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Glass membrane pH meters -

pH Meters and RO/DI water from the Reef bros -

Cannabis Garden Saver -

Aroya Office Hours -

"The EC value: importance for (hydroponic) cannabis cultivation" -

Crop Steering? - 3 phases of irrigation
Feed EC vs Substrate EC vs Runoff EC -

Greengene's 2021 Elemental Breakdown Per Fert. Line -
LUX & ppfd conversions -
LED Spectrum -
Frenchy Canoli -

What is Triacontanol?

What is Chitosan Oligosaccharide -

KootMed's Jack's Feed Chart -


Why to mix your large reservoirs by ppm. Misdiagnosed issue confirmed by leaf tissue analysis (salts absorbing water in storage) -

Decarboxylation -

Wood Moisture Content Meter -

vs. Water Activity

RSO Machine w/ recapture -

“Cannabis is one of the most aggressively growing plants that we do in horticulture, so it's probably going to be more of a hamper to have too low of EC than too high of EC.”
-- Jason Van Leuven, Aroya

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