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Around y2k Medical use was passed as a proposition in Calif. I lived in the Sacramento area I Grew for a few years. The only info I could get was a book by Ed Rosenthal I got from Tower Books. He had been working with Oakland medical dispensary in a new way of growing called a Sea of Green in coco. So I built a 4x4 grow box with a 1000 watt HPS, a flood and drain system I got some skunk clones I put 16 plants in that box veg for two weeks 24/0 then flip to 12/12 for 8 weeks about that time I had another 16 clones ready to go in they grew in 1 gal pots they would water every two hours when lights were on nothing when off every cycle I would harvest16 oz trim bud and would make about 4-5 grams of ice bubble hash
I am a retired person with medical card now and the world of cannabis is a lot different than 20 years ago auto Flowers for one. Now there’s so many other things to consider. podcasts have a lot of info it’s overload it’s hard to know what to do but here on CCFC I have something familiar to start with I have found a home.

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