ability to absorb water through osmosis. Plants will thrive when EC is kept consistent, but they suffer when it…

Watering Coco: Watering Can and Cannabis Plants

How to Water Cannabis in Coco

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How should you water cannabis in coco? How much, how frequently, and what do you pay attention to? This coco watering guide answers all your…

Nutrient Supplements That We Recommend

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There are numerous cannabis nutrient supplements on the market and most make fantastical claims. Some growers seem to be convinced that they need it all…

How to Set EC Targets

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Managing the Electrical Conductivity (EC) of the water that is available to the plants is a key practice to maximize the speed of growth and…

How to Mix Nutrient Solutions

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There are several important points to keep in mind when you go to mix your nutrient solution. There is a specific order to add nutrients…

How to Dispose of Waste Water

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What to do with your waste water is a serious concern. The nitrates and phosphates in the water are great for our plants but are…

How to Measure and Adjust pH

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As discussed in our article, “Cannabis Fertilizers, Supplements, and pH”, the pH of the nutrient solution affects the solubility of the nutrients in the solution….