NYGC Picture Challenges

Welcome to the NYGC Picture Challenge page!

The NYGC Picture Challenge is an optional photo competition that is open to all growers participating in the New Year’s Grow Challenge. We invite all NYGC growers to submit a photo of their NYGC grow that goes along with the picture challenge’s theme. Then, the Coco for Cannabis team meets to narrow down the submissions to the final nominees, and the community votes on the final nominees in order to determine the picture challenge winner. The winner will receive an awesome prize package!

The NYGC Picture Challenge

Congratulations to the Winner of the Picture Challenge!

The voting to determine the winner of the NYGC Picture Challenge officially ended on February 19th at 3 PM Pacific. Congratulations to our Picture Challenge winner, Eg18kgold!

Eg18kgold sent in Photo #6, which won the majority vote with 28% (10 votes out of the 35 total votes)! Eg18kgold’s winning photo was a great shot of their NYGC plants right before the flip. The photo also features a super cute Valentine’s Day water pipe, which went perfectly with our “My Cannabis Romance” picture challenge theme! The strain of the plants in the photo are Zweet Insanity and Runtz.

For their prize, Eg18kgold will receive an awesome prize package! The prize package includes all of the following:

  1. The winner will be invited to talk about their NYGC grow and give a tour of their garden during a live show with Dr Coco
  2. The winner will have their winning photo and Instagram page featured on both of the Coco for Cannabis Instagram pages (@cocoforcannabis & @drmjcoco)
  3. The winner will have their NYGC grow and winning photo featured in the next Coco for Cannabis newsletter
  4. The winner will receive a Coco for Cannabis poster signed by Dr Coco as well as 2 Coco for Cannabis stickers

Stay tuned for details about the Live Show that Eg18kgold will appear as a guest on!

The Final Voting Results!

We invited Coco for Cannabis community members to vote for their favorite NYGC Picture Challenge photo in order to determine the challenge winner. There were 6 photos in the community vote. See the final voting results below!


NYGC Picture Challenge Photos Revealed!

This concludes our NYGC Picture Challenge! Thank you to everyone who sent a photo into the challenge and who participated in the community voting. We had a lot of fun during this picture challenge, and we hope you all did, too! See below to find out who submitted each of the six Picture Challenge photos!

Photo #3

Submitted by: @RJRED

Photo #6

Winning Photo!

Submitted by: @Eg18kgold