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Previous Giveaways!

November 15th PTGC Giveaway!


Here’s what the lucky winner will receive:
  • AC Infinity Cloudline T6 inline duct fan for 6” duct
  • Programmable temperature and humidity controller
  • Detachable 12-foot precision thermo-hygrometer probe that is water resistant.

Use the latest CocoForCannabis discount code, “Coco15”, when you shop at, and you will save 15% on fans, carbon filters, ducts, and other accessories. Not only do you get a discount, but when you purchase your growing equipment and supplies using the affiliate links or discount codes on the CocoForCannabis website, it helps keep this amazing website and grower community alive and growing.

October 1st PTGC Giveaway!

Winner: @Knah

Prize: Photontek X 465w PRO

The prize in October was a top of the line LED grow light for a 4x4 grow space. We are really excited to be giving one away! The Photontek X 465w PRO just came on the market this month and I expect it to be among the very best fixtures for 4x4 coverage. Photontek is new in the US and Canada, but it arrives with a great reputation. Photontek is the sister company to Lumatek in Europe. The Photontek X Series is just like the Lumatek Zues! This light has an $800 retail value, but @knah won it for free in the PTGC!

Interested in Photontek? Check out my Recent video with the Photontek X 600w PRO. Also be sure to see the complete Test Report and Review Page in our Grow Light Guide. If you are interested in buying a Photontek fixture, don't forget to use our discount code: CocoPTK5

September 1st PTGC Giveaway!

Prize: Mars Hydro 2x2 Grow Kit with TS-1000

The first monthly giveaway prize was a Mars Hydro 2x2 Grow Kit with a TS-1000 LED Grow Light. It is valued at over $385 and has everything you need to set up a new grow space!

Congratulations @turtle

Mars Hydro 2x2 Grow Kit with TS-1000 

@Turtle had the winning draw number and won the lottery for the First PTGC Giveaway!!!

Look forward to more great prizes each month!

Winning numbers Sept 1