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I set up 2 tents both with the Growers Choice ROI E 720s plus the master controller and 6" AC infinity fans. I run Roots Organic Original soil mix and most of Roots Organic dry and liquid nutes. Right now I'm growing clones from CLTVD Genetics. I have 2 Wedding Cake and 2 Cherry Dosido that are in the 3rd week of flower in a 5x5 tent. Then I have 2 Dosilato and 2 SFV OG that are in their 3rd week of veg in a 4x4. This way I can have a continual harvest about every 2 months. I top and low stress train until flower then I put up a trellis net. I do light definition a few times in veg then lolipop and do a heavier definition a little after the flip. I veg between 76°-82° and 55-75 humidity with lights 30"-48" above canopy 18 hours on and 6 off and a 20 min sunrise/sunset. I flower between 72°-78° and 35-55 humidity with lights 24"-18" above canopy 12 hours on 12 off and a 40 min sunrise sunset. Light on during the coldest parts of the night and off during the hottest parts of the day to help with temps. I use Proseinic Humidifiers that I can control from my phone from anywhere. I hang 2 oscillating fans from the roof blowing down on the plants and an oscillating heater with an eco mode to hold the right temps on the floor with the humidifiers. I use diamtatious earth and neem oil to prevent pest. I grow basil and cilantro as cover crop and I keep mint and rosemary in separate pots also to discourage pests plus add to the terpen profile. I'd say I have all the right tools I just need to not mess things up lol.

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