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Long time enthusiast that once cannabis became legal in my state I decided to get back in touch with cannabis. Grower love! Success to all Growmies!!

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Coco for a few years now. Love the videos on all the different lights. Love Dr. Photon. All the contributors are great. Very thought out links to useful products. Love the videos on HFF. But the one ☝🏽 video that helped the most was buffering coco! Solid. Thanks!!

I currently grow in 150 to 175 gallon fabric beds for flower. It sounds like a lot but it’s only a 4’x4’ footprint. My favorite strains have been from Jinxproof and Ethos. Solid mention for Humbolts Blueberry Muffin being the stinkiest thing I’ve ever smelt before harvest. Went from dirty diapers and cereal puke to delicious blueberry!

Back on this site and hoping to connect with growmies and network places to go and share cannabis passion with cannabis people. That’s just another way of saying let’s smoke a bowl.✌🏾

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