NYGC Picture Challenge

Welcome to the NYGC Picture Challenge page!

This year, we are hosting a new type of side challenge as part of the Coco for Cannabis New Year’s Grow Challenge, which we are calling the “NYGC Picture Challenges”. These Picture Challenges will be a series of optional photo competitions where we invite all NYGC growers to submit photos from their NYGC grows! We will have three Picture Challenges in total throughout the NYGC. Each Picture Challenge will have its own unique theme and an awesome prize for its winner!

Picture Challenge Prize: Photontek SQ300W PRO!

The prize for the First NYGC Picture Challenge is a brand new Photontek SQ300W PRO! The SQ series is the latest line of Photontek fixtures. The SQ300W PRO is expertly designed to provide optimal coverage to a 3’ x 3’ grow space. It also features top-end components, Photontek’s signature driver, and a bold red body that looks great inside any tent! For more information on the Photontek SQ300W PRO, check out Dr. Coco’s official PAR Tests, or watch his complete video review.

The First NYGC Picture Challenge!

Theme: Seedlings and Training
Prize: Photontek SQ300W PRO – Winner announced Sunday, January 30th

The theme of this Picture Challenge is “seedlings and training”! We invited all NYGC growers to submit a photo that captures the moment of starting a grow or training their young plants.

The photo submission period has ended, and the voting period is now open! Review the top submissions below, and vote for your favorite photo! There is a limit of one vote per person, so make sure to choose wisely 🙂

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #6

Choose your favorite photo! Live

  • Photo #1
    1% 1 / 51
  • Photo #2
    50% 26 / 51
  • Photo #3
    9% 5 / 51
  • Photo #4
    11% 6 / 51
  • Photo #5
    5% 3 / 51
  • Photo #6
    19% 10 / 51

Selecting the Winner

Voting is open from Thursday, January 27th, until Sunday, January 30th.  Whichever photo has received the most votes by 5 PM PT on Sunday, January 30, will be our winner!