Spring Auto Flower Challenge Giveaway

Spring Auto Flower Challenge Coco for Cannabis

Prizes and giveaways are part of the fun with growing together!

Welcome to the Spring Auto Flower Challenge (SAFC) Giveaways page! As a part of the Coco for Cannabis Grow Challenges, we host several competitions and giveaways that are open to all growers participating in the Challenge. Giveaways and prizes help to keep everyone motivated and having fun throughout the Grow Challenge! Visit this page regularly for information on SAFC prize sponsors, upcoming SAFC giveaways and competitions, and previous SAFC winners!

See the Official Rules and Terms for the SAFC Giveaways.

SAFC End of Grow Award Winners!

The SAFC is nearing its end! Last Sunday, July 17th, we held the SAFC End of Grow Awards, which mark the unofficial end of the grow challenge. We all gathered in the chat room that evening to see the winning numbers chosen and the winners announced in real time. The winning numbers drawn during the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing on 7/17 were “351”. See the winners and their prizes posted below!

Best Journal: OrganicAutosMi

Congratulations to the winner of the highly coveted Best Journal award, @OrganicAutosMi! OrganicAutosMi kept a great SAFC journal documenting their grow of Banana Kush and White Widow CBD. OrganicAutosMi posted tons of great pictures of their grow, along with detailed descriptions of their growing process. Nicely done!

As the winner of Best Journal, OrganicAutosMi had the first choice out of our three available prizes. They chose to receive the Mogobe 3-Ton Rosin Press!

A rosin press makes the perfect addition for any home grower! They use heat and extreme pressure to extract the gooey rosin and concentrate the cannabinoids and terpenes that we love. Dr. Coco previously tested Mogobe’s 10-ton rosin press and was impressed by its construction and performance.

Best Growmie: Finesse Les

The Best Growmie award went to @Finesse-les. Congratulations! Finesse Les followed along with many different journals across multiple challenge groups during this SAFC. Many SAFC growers remarked on Finesse Les’s upbeat attitude and were thankful to have Finesse following along with their grows. Great job!

Finesse Les had the second choice out of the available prizes, and they chose to receive the Mogobe Octopus 300!

The Mogobe Octopus 300 is a unique grow light. It performed very well in Dr. Coco’s tests and has superb distribution and power for a 3’ × 3’ space. The performance of the Mogobe Octopus 300 is excellent across all three dimensions: distribution, Usable PPF, and Photon Efficiency.

Best Recovery: BerkshireBud

Congratulations, @Berkshirebud, winner of the Best Recovery award! Berkshirebud faced some setbacks during his grow due to an infestation of white powdery mildew. However, he was able to swiftly address the issue, and ended up with a salvageable crop. Very nicely done!

The remaining prize for the winner of Best Recovery is a Mogobe trim tray! Berkshirebud designated fellow SAFC grower, @TheBrad, to receive the trim tray in his place.

The Mogobe trim tray is a community favorite when it comes to End of Grow prizes! The tray is made of durable 304 stainless steel and features a removable screen. The screen can be replaced if damaged or old. The Mogobe trim tray also comes with several handy harvesting tools.

SAFC Closing Message

Congratulations to all the End of Grow Award winners and nominees! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Spring Auto Flower Challenge, as well as our wonderful prize sponsors, Mogobe and Homegrown Cannabis Co. This SAFC, we had great camaraderie, gave out some great prizes, and grew some great plants! Thank you all for growing with us. 🙂

Our next grow challenge, the Plant Training Grow Challenge (PTGC), is right around the corner! This year’s PTGC Flip Day is October 1st. You can start your grow at any time so long as you plan to flip on October 1. If you had fun participating in the SAFC, we strongly encourage you to sign up for the PTGC! The PTGC will feature its own prizes, giveaways, side competition, and picture challenge. Make sure to register for the PTGC today!

SAFC End of Grow Award Nominees!

The End of Grow Award nominations are officially in! Our Spring Auto Flower Challenge leaders selected these growers because of their outstanding performance in this year’s SAFC. The SAFC End of Grow Award nominees and their assigned number ranges for the drawing can be seen below.

Best Journal Nominees
Best Growmie Nominees
  • @Finesse-les – Ants, Desserts, Fruit, Snacks, and Photographers
Best Recovery Nominees
  • @Finesse-les – Ants, Desserts, Fruit, Snacks, and Photographers
    • Lucky number range: 667-999

Previous SAFC Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the SAFC Opening Giveaway!

As a way to kick off this year’s SAFC, we hosted a special Opening Giveaway sponsored by Mogobe! We held the drawing to determine the winners on the evening of May 4th. Congratulations to our three giveaway winners, @Bloom, @luckyduck, and @Bellthazarr! Bloom was our grand-prize winner and will receive the Mogobe 5-Ton Rosin Press! Luckyduck and Bellthazarr were the next runners-up and will each receive two 20W Mogobe seedling bulbs!

Dr Coco tested the 10-ton Mogobe Rosin Press and was impressed with the construction and performance. The Mogobe Presses are manually operated with a hydraulic press that delivers an even spread of force to the plates. The plates are large, and their temperature is precisely controlled with heating elements. You can set a temperature and the Mogobe Presses will maintain the plates within 1 degree Celsius of that setting.

The Mogobe Rosin Presses are a great deal at their list price – and we have a 10% discount that makes the price even better! Use Code CocoPress on Amazon or Mogobe.co if you’d like to purchase a rosin press for yourself!

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Seed Giveaway Winners Announced!

We kicked off the SAFC with a special seed giveaway sponsored by Homegrown Cannabis Co, the official seed partner of the SAFC.

Congratulations to our ten giveaway winners! We held the drawing to determine the winners on the evening of April 4th. The numbers chosen during the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing that evening were “117”. The ten growers who had the assigned lottery numbers that were closest to the winning number are listed below.

10 Giveaway Winners!

Each of the ten winners will receive two 4-packs of auto flower cannabis seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co! The ten winners each got to choose two strains out of the following options:  Bruce Banner Auto, Gorilla Glue #4 Auto, Critical Purple Auto, and Lemon Haze Auto.

The winners will all be growing some of their seeds during the SAFC! Their SAFC journals will have a special tag indicating that they are growing seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. Anyone else who is growing Homegrown Cannabis Co seeds during the SAFC is also welcome to add this tag to their journal! We are really looking forward to following along with these grows. We hope that you will also check out these journals and see what Homegrown Cannabis Co’s genetics have to offer!

Homegrown Cannabis Co is the official seed sponsor of the SAFC, and we have a special discount code with them! Use code: DRCOCO to save 10% on your purchase on Homegrowncannabisco.com.

SAFC Prize Sponsors

We have two wonderful prize sponsors for this year’s Spring Auto Flower Challenge. Mogobe is this year’s title sponsor and is sponsoring more than a dozen prizes for the SAFC! Homegrown Cannabis Co is the official seed sponsor of the SAFC. You can read more about each sponsor below. You support our work by following our links and using our discount codes.

Mogobe Sponsors the SAFC!

We are very happy to welcome Mogobe as our title sponsor for this Spring Auto Flower Challenge! Mogobe is a unique and innovative company that offers a wide variety of products for home growers at competitive prices. From seedling lights to rosin presses, Mogobe offers something for every stage of the grow! We are excited to have the opportunity to give away more than a dozen awesome prizes from Mogobe during giveaways and competitions throughout this year's SAFC!

We started recommending Mogobe’s trim trays last spring, and our collaboration has continued to grow from there. Recently, Dr. Coco tested and reviewed Mogobe’s Octopus300 fixture. The Octopus300 blew Dr. Coco away with the incredible PAR map it produced and its extremely affordable price. Check out the complete Octopus300 test report to see more of what Mogobe’s fixtures have to offer. We will be giving away an Octopus300 as a prize during the SAFC!

Because of Mogobe’s wide selection of products, we are excited to announce that this year’s SAFC will have a larger variety of prizes available than previous grow challenges! See the complete list of Mogobe prizes below. We will distribute these prizes throughout the SAFC via our giveaways, side challenges, and End of Grow Awards!

Full List of Mogobe SAFC Prizes:

  • Mogobe Octopus300, Mogobe 100W fixture, two Mogobe 150W fixtures, and four Mogobe 20W seedling lamp bulbs
    • Available on Amazon.com and Mogobe.co
    • Use code Cocolight to receive a 10% Discount on both platforms
  • Mogobe rosin press (3-tons) with manual pollen press machine and pre press mold AND a Mogobe rosin press (5-tons) with manual pollen press machine and pre press mold
    • Available on Amazon.com and Mogobe.co
    • Use code: Cocopress to receive a 10% Discount on both platforms
  • Mogobe trim tray with trimming accessories
    • Available on Amazon.com and Mogobe.co
    • Use code: Cocotrim to receive a 10% Discount on both platforms

All of these prizes will be awarded to growers in the SAFC! We'll start with a big opening giveaway at the beginning of the grow. During the grow, we will do two picture challenges with prizes! At the end of the grow, some of the best prizes will go to the growers who win Best Journal, Best Growmie, and Best Recovery. Make sure to keep checking this page regularly to stay up to date on all the latest SAFC Giveaway announcements!

Homegrown Cannabis Co – Seed Sponsor of the SAFC!

Homegrown Cannabis Co is the official seed sponsor of the Spring Auto Flower Challenge. We have a special discount code with them as this year's seed sponsor! Use code: DRCOCO to save 10% on your purchase on Homegrowncannabisco.com.

Homegrown Cannabis Co is one of the top US online seed banks and is backed by cannabis industry leaders and experts, Kyle Kushman and Steve DeAngelo. Homegrown Cannabis Co is fully committed to providing top-quality genetics and to the success of the grower. They work with reputable breeders from all around the world and carry a huge variety of seeds. All of Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds come with a germination guarantee; if a seed fails to germinate, Homegrown Cannabis Co will send a replacement free of charge, no questions asked. We appreciate Homegrown Cannabis Co’s commitment to the grower, and we are excited to partner with them during the SAFC!