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PTGC Architects: Behind the 8 Ball: Grapefruit Romulan

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Vid 74 Posts 7 months  ago
NYGC Soil: Fast Times @ NYGC

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Vid 27 Posts 1 year  ago
PTGC Toppers: Dessert Seeds - Trial Run

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Vid 32 Posts 2 years  ago
SAFC Black Holes (Misfits): The Great Outdoors - Auto style

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Vid Rusty 81 Posts 2 years  ago

Vid’s Completed Grow Journals

SAFC Fruit: Spring Fling - Bruce in a Lemon Haze

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Vid 35 Posts 11 months  ago
NYGC Fruit Salad: AFBERRY Auto - New Grower

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Vid 61 Posts 2 years  ago