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My Plants from 2018
Only the four in the bottom right corner were grown by me. Started 7 days after the other plants in the room. Grown in 5 gallon smart pots using a 60:40 coco:perlite mix with Hydrofarm's Bat Guanos Grow & Bloom Crazy, Down-to-Earth Seabird Guano, Wiggle Worm Worm Castings, Urb humic acid, GS Plant Food's Organic Fish & Kelp Blend, and mykos. Partial journal in my possession, but not up to the higher standard that I hold myself to today.

Photo 2
My Plant from 2017
Grown in Miracle-Gro Potting Mix (was taught not to, but wanted to see what it'd be like). Excellent for growing something beautiful to look at, but absolutely not suitable for growing high quality medicine. 16 prominent colas, and plenty more side colas. More than 1 lb after harvest & cure. LST training only - "Sea of Green".

I've been growing since 2011, but only started keeping a journal in 2017. I consider myself a master grower because of how much high brix cannabis I can grow from each plant at a time, though some may only consider me an expert since I have not facilitated a commercial scale grow op - yet. It is a powerful word, and I encourage everyone in my life to always consider it’s potential effectiveness in our own individual pursuits to become better people in life, and better understanders of cultivation. I look forward to always learning more about cultivation, and don’t believe that any one person could learn all that there is to learn about cultivation in one lifetime. And yet, I will always strive to. But back to the point I want to make: I do not take the title of master, lead, nor head grower/cultivator lightly for those of you out there who have facilitated cultivation operations at commercial facilities. I take my hat off to you, as I know that the amount of work that goes into running any commercial operation is exponential compared to the amount of work required to maintain a home grow. I have nothing but the most respect for you and what you do, and I'd consider myself Blessed (I am) to work for the opportunity to facilitate operations at a commercial level.

I welcome questions, comments, and the like, and look forward to giving back to the Coco For Cannabis community however I can, as you all have so generously done for me. Cheers, I hope you like my Garden, and don't forget to scroll down to check out my latest journal entries (:

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