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What’s up growmies. Names HappyRootz. Been growing a few years now. I was tired of spending money on medicine and not getting the quality I wanted. Love to talk growing with everyone and anyone. Started off growing with salt nutrients and after a run of that I tried organics out and haven’t looked back. I have trained plants every way possible, just to try each out and get experience with each. It is truly amazing how many ways she can grow. They do not have grow shops or cannabis friendly things where I live. I love to research anything cannabis related. This plant has given me and many more so much. Grower love.

Tent: Ac infinity 2’x4’x72”

Lights: 1- MedicGrow Mini-Sun 2 320W
2 - Mars Hydro TS 600

4” vivosun inline w/controller, carbon filter vented str8 out of tent, no ducting.
2- 3 speed fans inside tent. 1 on floor, 1 top of tent.
1- 3 speed fan pulling air into lung room.
1- box fan pushing air into lung room.
1- Hygrometer w/ probe,
1- Hygrometer no probe.

Media / Container:
Currently running Earthbox w/ BAS Oly 40%, 3.0 40% COWOCO 20%. This will be the 7th cycle with this Earth box & media. Also have 15 gallon GrassRoots pot & 5 Gal Fabric pot with same media composition.

Inputs / Nutrients:
Microbes- DynoMyco, BioAg Vam, mycrobe complete.
Composts/Castings- Colorado Worm Company (COWOCO), OlyMountain compost.
Veg- Cover Crop for nitrogen fixers & chop n drop.
Craft blend- For veg into flower,
HF AP 4-6-2
Flower-BuildAFlower, BuildABloom, FlowerGirl.
Additives- BioAg FulPower, FulHumix, TM7, Cytoplus, Aloe powder, EpsomSalt, MontanaGrow Silica, Molasses, Compost Teas, SSTs, Straw for top of media or Earthbox Cap.

IPM- Amazing Doctor Zymes, Diatomaceous Earth, Cover crop as companion plants until flower.
Mosquito Dunks(veg) (not in EB) &
Sticky traps if necessary.

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