PTGC Picture Challenges

Welcome to the PTGC Picture Challenge page!

One of the side challenges in this year’s PTGC is a photo competition, which we call the “PTGC Picture Challenge”! The PTGC Picture Challenge is an optional side competition that is open to all growers participating in the Plant Training Grow Challenge. We invite PTGC growers to submit a photo of their PTGC grow that goes along with the picture challenge’s theme. The winner of the PTGC Picture Challenge will receive an awesome prize!

Congratulations to the Picture Challenge Winner!

The voting to determine the winner of the PTGC Picture Challenge officially ended on November 20th at 3 PM Pacific. Congratulations to our Picture Challenge winner, @Alanmleottijr!

Alanmleottijr sent in Photo #6, which received the most votes with 31 votes out of the total 92 votes! Their winning photo was a beautiful close up shot of one of their buds, which went perfectly with our “PTGC Plants in Bloom” challenge theme! The strain of the plant in the photo is Slurricane #7.

Photo #6, Alanmleottijr's winning photo

For their prize, Alanmleottijr will receive a brand-new Mars Hydro FC-E3000! The FC-E3000 is one of Dr. Coco’s top choices for 3x3 fixtures. For more information on the FC-E3000, check out its new listing in our Product Guide, or read Dr Coco’s full FC-E3000 test report.

The Final Voting Results!

We invited Coco for Cannabis community members to vote for their favorite PTGC Picture Challenge photo in order to determine the challenge winner. There were 9 photos included in the community vote. See the final voting results below!

PTGC Picture Challenge Photos Revealed!

We would like to congratulate all of the photos that made it into the voting selection! We received some great submissions for this challenge, and it was difficult to narrow them down to our top choices. We felt that every photo that made it into the voting was well taken and did a great job of embodying our “PTGC Plants in Bloom” challenge theme. See below to find out who submitted each of the nine photos that were included in the community vote!

Photo #6 (Winning Photo!)

Submitted by: @Alanmleottijr

Photo #7

Submitted by: @HPD

This concludes our PTGC Picture Challenge! Thank you to everyone who sent a photo into the challenge and who participated in the community voting. We had a lot of fun during this picture challenge, and we hope you all did, too!

Picture Challenge Grading Guidelines

We’ve come up with some guidelines to help you take an awesome shot of your grow! By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that you submit your best photo to each Picture Challenge. In so doing, you will also increase your odds of having your photo selected as one of the “final nominees”, where it has the potential to win the community vote and bring home the Picture Challenge prize!

Photo Submission Guidelines, Tips, and Tricks:
  • Show off your grow – your plants should be looking their best in the photo! Avoid showing any sick plants or unkempt grow spaces
  • Stick to the Picture Challenge’s theme – each picture challenge will have its own unique theme that serves to guide and inspire the photo that you submit
    • When in doubt, please contact us at for clarification on what the picture challenge’s theme is about
  • Frame your shot to highlight your subject – try to get your plants in the center of your frame
  • Make sure your background and foreground are uncluttered – remove any loose or distracting objects from the foreground or background before taking your photo
  • Submit the highest-resolution image that you can – the higher the quality, the better your photo will look!
  • Avoid using editing software (e.g., Photoshop) – we want to see your plants as they truly are! Using intense filters or overly editing a photo can oftentimes detract from the beauty of its subject
  • Include a brief but detailed caption with your photo submission – we love hearing the story behind your photo!

See the Official Rules and Terms for the SAFC Giveaways for more information.