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Super soil Grow #1
This season I will be growing Indoors and outdoors in northern Mexico.
- Northern Lights Auto (4) DNA Seeds
- Early Miss Autoflower (8) Crop King
- Stony Brown Frown (10) Swag Bag

This is a very impromptu grow, and my first super soil grow.
- Natures Living Soil (Auto flower)

The indoors will be grown under different lights purchased from Amazon.
- Bloom Plus BP-1000 (2)
-$60 per unit (Dented box )

-Mars Hydro FC-E6500

-Outdoors here is full sun with 35% humidity 330 days per year. With temperatures regularly peaking over 95f.

This will be an interesting grow in an arid environment as my education and 20+ years of experiences have all been in Appalachia prior to now.

I am curious to see how the auto strains handle the heat and full sun with side by side comparisons to their indoor sisters.

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