Size Matters Side Challenge

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Big or Small, Size Matters! In this side challenge, there are two ways to win: go big or stay small! Start your Autos on 4/20, and at the end of June, we will collect submissions for the Size Matters Side Challenge!


Mars Hydro is our Prize Sponsor!

  • The Biggest Auto Flower Plant will win a new Mars Hydro FC-4800!
  • The Smallest Auto Flower Plant will win a new Mars Hydro FC-E3000!

The Mars Hydro FC-4800 is an LED bar-array fixture designed for 4’ x 4’ coverage. It uses top-quality components and Samsung LM301B diodes. The FC-4800’s design and diode distribution allow it to spread high-density light evenly across the canopy, providing optimum lighting for all stages of plant growth.

Check out Dr Coco’s test report of the similar Mars Hydro FC-E4800 for more information.

The Mars Hydro FC-E3000 is an adjustable LED bar grow light designed for 3’ x 3’ coverage. It uses more than 1100 Bridgelux diodes to deliver light uniformly across the canopy. The FC-E3000 is also incredibly efficient. Because of its price and performance, the Mars Hydro FC-E3000 is among Dr Coco’s top picks for 3’ x 3’ grow lights.

Read Dr Coco’s full FC-E3000 test report for more information on this fixture.

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Joining the Size Matters Side Challenge

Rules & Restrictions

  • You must Grow Auto flowers.
  • You must get your seeds wet on 4/20/2023.
  • You must start your SAFC journal by April 30th.
  • You must make at least one update which documents the progress of your plant(s) during each calendar month during the SAFC (April, May, June, and July).
  • Everything else is up to you! You can use any type of media, containers, lights, seeds, nutrients, training, indoor/outdoor, etc.

Submission Process

  • In mid-June, we will start two threads in the SAFC Forum: one for the Biggest Auto Flower and one for the Smallest Auto Flower.
  • Participants must make a submission to the relevant thread to be considered.
    • Submissions will include photo(s) and a brief written description.
    • The deadline for submissions will be July 1st.
    • You can submit only 1 plant per thread/category.

Selecting the Winners

The winners will be determined using a two-phase selection process:

Phase 1: The challenge leaders will nominate five plants from each category. All nominated plants will be posted on this page for public viewing during Phase 2.

Phase 2: The CocoforCannabis Steering Committee will follow jury rules to select winners in each category. We will meet to deliberate and hold a series of private votes until consensus is achieved. During this process, we may request additional information about the plants from the growers.

The winners will be announced on a Live YouTube show during the second week of July.