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Prizes and giveaways are part of the fun with growing together!

Welcome to the New Year’s Grow Challenge (NYGC) Giveaways page! As part of the Coco for Cannabis Grow Challenges, we host several competitions and giveaways that are open to all growers participating in the challenge. Giveaways and prizes help to keep everyone motivated and having fun throughout the grow challenge! Visit this page regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest NYGC Giveaway news and announcements!

See the Official Rules and Terms for the NYGC Giveaways.


NYGC End of Grow Award Winners!

The results of the NYGC End of Grow Awards are officially in! We held the drawing to determine this year’s winners on the evening of Sunday, April 9th. The winning numbers chosen during the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing on April 9 were “667”. See the End of Grow Award winners announced below!

Winner of Best Journal: Dankasauras

Congratulations, @dankasauras, winner of the Best Journal award! Dankasauras kept a great journal documenting their grow of five different strains. Dankasauras’s NYGC journal is filled with tons of great photos and short, simple entries, making it very easy to understand and follow along with. Make sure to check out Dankasauras’s NYGC journal and offer them your congratulations today!

Winner of Best Growmie: Chaoticseeds

Congratulations to @chaoticseeds on winning our award for Best Growmie! Chaoticseeds did a great job of following along with fellow NYGC growers’ journals and posting encouraging comments and advice. Chaoticseeds also kept an awesome visual journal comprised of many pictures of their grow. Make sure to stop by Chaoticseeds’s NYGC journal to say congrats!

Winner of Best Recovery: Mitch171

Congratulations to our Best Recovery winner, @mitch171! This was mitch171’s first ever legal grow. They faced a few setbacks during germination, and had to throw out a seed or two. However, they had several viable seedlings that recovered and turned into beautiful plants in the end. Make sure to check mitch171’s NYGC journal out today!

Winner of One Cola Challenge: Bitterenvy

Congratulations to the winner of the One Cola Challenge, @bitterenvy! The strain of their one cola plant was CBDurban. Bitterenvy kept a great NYGC journal documenting their grow and paying special attention to their one cola plant. Be sure to stop by Bitterenvy’s NYGC journal to check it out!

End of Grow Award Nominees Announced!

The NYGC End of Grow Award nominations are officially in! Congratulations to those who have been nominated for an award! The NYGC End of Grow Award nominees and their assigned number ranges for the upcoming drawing are posted below.

Best Journal Nominees
Best Growmie Nominees
Best Recovery Nominees
One Cola Challenge Nominees
Announcing the

NYGC End of Grow Awards!

Sunday, April 9th, at 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT

Our New Year’s Grow Challenge is coming to its close! The challenge will officially end in mid-April, right before we switch over to the Spring Auto Flower Challenge. With the end of the challenge come the End of Grow Awards! We will be giving out awards and prizes for: Best Journal, Best Growmie, Best Recovery, and the winner of the One Cola side challenge.

The NYGC End of Grow Awards will take place on Sunday, April 9th, at 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT, in the chat room. Winners will be chosen using the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing that night.

Prize Sponsors: Trimbag & Homegrown Cannabis Co!

We are excited to announce that the prize sponsors of this year’s NYGC End of Grow Awards are Trimbag and Homegrown Cannabis Co! We have given out prizes from both of these sponsors before in the past, and the feedback has always been positive! We are excited to have another opportunity to give some of these awesome prizes away!

End of Grow Prizes!

We have some great prizes lined up for our winners! Two lucky growers will receive a Trimbag Original dry trimmer. Two more lucky growers will each receive two 8-packs of seed from Homegrown Cannabis Co!

Trimming by hand is easily the most tedious part of growing your own, but there is a way to escape from “trim jail”! Introducing, TrimBag! The TrimBag is a large canvas cylinder that acts as a friction trimmer. You load untrimmed buds into the bag, and then roll, spin, and shake the bag manually for only a few minutes. The interior canvas provides the friction to pull the leaves from the buds without damaging the flowers. With the Trimbag, you can accomplish a 12-hour trimming job in less than 1 hour!

If you’d like to purchase a Trimbag for your own grow, the best deals can be found on We have a special discount code! Use code CCFC to receive 15% off your order.

Homegrown Cannabis Co is one of our top recommended online seed banks for growers in the US. They offer discreet shipping, excellent customer service, and a germination guarantee. Two of our NYGC End of Grow Award winners will each receive two 8-packs of feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co! The winners will each get to choose two strains from the following options: Fat Mazzy, Lemon Tree, and Blackberry Kush.

Homegrown Cannabis Co carries a huge variety of seeds, and they frequently run special sales and promotions. We have a special discount code you can use for every purchase made on! Enter code DRCOCO at checkout to save 10% on your order.


Previous Winners

Congratulations, Opening Giveaway Winners!

The fun just keeps coming in the NYGC! We held the drawing to determine the winners of our NYGC Opening Giveaway on January 2nd. The drawing was based off of the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing. The numbers chosen on the January 2nd evening drawing were “776“. Congratulations to the giveaway winners, @nochmonster, @deeboof, and @maxovrdrive! These growers had the assigned lottery numbers that were closest to the winning numbers.

All three of our winners will receive a Transplant Set of Air-Pots from Air-Pots Bros! The Transplant Set is a product that Dr. Coco recommended to Air-Pot Bros himself. It comes with four germination cells and four #3 (3-gallon) Air-Pots. It is the perfect set for anyone who implements a transplant strategy during their grow!

We’d like to thank the Opening Giveaway’s sponsor, Air-Pot Bros! Air-Pot Bros is the largest certified distributor of Air-Pots in North America. They offer the full catalogue of Air-Pot products on their website, and they have excellent customer service. We have a special deal with Air-Pot Bros! Use discount code CCFC420 to receive free shipping on all purchases made through


Congrats, Homegrown Cannabis Co. Giveaway Winners!

We kicked off the NYGC with a special seed giveaway sponsored by Homegrown Cannabis Co. The giveaway took place on the Sundazed & Confused show hosted on the Smotpoker YouTube channel. Click here to replay the live show and giveaway event!

Congratulations to our giveaway winners! The winners are as follows: Mike K, @puffyd, @nochmonster, @takjr1976, Elizabeth M, @squiddy, and Marcus G.

Each of these winners will receive two 4-packs of cannabis seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co! The winners each got to choose two strains out of the following options: Alaska ThunderFuck, Gary Payton, Lava Cake, Mimosa, and Apple Fritter. The winners will all be growing some of their Homegrown Cannabis Co seeds in the upcoming NYGC. We are really looking forward to following along with their grows!

If you would like to purchase some Homegrown Cannabis Co seeds to try for yourself, check out We have a special discount code just for our community! Enter code DRCOCO at checkout to save 10% on your order.