Plant Training Grow Challenge Giveaway

Prizes and giveaways are part of the fun with growing together!

Welcome to the Plant Training Grow Challenge (PTGC) Giveaways page! As a part of the Coco for Cannabis Grow Challenges, we host several competitions and giveaways that are open to all growers participating in the Challenge. Giveaways and prizes help to keep everyone motivated and having fun throughout the Grow Challenge!

See the Official Rules and Terms for the PTGC Giveaways.

PTGC Flip Day Giveaway – October 1st

Brand New Photontek SQ300W PRO!

This year's PTGC Flip Day Giveaway will be for a brand new Photontek SQ300W PRO! The SQ models are the latest series of Photontek fixtures. The SQ300W PRO was designed to provide optimal coverage to a 3’ x 3’ grow space. It is currently unreleased and is scheduled to launch at the end of September. The winner of the Flip Day Giveaway will be one of the first growers ever to grow under this light!

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To be eligible for the giveaway, you must: register for the Plant Training Grow Challenge and start your PTGC journal. The winner will be chosen and announced on October 1st, Flip Day! We will host a Live Watch Party in the chat room beginning at 6:30 PM PDT on the evening of October 1st. Make sure to stop by for your chance to win bonus prizes! You can view the list of eligible growers and their assigned lottery numbers for the giveaway in the table below.

Eligible Growers

Username Journal Title Lottery Draw Numbers
@daddydooby PTGC Mainlines: PTGC FUN RUN NO HERMS ❌ 284
@cadillacgardens PTGC Mainlines: FastBuds Bruce Banner & sour diesel 338
@dr-witch PTGC Benders: Foster Twin Sisters 901
@crackbabies PTGC Toppers: Master Kush - Pink Kush (bag) - NL-Skunk 244
@oimjr PTGC Mainlines: Headband haze mainline 803
@knah PTGC Mainlines: Giveaway Grow 464
@lee420 PTGC Mainlines: Mainline Gorillas 889
@berkshirebud PTGC Mainlines: Few and Far Between 437
@smotpoker PTGC Mainlines: Testing Photontek/msnl seeds 209
@mtndan PTGC Mainlines: Mountain Mainlines and Manifolds 275
@vid PTGC Toppers: Dessert Seeds - Trial Run 793
@mycomatt PTGC Benders: Auto Stress Training: Jogi OG by Binary 344
@sunshine PTGC Mainlines: Chemberrly- My First Lady 96
@hawger03 PTGC Mainlines: Hindsight - Twenty20 Mendocino 466
@nochmonster PTGC Toppers: Gorilla glue & blue dream 485
@eugenezsmoke PTGC Toppers: Super Lemon Haze Auto 596
@keystonecops PTGC Misfits: Key Lime Chem 675
@shonuff PTGC Toppers: Giant bag seed. 579
@realredhairs PTGC Misfits: SFV OG 177
@low_grow PTGC Benders: Black Strap - SCROG 272
@rosettastoned PTGC Misfits: Been a long time 269
@justdevelopment902 PTGC Misfits: First serious run of my perpetual grow 80
@j2dag PTGC Toppers: 3way GrapeJelly, Green Crack, strawberry 112
@richiebcookin PTGC Toppers: Threes company! 151
@roudy420 PTGC Mainlines: MACV2 F2 < OCGrower76 < CapulatorMACV2 963
@growman3221 PTGC Misfits: Ptgc 1st timer. 12
@hectorbious PTGC Benders: Cultivar Cocktail Bendorama 881
@polo702 PTGC Misfits: 8/26/21 Candy Kush/Northern Lgts Autos 549
@laru-deralis PTGC Misfits: Malala the AMS Afghan 875
@coop2-0 PTGC Benders: 420 Fast Buds Auto Grow 297
@matt-cooke PTGC Toppers: Triple scoop 132
@oldwoman PTGC Misfits: Growing With Mom 843
@rocinante PTGC Toppers: More Shoots, More Fruits! 755
@ryanneilparker PTGC Benders: LST ONLY AUTO 554
@eg18kgold PTGC Mainlines: Ethos Run #1 702
@latibulegalaxy PTGC Toppers: 4 x 4 Bubba Kush & Alien Rock Candy 492
@inlovewthecoco PTGC Toppers: Two mixed up Mephisto beans 236
@ocgrower76 PTGC Toppers: Wyeast Farms - Zuyaqui 792
@baby-lamb PTGC Benders: 2x4 SOG: 10x BlackFarm Genetics 97
@yamumzbum PTGC Mainlines: ILGM's Bruce Banner 988
@growforshow PTGC Misfits: Blueberry Slushy & her Untrained Friends 335
@nyweedman PTGC Misfits: Trainwreck- Arcata cut 56
@chefomj PTGC Misfits: Playing with fire 723
@newdgrower69 PTGC Mainlines: PTGC Mainlines - Apex R1 by Ethos 176
@gazpachodaddy93 PTGC Mainlines: Sour Diesel Mainline 775
@organicautosmi PTGC Misfits: First Photo Run 542
@straightpsifarm PTGC Misfits: Growing Wit Straight Psi 33
@deeman PTGC Mainlines: Romulan #1 & #2 and Purple Haze 495
@mac420 PTGC Misfits: White og and blueberry glue 203
@furrysparkle PTGC Mainlines: FunBox 4th Annual PTGC 48
@crispywannabe PTGC Misfits: Gsc party cup 736
@ziesifer PTGC Misfits: Headroom incident & Orange Gasm in 2x4 341
@unclenana PTGC Misfits: PTGC - 3 strains 748
@cabininthehood PTGC Mainlines: Quicksilver by Snowhigh 547
@terpeneted PTGC Toppers: Gorilla Cookies 298
@sk-one PTGC Mainlines: Jelly Rancher with hands off automation 394
@hardlyrich PTGC Misfits: New journal for Challenge 173

Selecting the Winner

Giveaway winners will be chosen using the California State Lottery. The winning numbers for the Photontek Flip Day Giveaway will be the winning numbers chosen during the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing on October 1st. The prize will go to the eligible grower who has the assigned lottery number that is the closest to the winning number.


  1. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the eligible grower with the larger number.
  2. Draw numbers are all three digits. The numbers in the tables above do not include leading zeros. For example, if the number shown is "6", the actual draw number is "006".
  3. This giveaway is limited to growers located in the US or Canada.
  4. See the Official Rules and Terms for the Plant Training Grow Challenge 2021.

Previous Winners

Congratulations, Roudy420, Winner of the PTGC Opening Giveaway!

We kicked off this year’s PTGC with an Opening Giveaway on September 1st for a brand new FTG Infinity Board. Congratulations to the giveaway winner, @Roudy420! They had the assigned lottery number that was closest to the winning number, making them our big winner! Congratulations to the 2nd runner-up, @Rocinante, who also attended the Live Watch Party. They will receive a Coco for Cannabis T-shirt!

The FTG Infinity Board is a truly unique fixture. It features a modular design that allows you to “grow” the light with your plants. You start with one panel and can add more as you grow, up to four panels in total! The single FTG Infinity Board panel has a power draw of 140W and is meant to provide full coverage to a 2’ x 2’ area. It is also a good choice for seedlings, clones, and mother plants! The fixture is highly efficient and features a sleek purple body that will add the perfect amount of flare to any grow space!

PTGC Prize Sponsors

We have some incredible prizes lined up for the PTGC this year! Check out our awesome prize sponsors below! You can support the Plant Training Grow Challenge and Coco for Cannabis by shopping with our prize sponsors and using our discount codes. More information on PTGC giveaways and prizes coming soon!