Spring Auto Flower Challenge Giveaway

Congratulations, PakaloloTingz, Winner of the Air-Pot Bros "May the Fourth be with You" Giveaway!!

The results of our latest SAFC giveaway are in! We all gathered in the chat room on the evening of May 4th for the Live Watch party to see the winner of the Air-Pot Bros "May the Fourth be with You" Giveaway announced. The numbers chosen during the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing that day were "660", which was @PakaloloTingz assigned lottery number! Congratulations on the win, Paka!

Pakalolotingz will receive a pack of five #3 Air-Pots from Air-Pot Bros! Dr. Coco thinks that these are the best containers for growing in coco, especially if you are using an automatic watering system. The #3 pots are the perfect final containers for Autoflowers or Photo-period plants with less than a 6 week vegetation. Pakalolotingz will receive these pots just in time to use for transplanting their autos in the Spring Auto Flower Challenge!

Want to purchase some Air-Pots for yourself? We recommend purchasing Air-Pots products through the Air-Pot Bros website because they are a certified, licensed distributor. We have a special deal with Air-Pot Bros! Use discount code: CCFC420 to receive free shipping on your order.

Congratulations, Roadhousegotbud, Winner of the Mars-Hydro "New Space" Giveaway!

We all gathered in the chat room on the evening of 4/20 to celebrate the holiday as a community and see the winner of the Mars-Hydro "New Space" Giveaway chosen in real time. The numbers drawn during the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing that night were "389", making @Roadhousegotbud our big winner with the number 391! Congratulations on the win, Roadhouse!

The 2' x 4' Mars-Hydro grow kit & TSL-2000

@Roadhousegotbud won a Mars-Hydro grow kit! The grow kit features a 2' x 4' tent, exhaust fan, TSL 2000 fixture, and a few other handy things for setting up a grow! The TSL 2000 is a dimmable, full spectrum LED Grow Light with a simple design and minimal components. The Quantum Board style helps to distribute the light evenly across the coverage area and each region in the coverage area receives optimal photon densities as a result. The TSL 2000 is the ideal fixture for 4’ x 2’ coverage! To see more of what this light has to offer, check out Dr. Coco's Official Test Report of the TSL 2000.

Prizes and giveaways are part of the fun with growing together!

During the Spring Auto Flower Challenge (SAFC), we will have monthly prize drawings that all Challenge growers can be eligible for. We will also have special recognition for Best Journals for the months of May and June. At the end of grow, we will save some of our best prizes for Best Journal, Best Recovery, Best Growmie, and the winners of our side challenges!

See the Official Rules and Terms for the SAFC Giveaways.

SAFC Prize Sponsors

We have some incredible prizes for the SAFC! Check out our great prize sponsors below! You can support the Spring Auto Flower Challenge and CocoforCannabis by shopping with our prize sponsors and using our discount codes!

Side Challenges and Journal of the Month Prizes Sponsored by ViparSpectra!

We are very excited to announce that the prizes for our side challenges, the Auto Supernova Challenge and the Party Cup Auto Challenge, will be sponsored by ViparSpectra! ViparSpectra will also be sponsoring our Journal of the Month prizes, which will be awarded for the months of May and June. We have some awesome ViparSpectra fixtures lined up as prizes for all of these events! More information coming soon.

Eligibility and How to Enter

Each Giveaway will have its own conditions to meet in order to become eligible. Some Giveaways are based on geography and are restricted to growers in the US. However, we have several giveaways planned during the Challenge that all SAFC growers can become eligible for! More information on the next Giveaway will be coming soon, so make sure to keep checking this page for updates!

Selecting a Winner

Growers will be assigned one lottery number per Giveaway. Giveaway drawings will be based on the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing on the dates specified. The winning number chosen during the evening drawing will also be the winning number for the Giveaway.


  1. The Prize will go to the eligible grower who has the draw number that is the closest to the winning number.
  2. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the eligible grower with the larger number.
  3. Draw numbers are all three digits. The numbers in the giveaway tables do not include leading zeros. For example, if the number shown in the table is "6", the actual draw number is "006".