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About ten years ago I had a few successful harvests with a 400 watt HPS in a tent, but I quit growing pretty soon after this.
Last year I decided to give it another try in a similar tent with a LED and some clones and seedlings that were given to me. I ruined the grow and one year later I decided I wanted to do it right this time.
Because of a lack of space and because I wanted something less conspicuous than a large tent I chose for a stealth grow box with a 150 watt HPS. The box itself is 61 x 61 x 119 cm.
But I pretty soon found out my two grower friends were right with their prediction that heat would become the main problem. So that is why I decided to add a bigger extractor fan with a hose leading directly to the exterior, together with a fan to blow fresh air in through one of the three air inlets and a small mobile air conditioning system to cool down the small storage room during hot summer days.

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Stealth grow box with a150 watt HPS

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