Plant Training Grow Challenge Giveaway

Prizes and giveaways are part of the fun with growing together!

Welcome to the Plant Training Grow Challenge (PTGC) Giveaways page! As part of the Coco for Cannabis Grow Challenges, we host several competitions and giveaways that are open to all growers participating in the challenge. Giveaways and prizes help to keep everyone motivated and having fun throughout the grow challenge! Visit this page regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest PTGC Giveaway news and announcements!

See the Official Rules and Terms for the PTGC Giveaways.

PTGC Opening Giveaway!

Prize: Mars Hydro Smart Grow System FC-E3000
Drawing on Thursday, September 1st

We are kicking off our Plant Training Grow Challenge with an Opening Giveaway sponsored by Mars Hydro! On September 1st, one lucky PTGC grower will win a brand-new Mars Hydro Smart Grow System FC-E3000!

The Smart Grow System is the latest upgrade from Mars Hydro. It allows app-based control for any Mars Hydro grow light. Using the Smart Grow System, you can set the timing, dimming, and more from your phone! The Smart Grow System is available on some new models, or you can purchase a Smart Grow System to install on your older Mars Hydro fixtures.

The PTGC Opening Giveaway prize is a Mars Hydro FC-E3000 with the Smart Grow System. Dr. Coco tested the FC-E3000, and it is a great 3’ x 3’ grow light! See his full FC-E3000 test report or watch his video review for more information. Dr. Coco also tested the Smart Grow Controller, and he wants one for his own grow! The Smart Grow System is simple to connect, and the controller is easy to use. We also appreciate that the Smart Grow System can be installed onto older Mars Hydro models, giving everyone access to the latest and greatest smart technology!

Check out the Smart Grow System at If you decide to buy your own, be sure to use Discount code CCFC.

How to Enter

To enter the Opening Giveaway, simply start your PTGC journal any time before September 1. You can start your PTGC journal by visiting the PTGC Forum. From there, find the challenge group you’d like to join, and create your journal in their sub-forum.

PTGC Opening Giveaway Eligible Growers

Username Journal Title Lottery Draw Numbers
@kapt_save_da_ho PTGC Benders: Sour Stomper- Mephisto Genetics 382
@heyron420 PTGC Architects: Coco Time and Mainline 61
@theinsidedope PTGC Architects: 🌿 Ethos - Cherry Gar-See-Ya - Fem/Photo 937
@hpd PTGC Architects: Hempy 2: Wrath of Ganj 217
@takjr1976 PTGC Benders: Wedding Cake by ILGM 26
@tropa PTGC Architects: Blue Dream Sherbet 126
@shonuff PTGC Toppers: Clark Kents Armpit 484
@soil-sheppard PTGC Misfits: Mango CBD 1:1 by 34 Street seed +revegs 424
@spacedghost PTGC Benders: Original Auto Chemdawg by FastBuds 190
@chiefjeef PTGC Architects: Jeef's Jungle: Chief Coco! Skywalker OG 819
@nochmonster PTGC Architects: Ethos endgame manifold 865
@clubhighlife PTGC Architects: Solfire Garden: Block Monster Solo Cup 693
@coop2-0 PTGC Benders: Cherry Cola - Fastbuds 459
@richiebcookin PTGC Toppers: Old school cool 976
@roudy420 PTGC Strippers: AMY ACES by theamericanone_with_achenes 714
@champtonog PTGC Architects: Color of Space Mainline 864
@j9aceae PTGC Architects: Blue Moscow Mimosa Journal 153
@mtndan PTGC Toppers: The Belmont via OCgrower76 325
@organicautosmi PTGC Architects: Peyote WiFi CBD 2:1 & Peyote Zkittlez 617
@hytymz63 PTGC Toppers: My C.O.B in a 2x2 885
@keystonecops PTGC Misfits: Ep.113 The One With the Cop 874
@helidoc PTGC Misfits: Grandpa Grows - Health Recovery Grow 403
@joeyloco888 PTGC Benders: Challange 952
@spab PTGC Toppers: SPABS Brucey Bonus 973
@eg18kgold PTGC Architects: Ethos Genetics Run #3 - Mainline Time 944
@crackbabies PTGC Misfits: Wake and Bake line - Pure Breeding 822
@staggeringprod PTGC Strippers: Sour Skittlez by Growers Choice N.L 791
@scrubs-shrubs PTGC Misfits: Operation big boy 547

Selecting the Winners

The winner will be determined using the California State Lottery. The winning numbers chosen during the California Daily 3 evening drawing on September 1st will be the winning numbers for the PTGC Opening Giveaway. The list of eligible growers and their assigned lottery numbers for the drawing can be viewed in the table above.

We will hold a Live Watch Party in the chat room beginning at 6:30 PM PT on the evening of September 1st to see the winners chosen and announced in real time. We hope you will be able to join us there!


  1. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the eligible grower with the larger number.
  2. Draw numbers are all three digits. The numbers in the tables above do not include leading zeros. For example, if the number shown is "6", the actual draw number is "006".
  3. See the Official Rules and Terms for the Plant Training Grow Challenge 2022.