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Welcome Growmies,
this will be my fifth grow overall and my 2nd photo grow from seed 😉
My 3rd grow was autos from QCS - Cheese and Super Skunk
i have 3 'photo' grows done, 2 first from clones (french Breakfast) and 3rd 'photo' grow from bagseed which was my first grow here, 4th overall (in the SAFC 2020) of 8 green crack bagseed, hence the profile name 😉 ...can't change it so that's me now lol
this 5th grow will be photos: Random bagseed x8
update aug28:+ 2 king kush bagseed, 2 randoms didn't make it 🙁
*hope you weren't high when you read that lol, but it makes sense, trust me lol

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