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Hiya, I am DREVS and I like growing things to eat and smoke!
I grow soil unlike most of the folks on here so if you see me around and have a question about COCO I am sorry in advance for not being able to help you outside of general knowledge of what a plant regardless of medium needs from you the grower.

In my free time, I like shooting people up on the Paintball fields and getting puppies and kitten cuddles and long walks on the beach.

I talk to my plants and treat them like family visiting them daily even for just a few minutes I sing to them as well as I do my animals.

Hit me up on XBOX if you play my user name is dannyrevs

Thanks for taking the time to read this stupid bio!

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NYGC Color Diet: DREVS Humboldt seed company, Blue Fire

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NYGC Blues: DREVS NYGC Journal

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Grow-01 unknown strain

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