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OK, I have 6th grow done: Green Crack R2 was my 5th photo grow from seed and was also my 2nd auto grow (2nd Journal of OG Kush auto from QCS), My 3rd grow, and first Auto grow, were Autos from QCS - Cheese(2) and Super Skunk(1). I have 5 photo grows done, 2 first grows from clones (french Breakfast), the 3rd 'photo' grow from bagseed which was my first grow here, 4th overall grow (in the SAFC 2020) of 8 green crack bagseed (7 made it), hence the profile name... can't change it so that's me now. My 5th grow, 4th photo grow, in the PTGC 2020, was Random bagseed x8 but then added 2 king kush bagseeds cause 2 randoms didn't make it 🙁 (Got 4 out of that, one king and 3 randoms).
Now...7th grow, back on CRACK 🙂 round 3, Green Crack clones x7 plus one pink Kush clone
*hope you weren't high when you read that, but it makes sense, trust me, lol
**actually, for a bit, it didn't, that confusing lol, but it's fixed now.

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