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Welcome Growmies,
Currently, on my 9th-12th grows...
12th grow, 1x Gelato x Glue and 1x Gelato (QCS autos)
11th grow, 2x Amy Aces Reg seeds (from TAO)
10th grow, for PTGC 2021 (Team Leader for Toppers PTGC) 2x NL x SK clones from 9th
9th grow 1x Northern Lights x Skunk Fem from QCS (started in PTGC 2021)
8th grow, Amnesia Haze XL auto in the SAFC 2021: Planets (4x2) later moved to 5x5, it was too big 😀 (record breaker 4 me, 126 days)
7th grow (Galaxies SAFC 2021), 2 parts, round 3: Green Crack clones x6 (one hermed) and round 4: One GC plus one Pink Kush clone (the last GC and Pink Kush were 2 weeks behind the rest, Pinky was a flowered cutting, reveged)
6th grow, NYGC 2021 - Green Crack round 2 with one bagseed Pink Kush & 2nd Journal of OG Kush auto from QCS, won a FC3000 🙂 Best Journal
5th grow, in the PTGC 2020, was Random bagseed x8 but then added 2 King Kush bagseeds cause 2 randoms didn't make it 🙁 (Got 4 out of that, one king and 3 randoms). won a Migro ARAY4 Pro 🙂 Best Journal
4th grow: which was my first grow here, SAFC 2020 misfits, was 8x green crack bagseeds, hence my profile name CrackBabies 😉 that's me now in here 🙂 (7x made it, one hermed)
3rd grow, Autos from QCS - Cheese(2) and Super Skunk(1).
My first 2 grows were from cuttings.(french Breakfast)
check YouTube for time lapses and IG for video walk troughs

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PTGC Toppers: Master Kush - Pink Kush (bag) - NL-Skunk

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Gelato glue and Gelato - QCS autos

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Amy Aces Reg Seed - MACv2 & WGxMACv2 clones

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