New Year’s Grow Challenge

Announcing the New Year's Grow Challenge
We love to “grow together”, and invite all growers to grow along with us!

This is a wonderful opportunity to grow along with other growers. We plan to germinate seeds or take cuttings for clones on January first and flip to 12/12 lighting on Valentine’s Day. Strain selection is open and no prior grow experience needed. The New Year’s Grow Challenge (NYGC) is all about collaboration, seeing different methods and techniques, comparing different lights and media, asking questions, learning from others, and sharing our strategies. A wonderful chance for new growers to have guidance and help at every step of the way and for experienced growers to pass along their insights. We hope that you will grow with us!


Germination: 1/1/19

We started on New Years Day, but you are welcome to join now and catch up!

Target Flip Date: 2/14/19

Valentine’s day is the target date to begin 12/12 lighting. That is 44 days of total vegetative growth. It is set as a target, not an obligation.


You can grow any strains. From Seed or from Clone. The idea is to coordinate timing, but several growers are also going to coordinate strains!

Several of us will be growing seeds from Grower's Choice Seeds. I will be growing Blueberry Kush and Blueberry CBD. Others are planning to grow OG Kush. Coordinate your seeds to really compare with other growers - or choose any strain from any breeder that you like!

Your Choice:

You can use any media, lights, plant training, nutrients, etc. Or follow the lead of proven growers!

Only Requirements:
  • Germinate on New Years Day
  • Keep a grow journal in our forum
  • Participate on shared NYGC threads in our forum
  • Collaborate & Share - This is what it’s all about!
Entry: FREE
Sign-up for the Grow challenge below - and then create your account in our forum!
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