ImListening’s Garden

Coast of Maine Stonington Blend, WC, Biochar, Coco Peat, & perlite soil.
HLG QB 132 x4 Quantum boards
20 Watts Uva/UVB & 16 Watts Far red (730nm).
Sealed 3x3 Flower tent & 3x2 Veg tent.
Nectar For the Gods, SLF, Photos Plus, Mammoth, Recharge, & FishShit
UVA/B 30 watts, 300 Watts HLG QB132
Far Red 730nm-16 watts
Companion plants include calendula, echinacea, lavender, Lemon bergamon, yarrow, and chamomile...

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NYGC PBreeding: Coco/Soil/NectarFam

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ImListening 5 Posts 3 years  ago
First Coco/Soil Grow using Nectar For the Gods.

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ImListening 3 Posts 3 years  ago

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