New Year’s Grow Challenge Giveaway

New Year's Grow Challenge

Prizes and giveaways are part of the fun with growing together!

Welcome to the New Year's Grow Challenge (NYGC) Giveaways page! As a part of the Coco for Cannabis Grow Challenges, we host several competitions and giveaways that are open to all growers participating in the Challenge. Giveaways and prizes help to keep everyone motivated and having fun throughout the Grow Challenge! See our upcoming NYGC giveaways and previous NYGC giveaway winners in the sections below!

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NYGC End of Grow Award Winners!

The results of the NYGC End of Grow Awards are officially in! We held the drawing to determine this year’s winners on the evening of Sunday, April 17th. The winning numbers chosen during the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing on April 17 were “269”. See the winners and their prizes announced below!

Best Journal: Spacementgrown

Congratulations, @Spacementgrown, winner of the Best Journal award! Spacementgrown kept an awesome NYGC journal documenting their participation in a worldwide home grower showcase put on by inHouse Genetics. Spacementgrown’s NYGC journal is filled with tons of growing knowledge and loads of beautiful pictures. Make sure to check out Spacementgrown's NYGC journal and offer your congratulations today!

As their prize, Spacementgrown chose to receive the TrimBag! The TrimBag is a large canvas cylinder that acts as a friction trimmer. You load untrimmed buds into the bag, and then roll, spin, and shake the bag manually for only a few minutes. The interior canvas provides the friction to pull the leaves from the buds without damaging the flowers.

Read what Dr. Coco has to say about TrimBag

I (Dr Coco) have long been skeptical of friction trimmers in general, but I tried the TrimBag, and I am keeping it. The trim job was not perfect, but the TrimBag did 95% of the work in only a few minutes. The buds appeared completely undamaged and remarkably clean. I touched them up with snips and put them straight into jars. The RH in the jars stabilized at exactly 60%. A 12-hour trimming job was done in less than 1 hour! The amount of time and drudgery that the TrimBag saves makes it a valuable tool for busy home growers.

Best Growmie: Rusty

Congratulations to @Rusty on winning our award for Best Growmie! We received word from multiple CocoforCannabis community members that Rusty is the prime example of a good growmie and that this award was well deserved! Make sure to stop by Rusty’s NYGC journal to say congrats!

As their prize, Rusty chose to receive the 100W grow light from Mogobe! Mogobe has earned a reputation for their vast collection of quality, affordable equipment for home growers. Mogobe’s Octopus 300 model performed exceptionally well during Dr. Coco’s official test conducted earlier this year. We are sure that the 100W fixture is also a high-quality grow light, and we are looking forward to seeing what Rusty will do with it!

Best Recovery: ThaBigBadWolfie

Congratulations to our Best Recovery winner, @ThaBigBadWolfie! This was ThaBigBadWolfie’s first grow to make it past the seedling stage. Although they faced several setbacks along the way, their plants were able to pull through and make a full recovery! Because of its interesting content and regular updates, ThaBigBadWolfie’s NYGC journal ended up being one of the most viewed journals in the NYGC Forum! Make sure to check it out today if you haven’t already!

ThaBigBadWolfie will receive the Mars-Hydro 4” fan with filter kit as their prize! Mars-Hydro makes excellent growing equipment, and this fan is their latest model. We think that it will make a great addition to any grow tent, especially that of a new grower!

Congratulations to all of the End of Grow award winners and nominees! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the New Year’s Grow Challenge as well as our wonderful prize sponsors! We had a great Challenge, gave out some great prizes, and grew some great plants!

If you enjoyed participating in the NYGC, please consider signing up for our next grow challenge, the Spring Auto Flower Challenge!  The SAFC officially began on 4/20, but there is still time left for you to sign up for the challenge!

We are kicking off the SAFC with a huge giveaway on May 4th for a Mogobe 5-Ton Rosin Press! There is still time to enter into the giveaway! Head over to the SAFC Giveaways page for more information.

NYGC End of Grow Award Nominees!

The NYGC End of Grow Award nominations are officially in! This year, we selected nominees a bit differently than we have in the past. For this NYGC, we had three challenge leaders. The challenge leaders were tasked with selecting four nominees for each End of Grow award out of all NYGC journals. This meant that challenge group membership did not restrict this year’s End of Grow Award nominations – multiple members from one challenge group could be nominated in the same award category. We are excited to try something new, and we hope that you all will enjoy doing it this way, too!

Best Journal Nominees
  1. @TheBrad – Coco
  2. @Spacementgrown – Coco
  3. @VVolfVVizard – Water
  4. @Love-2-grow – Peat
Best Growmie Nominees
  1. @Roudy420 – Coco
  2. @Rusty – Peat
  3. @Heyron420 – Peat
  4. @ThaBigBadWolfie – Coco
Best Recovery Nominees
  1. @Love-2-grow – Peat
  2. @ThaBigBadWolfie – Coco
  3. @Twilight_Zone – Misfits
  4. @n-grower – Water

Previous NYGC Winners

Nochmonster wins the Second NYGC Picture Challenge!

The second and final picture challenge of the NYGC has come to its close. Congratulations to our challenge winner, @Nochmonster!

Nochmonster submitted Photo #3, which received 114 out of the 283 total votes, making them our challenge winner! Nochmonster’s winning photo was a great shot of one of their NYGC plants entering bloom. The strain is Blue Cheese Auto bred by Royal Queen Seeds. This photo was taken right as the plant began to flower and show some beautiful purple hues. The photo perfectly captured our “First Flowers” challenge theme. Well done, Nochmonster!

Nochmonster's winning NYGC picture challenge photo

As their prize, Nochmonster will receive a brand-new Mogobe trim tray with trimming accessories! The Mogobe trim tray is made of 304 stainless steel, features a removable and replaceable screen, and comes with a variety of harvesting tools to make your next harvest a breeze!

Make sure to stop by Nochmonster’s NYGC journal to check out their NYGC plants and to offer your congratulations!

Thank you to all who participated in the Second NYGC Picture Challenge! We received even more awesome photo submissions than we did in our First Picture Challenge, and the Coco for Cannabis team had a great time going through them all. Visit the NYGC Picture Challenge page to see who submitted each of the nine photos that made it into the voting selection!

This concludes our NYGC Picture Challenges. If you enjoyed these contests, please consider signing up for our next grow challenge, the Spring Auto Flower Challenge (SAFC). The SAFC begins on April 20th and will also feature two picture challenges as its side competitions. We hope to see you all there!

Congratulations, Heyron420, Winner of the First NYGC Picture Challenge!

The first Picture Challenge of the NYGC has officially come to a close! Congratulations to our Picture Challenge winner, @Heyron420! This Picture Challenge was also the final giveaway in our three-part Photontek New Gear Giveaway series. Heyron420 will receive a brand new Photontek SQ300W PRO as their prize!

Heyron420’s NYGC Picture Challenge submission received 31 out of the 70 total votes, making them our challenge winner! The winning photo was a great shot of one of Heyron420's NYGC plants. The strain is Liberty Haze. This photo shows the beginning of Heyron420’s manifold training and LST on the top main colas. Not only was this a stunning photo, it also perfectly captured the First Picture Challenge’s theme of “Seedlings and Training.” Nicely done, Heyron420!

Heyron420's winning NYGC Picture Challenge photo

As their prize, Heyron420 will receive a brand new Photontek SQ300W PRO! The SQ300W PRO was expertly designed to provide optimal coverage to a 3’ x 3’ grow space. It features top-end components and elite efficiency. For more information on the SQ300W PRO, read Dr. Coco’s official test report or watch his complete video review.

Make sure to stop by Heyron420’s NYGC journal to offer your congratulations! You can check back again to see Heyron420 growing under their new Photontek SQ300W PRO!

To see the final Picture Challenge voting results and to find out who submitted each of the six Picture Challenge photos, head over to the NYGC Picture Challenge page! This page will also contain all the latest updates about upcoming NYGC Picture Challenges.

Congratulations, Big Buds Garden, Winner of the Second Photontek New Gear Giveaway!

This year, we kicked off the NYGC with a series of three giveaways, the Photontek New Gear Giveaways! We held the second drawing of the New Gear Giveaway series on the evening of January 23rd. This drawing was for our grand prize, a Photontek X600W PRO!

Congratulations to the giveaway winner, @Big-Buds-Garden! They had the assigned lottery number of “371”, which was closest to the winning number, “362”.

Big Buds Garden will receive a brand new Photontek X600W PRO as their prize! The X600W PRO is a beautifully designed and expertly engineered 5’x 5’ LED grow light. It features top-end components and elite efficiency. Check out Dr. Coco's official test report for more information on this awesome fixture!

Make sure to check out Big Buds Garden’s NYGC grow journal and offer them a congratulations! You can check the journal again to see how Big Buds Garden’s NYGC plants respond to the X600W PRO!

Congratulations, Baked, Winner of the First Photontek New Gear Giveaway!

We held the first drawing in the Photontek New Gear Giveaway series on the evening of Sunday, January 16th. Congratulations to NYGC grower, @Baked! They had the assigned lottery number of “160”, which was closest to the winning numbers, “159”.

Baked will receive a brand new Photontek SQ200W PRO as their prize! Check out Baked’s NYGC grow journal to say congratulations, and check back again to see them growing under their new SQ200W PRO!