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What’s up growmies. Names HappyRootz. Started growing in 2018. I was tired of spending money on medicine and not getting the quality I wanted. I thought I could produce something that was way better. And surprisingly I was correct this time. Love to talk growing with everyone and anyone. Started off growing with salt nutrients and after a year of that I tried organics out and haven’t looked back. I have trained plants every way possible, just to try out and get better at each. They do not have grow shops or cannabis friendly things where I live. I love to research anything cannabis related. This plant has given me and many more so much. Grower love.

Tent: Ac infinity 2’x4’x72”

Lights: 2 - Mars Hydro TS 600
1- homemade 60 W 3k,4k,5k

4” vivosun inline w/controller, carbon filter vented str8 out of tent, no ducting.
2- 3 speed fans inside tent. 1 on floor, 1 top of tent.
1- 3 speed fan pulling air into lung room.
1- box fan pushing air into lung room.
1- Hygrometer w/ probe,
1- Hygrometer no probe.

Media / Container:
Currently running Earthbox w/ BAS Oly 40%, 3.0 40% COWOCO 20%. This will be the 3rd cycle with this Earth box & media. Also have 15 gallon GrassRoots pot with same media composition that I am not running right now. Have been taking handfuls from the 15 for Teas. So will have to replace before running 15 again.

Inputs / Nutrients:
Microbes- DynoMyco, BioAg Vam Endo, mycrobe complete.
Composts/Castings- Colorado Worm Company (COWOCO), OlyMountain compost.
Veg- Cover Crop for nitrogen fixers & chop n drop.
Craft blend- For veg into flower,
HF AP 4-6-2
Flower-BuildAFlower, BuildABloom, FlowerGirl.
Additives- BioAg FulPower, FulHumix, TM7, Cytoplus, Aloe powder, EpsomSalt, Molasses, Compost Teas, SSTs, Straw for top of media or Earthbox Cap.

IPM- Amazing Doctor Zymes, Diatomaceous Earth, Cover crop as companion plants until flower.
Mosquito Dunks(veg) (not in EB) &
Sticky traps if necessary.

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