New Year’s Grow Challenge Giveaway

New Year's Grow Challenge

Prizes and giveaways are part of the fun with growing together!

Welcome to the New Year's Grow Challenge (NYGC) Giveaways page! As a part of the Coco for Cannabis Grow Challenges, we host several competitions and giveaways that are open to all growers participating in the Challenge. Giveaways and prizes help to keep everyone motivated and having fun throughout the Grow Challenge! See our upcoming NYGC giveaways below!

See the Official Rules and Terms for the NYGC Giveaways.


Upcoming Prizes & Giveaways

The Photontek New Gear Giveaway!!

We are kicking off the New Year’s Grow Challenge with a New Gear Giveaway sponsored by Photontek Lighting!! Three lucky growers will win beautiful, brand new Photontek fixtures! The New Gear Giveaway prizes are: a Photontek SQ200W PRO, a Photontek SQ300W PRO, and a Photontek X600W PRO!

Photontek makes top-quality fixtures that feature elite efficiency and superior performance. They also boast sleek designs and bold red bodies that look great inside of any grow space! The X600W PRO is one of Dr. Coco’s top choices for a 5’ x 5’ space, while the SQ200W PRO and SQ300W PRO are great for fully lightning 2’ x 2’ and 3’ x 3’ grow spaces, respectively. Check out Dr. Coco's Test Reports on the X600W PRO and SQ300W PRO for more information on these awesome lights!

To enter the New Gear Giveaway, you must register for the NYGC and start your NYGC journal any time before January 15th. Please note that the New Gear Giveaway is limited to growers located in the US and Canada.

We will hold the drawing to determine the winners of the Giveaway on the evening of Sunday, January 16th! Join us in the chat room on January 16th for the drawing and Live Watch Party beginning at 6:30 PM PT – 9:30 PM ET. Good luck, growmies!!


Selecting the Winners

Giveaway winners will be chosen using the California State Lottery. The winning numbers for each Giveaway will be the winning numbers chosen during the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing on the designated draw dates. The prizes will go to the eligible growers who have the assigned lottery numbers that are the closest to the winning numbers.


  1. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to the eligible grower with the larger number.
  2. Giveaway winners limited to the US and Canada unless otherwise specified.
  3. See the Official Rules and Terms for the New Year's Grow Challenge 2022.